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St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

December 30, 2018 – January 5, 2019: The Holy Family / Christmas

“Lord, help me to honor and love my family” (Advent 2018, p. 50).

“Lord, open my eyes so I can see your glory each day of this new year” (p. 51).

“Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us” (January 2019, p. 21).

“Father, thank you for sending your Son to abide with me this year” (p. 22).

“Holy Spirit, help me to see Jesus and to share him with the people around me” (p. 23).

“Jesus, help me be a living sign pointing to you” (p. 24).

Jesus, thank you for seeking me first.  Help me to recognize your voice today (p. 25).

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St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

December 23 – 29, 2018: 4th week of Advent / Christmas / Octave of the Nativity

Jesus, thank you for your love.  Thank you for your sacrifice.  Thank you for doing your Father’s will (Advent 2018, p. 43).

Here I am, Lord.  Come and build your home in me (p. 44).

“Jesus, open my eyes so that I can see your glory in the precious baby in the manger” (p. 45).

“Holy Spirit, give me a heart like Stephen’s— a heart of courage, trust, and forgiveness” (p. 46).

Lord, thank you for your love for me.  Teach me how to accept that love and let it change my heart (p. 47).

Jesus, I don’t want to live in fear.  Set me free from all that binds me (p. 48).

Lord, I am so grateful for your love.  Come and help me to show that love to the people around me (p. 49).

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Our Lady of Sorrows – McAllen, TX

December 16 – 22, 2018: Gaudete Sunday / 3rd week of Advent

During Advent Jesus Christ is more than Santa Claus.  And don’t forget his birthday!  He wants to be the center of our lives.

Reconciliation is deeply ingrained in us.  In ancient times people would confess to a goat and then send it into the desert to die along with their sins.  The scapegoat was to blame for all their faults.  Reconciliation is the opportunity to be washed clean, so leave the mess in the confessional.  But some never forget.  The devil has a copy of the long list, not God.  Attitude, an open heart, and a repentant spirit free us from our burdens so that sins lose power over our soul.

The Advent season can be a time of miracles.  Jesus wants a place in our heart.  Fear will not help us to be free (Msgr. Gus Barrera at 4 P.M. Mass).

“Lord, help me hold onto my joy, especially when I face the difficult challenges of life” (Advent 2018, p. 36).

Father, I believe in your faithfulness.  Stand beside me today in all the situations I will face (p. 37).

Heavenly Father, help me to be like Joseph.  Lord, I want to be ready to do your will today (p. 38).

“Father, I trust you to answer the prayers of my heart” (p. 39).

Lord, I am trusting you to work things out today.  I believe that you hold tomorrow in your hands (p. 40).

“Jesus, as my soul waits for you in these last days of Advent, help me to be open to your grace” (p. 41).

“My spirit rejoices in God, my savior!” (p. 42).


Sacred Heart – Corpus Christi, TX

December 9 – 15, 2018: 2nd week of Advent

The Lord will return to give hope to his people.  Justice, love, and mercy will be our companions.  We are surrounded by God’s love, always.  We have many blessings: family, friends, and so much more.

Be prepared for Christ’s second coming.  Act correctly; do what’s right.  Increase in love for God and each other.  Advent is a beautiful season that prepares us for our beloved Christ.  And the best gift?  The love and kindness we show one another.

Let’s be ready for Jesus Christ! (Fr. Angel Montana at 11:30 A.M. Mass).

“Lord, open my eyes to see you” (Advent 2018, p. 29).

Lord, fill my heart with your peace.  Help me to trust you (p. 30).

Jesus, turn my thinking upside down.  Teach me how to seek and save the lost (p. 31).

“Lord, help me to be as willing as Mary and Juan Diego to say yes to you” (p. 32).

“Jesus, open our eyes to the glory of your kingdom in our midst” (p. 33).

Lord, I cannot deny all you have done in my life and in the world.  Help me to join all the saints in celebrating your kingdom today (p. 34).

Lord, thank you for today.  Help me to enjoy your presence here, right now (p. 35).


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

December 2 – 8, 2018: 1st week of Advent

“Lord, help me to make time for you this Advent” (Advent 2018, p. 22).

“Lord, make me a witness to your love” (p. 23).

Jesus, come and dwell in every part of my life.  Make me into your glorious dwelling place (p. 24).

Lord, I trust that your body and blood can satisfy the deepest desires of my heart (p. 25).

