Lenten resources

Today I received a nifty little pamphlet, Forty Days of Good Deeds, from the Dominican Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus in Chicago.  What a fun activity this will make!  I wish I’d done this with my first-grade CCE class three years ago.


Journaling ideas

First, choose your paper— size, color, texture, ruled or unruled— or do something truly unique and personal.  Lots of ideas come to mind.  Customizing will optimize ownership.  Then embellish with flowers cut from magazines, photos, drawings, or—

Oh, my gosh!  Think of the possibilities!  What a great way to mini-journal one’s trek through the Lenten season!

This ranks right up there with Segy’s book of everyday miracles— the journal I’ve been keeping for the youngest of our four kids, our grump, a self-proclaimed “cynic, thanks to my sixth-grade teachers.”

Lenten prayers

Most high, glorious God, bring light to the darkness of my heart.  Give me right faith, certain hope, and perfect charity.  Lord, give me insight and wisdom, so I might always discern your holy and true will.  Amen.

You are holy, Lord, and your deeds are wonderful.  You are strong.  You are great.  You are the most high.  You are almighty.  You, holy Father, are king of heaven and earth.  Amen.

April 9, 2017

Lent is a favorable time to intensify spiritual life: May the practice of fasting be of help to you in order to acquire greater mastery of yourselves; may prayer be the means to entrust your lives to God and to feel him always nearby; may the works of mercy help you to live open to the needs of brothers and sisters (Diane M. Houdek in The Hope of Lent).

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