Cards: O

Sacred Heart Church Corpus Christi, TX

Sacred Heart Church
Corpus Christi, TX

Although some of the cards shown on this page were purchased inexpensively at gift shops we’ve visited, most were received free of charge.

If you’re interested in receiving free prayer cards, leaflets, and more, the process is simple; the outcome, delightful.  You can contact the organizations listed on the “Credits” page,  or you can subscribe to their mailing list(s) online.  Of course, this excludes some of the cards, such as those in the remembrances section.

Donations aren’t required to get on any of the mailing lists.  Still, should you choose to contribute, your financial support is always appreciated since the income stream finances missions, special projects, and other worthwhile endeavors.

Thank you!


Our Lady




            AMM102314-2a      OLCC91915-HM



RF5214a    RF5214b    FMA-H89-1a    FMA-H89-1b   





LAMP4614a      LAMP4614b           

Autom-AF719-a      Autom-AF719-b      USCCB-1013a      USCCB-1013b




MO-Lourdes-1a      Italy-BVM-b      MO-Lourdes-2a      MO-Lourdes-2c

MO-Lourdes-a      GoldenPryr-b      FMA-H112a      FMA-H112b

MO-Lourdes-c      MO-Lourdes-b      MO-Lourdes-d

            OSM-Pieta-a      OSM-Pieta-b

OSM92313-1a      OSM92313-1b      AMM-IGL15-a      olsj2016

SOM-11246a      SOM-11246b      AMM-IGL14a      AMM-IGL14b

Italy-BVM-a      MO-Lourdes-1b      MP2015-OLS-a      MP2015-OLS-b

AMM-ZH87a      AMM-ZH87b      AMM8813a-LofS      AMM8813b-LofS

FMA41513a      FMA41513b      OSM-NB-a      OSM-NB-b

MPBC7112-a          AMM2013a   

AMM-IGO13-a      AMM-IGO13-b      AMM-IGO13-c     OurLady-a      OurLady-b





AMM2014a      AMM11014-2a      AMM11014-2c           AMM11014-2b

AMM12714a      AMM12714b      AMM-ZH23-a      AMM-ZH23-b

DRSSJ-6055A-a      DRSSJ-6055A-b           

            OSM-Lk1-a      OSM-Lk1-b

RCJ-mother-a      RCJ-mother-b      RF5516a      RF5516b


SOLT121112a      SOLT121112b      SOLT41614-1 


            Medugorje-2a      Medugorje-2b



AMM-OurLady-a5                MB101813-BM

FMA-H110-a      FMA-H110-b      FMA-H114-b      CM7113-RDC

          PP-MD-a    PP-MD-b      PP-Women-a    PP-Women-b


Overcoming adversity


BlessedMan-a      BlessedMan-b      ManofGod-a      ManofGod-b           

            Partners-evangelism-62410a      Partners-evangelism-62410b




OSM10815a      OSM10815b      fma-h128a      fma-h128b


            CPC-adoration-a      CPC-adoration-b


MMP-healing-a    MMP-healing-b    Prayer-poor-a    Prayer-poor-b

FMA-H76-a      FMA-H76-b      FMA-livingalone-a3      FMA-livingalone-b3      BL2009-PL

            Hardship-a      Hardship-b

CPC-180-seren-a      CPC-180-seren-b      CPC-442-LC-a      CPC-442-LC-b

Renewal-a      Renewal-b        Serenity-a      Serenity-b


Pallottines91111b      KC82508-911-a            SrA12714-4

Pallottines2015a      Pallottines2015b      Pallottines2015d


FMA-H82a      FMA-H82b        Pallotines-soldiers-c

Pallotines-USA-c        Pallottines91111a




DSJ62813a      DSJ62813b      SJC8413-prayer



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