“Lord, show me how I can be more generous to the people around me this Advent season” (p. 26).

Open my eyes, Lord.  Help me to see (p. 27).

“Holy Mary, pray that I may know how wonderful it is to be chosen by God” (p. 28).

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St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

November 25 – December 1, 2018: Christ the King / 34th week in Ordinary Time

Jesus, you are my king.  Come reign in my heart (November 2018, p. 45).

“Father, thank you for all the wonderful surprises you have prepared for me both on earth and in heaven” (p. 46).

Father, I give you all my fears.  Hold my hand in yours, and I will not be terrified (p. 47).

“Lord, help me to be humble, simple, and willing to follow you no matter how ordinary life may seem” (p. 48).

Jesus, thank you for inviting me to your wedding feast.  Help me to be ready (p. 49).

“Lord, let your love burn away all my shame and guilt” (p. 50).

Jesus, thank you for the promise of heaven!  I trust in you (p. 51).

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St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

November 18 – 24, 2018: 33rd week in Ordinary Time

“Come, Lord Jesus!” (November 2018, p. 38).

“Holy Spirit, open my eyes to see the glory of Jesus” (p. 39).

“Lord, open my eyes and my heart to those who are searching for you” (p. 40).

Father, thank you for the open door to heaven.  Open the eyes of my heart to see you (p. 41).

Jesus, thank you for sharing your passion with us.  Help me to reflect your compassion and courage so that the world will accept the time of your visitation (p. 42).

“Father, thank you for showing me the way to life” (p. 43).

My God, I love you.  Thank you for the promise of resurrection (p. 44).

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St. Andrew – Pleasanton, TX

November 11 – 17, 2018: 32nd week in Ordinary Time

We need to give willingly, freely.  Our attitude, like the widow’s, should be one of giving without considering the consequence.  When we give our time, talents, and treasure God notices.  Everything we have is a gift from God, so what are we giving to others?  What is our present in helping God to help others?  (Fr. Prasanna Mese at noon Mass).

“Lord, help me to love the widow and the orphan…” (November 2018, p. 31).

“Lord, make me like you so that others can see you in me” (p. 32).

“Lord, help me to live in a way that points others to you” (p. 33).

Holy Spirit, I want to know Jesus more.  Help me to receive the abundant life you have for me in your word.  Open my heart and fill me (p. 34).

Thank you, Lord, for making me a citizen of your kingdom.  Empower me to be a blessing to everyone I meet today (p. 35).

“Lord, help me to let go of anything that would keep me from following you” (p. 36).

“Lord, hear our prayer!” (p. 37).


Sacred Heart – Corpus Christi, TX

November 4 – 10, 2018: 31st week in Ordinary Time

The first reading tells us to keep God’s commandments for two reasons: to live a long life and to prosper.

The second reading reminds us that Jesus offered his life for us.

Today’s gospel reinforces the readings.  We can’t love God if we don’t love our neighbor.  Through sacrifice and prayer we can achieve God’s commandments (Fr. Angel Montana at 5 P.M. Mass).

“Jesus, help me live the most perfect way of love” (November 2018, p. 24).

“Jesus, give me a more generous heart” (p. 25).

Jesus, I believe that you are Lord and Savior.  Help me say yes to you again and again (p. 26).

Jesus, thank you for the joy you have for me now and always.  I trust in you! (p. 27).

“Thank you, Jesus, for your extravagant love for me and for those I love!” (p. 28).

Jesus, I want to be your building.  Help me to reach those who most need you (p. 29).

Lord, help me to manage my finances wisely.  Free me from anxiety about my future and help me to give generously to the needy (p. 30).


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

October 28 – November 3, 2018: 30th week in Ordinary Time

“Open my eyes, Lord, to the disciples around me” (October 2018, p. 48).

“Father, release me from everything that burdens my spirit, especially shame and guilt” (p. 49).

“Lord, bless all marriages with love and unity” (p. 50).

Lord, please rescue all who are enslaved.  Send messengers of your gospel to change the hearts of everyone who engages in slavery (p. 51).

Jesus, thank you for the saints you have placed in my life.  Lord, I want to join that great multitude in heaven (p. 52).

Jesus, bring my loved ones into your heavenly glory.  Help them to see you face to face (p. 53).

“Jesus, help me grasp hold of the confidence in your inheritance for me” (p. 54).

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Our Lady of Sorrows – McAllen, TX

October 21 – 27, 2018: 29th week in Ordinary Time

Fame, fortune, glory— we’re still having a problem with being a servant.  Mass has evolved, but it’s still a Mass of thanksgiving.  The sign of the cross identified Christians.  The tradition started as an underground signal that, within one year’s time, caught on.

Mass today is like the original, more authentic.  Mass is in the context of a meal.  We got stuck in a one-man show until Vatican II, which encouraged everyone’s participation.

Which part of Mass is the most important?  Compare it to a love relationship.  A kiss, a shared meal.  Look at Mass in its totality.

The end result is where we hope to live with Christ forever (Msgr. Gus Barrera at 4 P.M. Mass).

Father, give me a servant’s heart.  Lord, I want to dedicate myself to making sure that everyone in your kingdom succeeds (October 2018, p. 41).

Father, teach me how to store up your heavenly riches.  I trust that you will provide for me (p. 42).

“Jesus, I want to be ready to welcome you, however you choose to knock on my door today” (p. 43).

“Father, you are my strength!” (p. 44).

“Thank you, Father, for letting me rest in your loving care” (p. 45).

“Lord, teach me to love everyone in my church” (p. 46).

“Lord, I don’t always understand, but I do believe that you are a loving God who wants the best for me” (p. 47).


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

October 14 – 20, 2018: 28th week in Ordinary Time

“St. Oscar Romero, pray for us” (October 2018, p. 34).

Holy Spirit, help me find your presence in this generation.  Help me to hold onto my hope and trust in you (p. 35).

Lord, I praise you for your love.  As I look at you on the cross, I rejoice in the grace you have poured out.  Thank you for setting me free (p. 36).

Holy Spirit, I want to receive your refreshing water.  I want to be that tree that bears your good fruit (p. 37).

“Lord, fill us with your joy as we live for you today” (p. 38).

“Lord, when fear rises within me, give me the grace to trust in your promises” (p. 39).

“Holy Spirit, give me the words you long to speak” (p. 40).

SJC photos: 10.14.18 & 10.12.13, respectively


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

October 7 – 13, 2018: 27th week in Ordinary Time

Jesus, thank you for my friends and family.  Lord, reach out to every lonely person and show them that they are never alone (October 2018, p. 27).

Lord, help me overcome my biases.  I want to be able to see you in every person I meet (p. 28).

Father, thank you for revealing your son to me.  Help me know him more each day (p. 29).

“Lord, teach me how to share the load with the people around me” (p. 30).

“Father, help us make today a great day of peace” (p. 31).

“Holy Spirit, help me to form new habits that draw me closer to Jesus” (p. 32).

“Lord, thank you for giving me the gift of church” (p. 33).

SJC photos: 10.7.18 & 10.7.12, respectively


St. Albert the Great – Austin, TX

September 30 – October 6, 2018: 26th week in Ordinary Time

“Lord, help me to be your prophet” (September 2018, p. 51).

Lord, help me to follow you along the low road today.  Jesus, I want to find you there (October 2018, p. 21).

“Father, thank you for giving me an actual angel to protect and guide me” (p. 22).

Jesus, I want to walk with you as the disciples did.  Help me see the next realistic step I need to take today (p. 23).

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace” (p. 24).

“Jesus, help me to live a life of true repentance and change” (p. 25).

“Father, I choose to trust you today” (p. 26).


Our Lady Star of the Sea – Port Isabel, TX

September 23 – 29, 2018: 25th week in Ordinary Time

Lord, I am not worthy to receive you.  Please keep speaking your words to me so that I may be healed (September 2018, p. 44).

Jesus, shine your light on whatever you want me to see today.  Help me to focus on you and your revelation (p. 45).

I choose you today, Jesus.  You are my way of truth (p. 46).

“Lord, help me today to trust that you will provide for me” (p. 47).

“Holy Spirit, remove the clouds that keep me from seeing clearly” (p. 48).

“Jesus, where there is hatred let me show love” (p. 49).

“Lord, I want to spend eternity with you” (p. 50).


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

September 16 – 22, 2018: 24th week in Ordinary Time

“Lord, show me your ways so that I may discern your will” (September 2018, p. 37).

“Lord, I am not worthy, but please heal me” (p. 38).

“Thank you, Lord, for drawing us together as one body to worship you” (p. 39).

“Jesus, light the fire of your love in my heart…” (p. 40).

Father, mold me by your grace.  Let me echo the words of Paul: “By the grace of God I am what I am” (p. 41).

Jesus, thank you for the invitation to follow you.  Help me to say yes to your call (p. 42).

“Lord, help me hold onto your word when I am feeling choked by anxiety” (p. 43).

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Our Lady Star of the Sea – Port Isabel, TX

September 9 – 15, 2018: 23rd week in Ordinary Time

The key word today is listen.  If we listen, the words will resonate throughout the week.  In today’s gospel, a deaf-mute was cured.  Jesus healed pagans because they proclaimed his goodness.  Jesus was a Jew.  He was sent to shepherd the flock, but only those who weren’t part of the flock bore witness.

We as priests are supposed to listen.  The main ingredient in our ministry is to listen, to heal, to counsel, to give words of encouragement for conversion.  We have to tend to his flock.

Included in the bulletin is the Valley Catholic, which has the bishop’s letter asking for forgiveness in the name of the Church.  Not listening to the message— what’s been going on— means that, if administrators don’t listen, God himself will take care of it.

Big consequences!

As leaders, we must listen to the voice of God.  If priests aren’t listening, then what?  If priests aren’t listening to the Holy Spirit, what they speak are empty words.

Let my words be forgotten, but not yours!

The flock belongs to Jesus, so I take care to guide, to preach.  Holiness is received in baptism, in reconciliation, in the Eucharist.  Let’s pray that God continues to give us his grace.

Things will get better.

Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit.  Ask for grace to carry out God’s will.

When we’re in synch with God’s will, we receive God himself, the word incarnate (Fr. Jesse Garza at 5 P.M. Mass).

[My thoughts: What I continue to hear is that we the faithful are part of the problem.  We’re not!  Clerics need to listen to what the church— little c— has said all along.  They— big C— are the problem!  The clergy made the mess, so they must correct their systemic failure.  Either get off the high horse and change the consistent, insistent, persistent behaviors in earnest; or move over and let the people take charge.  God did not pick the pope; the Holy Spirit did not choose the pope.  He and the clergy are as flawed and as fallible as the rest of us; so why does their status as priest, prophet, and king supersede ours?  We were never complicit, so why/how are we at fault?]

Here I am, Lord.  Come and fill me up! (September 2018, p. 30).

Lord, open my eyes.  Help me see how much you have blessed me in the past so that I can be open to receive your grace in the future (p. 31).

Lord, thank you for accepting even my meager efforts in prayer.  Lord, help me to stay awake with you (p. 32).

Amen!  Come, Lord Jesus! (p. 33).

“Jesus, grant me the grace this day to show mercy, just as your Father has shown me mercy” (p. 34).

“We adore you, O Christ, and we bless you because, by your cross, you have redeemed the world” (p. 35).

Mary, my heavenly mother, thank you for caring for me.  Holy Mary, mother of God, never leave my side (p. 36).


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

September 2 – 8, 2018: 22nd week in Ordinary Time

“Lord, I welcome your word” (September 2018, p. 23).

“Holy Spirit, shine through me, even as you mold me” (p. 24).

“Lord, open my ears to hear your powerful word” (p. 25).

Lord, I want to build your kingdom alongside you.  Help me to discern your presence and your blessing in every situation I face today (p. 26).

“Lord, I believe that, when I give my problems to you, miracles can happen” (p. 27).

“Jesus, help me stretch to new capacities to share your love with others” (p. 28).

“Jesus, thank you for inviting me to join Mary and Joseph as a member of your family” (p. 29).

SJC photos: 9.2.18 & 9.3.11, respectively


St. Louis Cathedral – New Orleans, LA

August 26 – September 1, 2018: 21st week in Ordinary Time

Jesus, I know that I am weak, but you are strong.  Help me to follow you wherever you go (July/August 2018, p. 78).

“Jesus, help me not to miss opportunities to encourage my brothers and sisters” (p. 79).

“Jesus, cleanse me from the inside out” (p. 80).

Jesus, open my heart to the cries of the poor and abused.  Show me how I can help them today (p. 81).

“Lord, thank you for this wonderful truth: I am found in you” (p. 82).

“Jesus, my bridegroom, fill my lamp today” (p. 83).

“Jesus, help me to overcome my fears” (September 2018, p. 22).


Our Lady Star of the Sea – Port Isabel, TX

August 19 – 25, 2018: 20th week in Ordinary Time

Today’s readings call us to wisdom.  May we live our faith, mind, heart, and soul.  May we fear offending God.  May we call on the Holy Spirit to see us through our Christian commitments (Fr. Jesse Garza at 10 A.M. Mass).

“Lord, fill me with your love” (July/August 2018, p. 71).

Jesus, you are the prize that I seek.  Help me to be single-minded in following you (p. 72).

Jesus, give me a generous heart that is free from worldly attachments.  You are my greatest treasure (p. 73).

“Lord, I [acknowledge] the impossible gift of your unending love for me” (p. 74).

Lord, I want to be your witness in the world today.  Purify my heart and give me the strength to put you and your people first in my life (p. 75).

Jesus, you have thrown heaven wide open.  Lord, let me see your glory
(p. 76).

Lord, keep me focused on loving you and your people.  Make my love for you grow from the inside out so that it shines through everything I say, think, and do (p. 77).


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

August 12 – 18, 2018: 19th week in Ordinary Time

“Lord, you are the Bread of Life” (July/August 2018, p. 64).

Father, you know my needs and desires.  Open my ears today to hear what you are saying to me (p. 65).

“Father, help me to receive your love not for what I do, but for who I am” (p. 66).

Jesus, you raised your mother to sit with you in heaven because of her humble yet decisive yes.  Help me to live that same humility (p. 67).

“Lord, help me to forgive everyone” (p. 68).

Jesus, help me keep pressing toward the ideal of love that you have shown me (p. 69).

Jesus, show me how highly you value the “least of these.”  Teach me so that my words and actions toward them mirror yours (p. 70).

SJC photos: 8.11.18 & 8.11.12, respectively


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

August 5 – 11, 2018: 18th week in Ordinary Time

“Lord, help me to win the spiritual battle” (July/August 2018, p. 57).

“Jesus, help me to fix my eyes on you in the midst of the darkness” (p. 58).

“Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of prayer” (p. 59).

“Lord, show me your love and mercy today” (p. 60).

“Jesus, I am in awe of your mercy!” (p. 61).

Jesus, thank you for St. Lawrence’s example.  Help me to treasure and serve my family (p. 62).

Jesus, I don’t know how to move mountains, so please teach me.  Help me to hear your voice and grow deeper in my faith (p. 63).

SJC photos: 8.5.18 & 8.5.12, respectively


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

July 29 – August 4, 2018: 17th week in Ordinary Time

“Thank you, Jesus, for giving us the Bread of Life” (July/August 2018, p. 50).

Jesus, thank you for my family, where you’ve called me to sow seeds of the kingdom.  Give me strength today to keep sowing (p. 51).

Lord, give me compassion for the wounded people you have placed in my path.  Give me the courage to reach out to them and the wisdom to help them as best I can (p. 52).

“Lord, I entrust my future to you” (p. 53).

Holy Spirit, fill me with the desire to share the gospel.  Use me to bring your love to everyone I meet (p. 54).

Jesus, help me not to stumble because of you.  I want you to stretch me beyond my boundaries (p. 55).

“Holy Spirit, help me to think with God today” (p. 56).

SJC photos: 7.28.18 & 7.29.12, respectively


Sacred Heart – Corpus Christi, TX

July 22 – 28, 2018: 16th week in Ordinary Time

Today’s first reading tells us that Jesus comes to banish the bad shepherds, so be careful.  We need to be more like Jesus.

The green pastures mentioned in Psalm 23 are the blessings that God bestows on us through the sacraments and our prayers.  Jesus came to show us the way to heaven.

The second reading is about Jesus wanting to keep us united despite the many divisions in the world.

Today’s gospel reminds us to be spiritual, to take a break from work and rest in the Lord.  Talk to Jesus.  Tell him your problems.  Tell him, “I want to rest in you.”

Jesus was very busy fishing and performing miracles so he needed rest, yet his followers learned about his plans and reached the destination first.  Instead of being angry, Jesus was moved to pity.  They were hungry and tired.  How many times has this happened to you?  You need time to rest, yet family members impose on you.  Make time for them.  Listen.  Talk with them as Jesus spoke to those waiting for him.  Be nice.  Be patient.  Put yourself in their shoes.  Be a good shepherd.  Be a good imitator of Jesus Christ (Fr. Angel Montana at 5 P.M. Mass).

“Lord, please heal every division and wounded relationship,” (July/August 2018, p. 43).

“Lord, I believe!” (p. 44).

“Jesus, thank you for making me part of your forever family” (p. 45).

“Jesus, teach me to lay down my life for your people” (p. 46).

Lord, help me to trust in you more deeply.  Give me the courage to exercise my faith (p. 47).

“Lord, help all of us hear your voice more clearly” (p. 48).

“Thank you, Lord, for your patience and your love for me” (p. 49).


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

July 15 – 21, 2018: 15th week in Ordinary Time

Father, I am amazed to know that I am in your heart.  Help me to trust and rely on your personal love today and every day (July/August 2018, p. 36).

“Holy Spirit, thank you for the gift of repentance” (p. 37).

Jesus, I believe that you are with me.  Help me to stand firm in my faith today (p. 38).

Father, you hold all things together, including me.  Lord, I trust in you!
(p. 39).

“Jesus, I need your rest, so I come… to learn from you” (p. 40).

“Jesus, heal all our decisions” (p. 41).

“Lord, help me discern how to respond in a godly way when a situation turns negative” (p. 42).

SJC photos: 7.14.18 & 7.14.13, respectively


Sacred Heart – Corpus Christi, TX

July 8 – 14, 2018: 14th week in Ordinary Time

In today’s first reading Ezekiel tells about his own vocation.  His mission is to work with difficult people.  How many times do we face difficult people?  Why are they difficult?  They feel abandoned by God.   Last week I visited a good friend who was very ill.  His mom asked that I pray for him even though he was angry that God wasn’t listening to him.  I asked the family to join me in petitioning God in a different way; and the young man, much relieved, was very grateful.

Psalm 123 encourages us to approach God and ask for mercy.

The second reading tells us that Paul faces difficult times among a divided community as he struggles with his own personal problems.  We need to ask God’s help the way Paul did.  “Please, Lord, remove this pain from my heart.”  Let’s allow God to strengthen us.

In today’s gospel, Jesus was excited to fulfill his mission but amazed at people’s lack of faith.  People knew only the human Jesus, not that he was the son of God.  Jesus couldn’t work any miracles because people needed faith to see the wonders of God in their lives.  How many times do we try to share beautiful testimonies, only to have our friends and relatives say, “What can you teach me?  I know who you are!”  Be patient.  Place yourselves in God’s hands.  Always trust Jesus Christ.

The last message is simple: We need to discover Jesus Christ in our faith.  How easy it is to say “I believe” when we have yet to discover Jesus in others (Fr. Angel Montana at 5 P.M. Mass).

Lord, help me to deal with the thorns in my life.  I surrender them to you (July/August 2018, p. 29).

Lord, help me to quiet my heart.  I trust that your love is leading me (p. 30).

Jesus, help me to reach out to people with kindness and attention.  Open my heart and theirs to receive your good news (p. 31).

“Jesus, teach me what it means to act with your authority” (p. 32).

“Father, fill me with your love” (p. 33).

Here I am, Lord.  Send me (p. 34).

Father, nothing is too small that it escapes your notice or too big that it is beyond your power.  With you at my side, what is there to fear? (p. 35).


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

July 1 – 7, 2018: 13th week in Ordinary Time

“Jesus, I will trust you no matter what” (July/August 2018, p. 22).

“Lord, help me to follow you more closely” (p. 23).

Thank you, Jesus, for loving me as I am.  Lord, come and make me more like you (p. 24).

Jesus, you are amazing.  Give me the chance to tell people what I have seen (p. 25).

“Lord, give me the courage to share your words with people I meet today” (p. 26).

“Jesus, thank you for looking on everyone with mercy— including me” (p. 27).

“Come, Lord, and fill me with your peace today” (p. 28).

SJC photos: 6.30.18 & 7.4.10, respectively


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

June 24 – 30, 2018: Nativity of St. John the Baptist / 12th week in Ordinary Time

“Come, Lord, and fill my heart with joy” (June 2018, p. 45).

Lord of heaven and earth, you are my only hope.  I place all my trust in you (p. 46).

“Lord, show me how you are present with me today” (p. 47).

“Lord, help me to read scripture and meditate on your words every day” (p. 48).

Jesus, you help us weather the storms of life.  Keep us on your firm foundation (p. 49).

Lord, may Peter and Paul inspire me on my journey in faith.  Help me to say yes to you today (p. 50).

Jesus, I ask for a miracle today.  I trust that you want to do great things because you want only the best for your people (p. 51).

SJC photos: 6.23.18 & 6.26.11, respectively


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

June 17 – 23, 2018: 11th week in Ordinary Time

“Jesus, help me to reflect your love today” (June 2018, p. 38).

Thank you, Lord, for your tender mercy.  Jesus, teach me to be more like you (p. 39).

“Father, thank you for giving me so many different brothers and sisters” (p. 40).

“Lord Jesus, I’m hungry for your words of life” (p. 41).

Father, thank you for always listening.  Help me open my eyes and ears to you (p. 42).

“Lord, help me to guard my eyes and turn my heart to you” (p. 43).

“Heavenly Father, I give all my worries to you” (p. 44).

SJC photos: 6.16.18 & 6.17.12, respectively


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

June 10 – 16, 2018: 10th week in Ordinary Time

“Jesus, help me to hold fast to your promises” (June 2018, p. 31).

“Lord, make me a peacemaker” (p. 32).

“Lord, help me shine my ‘Christ light’ today” (p. 33).

Thank you, Father, for hearing my every prayer.  You are my hope (p. 34).

“Jesus, teach me how to be merciful, just as you are merciful” (p. 35).

Jesus, I give you everything that competes for my attention.  When I struggle, help me lift my eyes to your cross (p. 36).

Here I am, Jesus.  I am ready for whatever you have in store for me today (p. 37).

SJC photos: 6.9.18 & 7.7.13, respectively


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

June 3 – 9, 2018: Corpus Christi / 9th week in Ordinary Time

“Jesus, all I can say is “thank you!” (June 2018, p. 24).

Jesus, thank you for filling me with your life.  Now help me to follow you so that your life can flow out of me to everyone I meet (p. 25).

“Jesus, teach me to be patient and merciful, just as you are” (p. 26).

“Thank you, Lord, for your superabundant blessings!” (p. 27).

Lord, you alone are my God.  I want to love and serve you with everything I am (p. 28).

“O sacred heart of Jesus, fountain of every blessing, I adore you; I love you; I give you my life” (p. 29).

“Jesus, turn any anxiety into the peace that comes from pondering your word and following your lead” (p. 30).

SJC photos: 6.3.18 & 6.2.13, respectively


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

May 27 – June 2, 2018: Most Holy Trinity / 8th week in Ordinary Time

Holy God, we praise your name!  Lord of all, we bow before you! (May 2018, p. 47).

“Lord, help me to hold everything loosely, even the blessings you’ve given me” (p. 48).

Holy Spirit, I set my hope on the grace you poured into my heart at Baptism.  Come, Spirit!  Clothe me in the holiness of Christ (p. 49).

“Lord, help me be a cheerful giver like you” (p. 50).

“Holy Mary, mother of God, help me remember that Jesus is with me” (p. 51).

Lord, thank you for giving me your grace.  Help me to see all the ways this grace is helping me bear fruit for your kingdom (June 2018, p. 22).

Come, Holy Spirit!  Walk with me today.  Guide me.  Help me to hear and follow your lead (p. 23).

SJC photos: 5.26.18 & 5.29.11, respectively


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

May 20 – 26, 2018: Pentecost / 7th week in Ordinary Time

Come, Holy Spirit!  Make me your ambassador (May 2018, p. 40).

“Lord, thank you that, with you, all things are possible” (p. 41).

“Lord, teach me your ways” (p. 42).

Lord, free me from anxiety.  I want to abandon myself to your plan.  May I live every day with trust and gratitude for your care (p. 43).

“Holy Spirit, open my mind and my heart so I can hear your voice in scripture” (p. 44).

“Lord, help me to offer only constructive comments” (p. 45).

Jesus, help me to rely on you.  Teach me how to receive your kingdom with joy and gratitude (p. 46).

SJC photos: 5.19.18 & 5.19.13, respectively


Sacred Heart – Corpus Christi, TX

May 13 – 19, 2018: 7th week of Easter

God has given us instructions to follow in our daily lives.  He wants to make us disciples.  Listen to his voice!  The message for the week: Holy Spirit, guide us (Fr. Angel Montana at 5 P.M. Mass).

“Come, Lord Jesus, and fill me with your Spirit!” (May 2018, p. 33).

Jesus, I’m amazed that you choose me.  Help me to follow you more closely today (p. 34).

Lord, I put my family and friends into your hands.  Help me to be faithful to you and trust you to take care of them (p. 35).

“Jesus, eternal Word of God, I praise you for bringing me into God’s kingdom!” (p. 36).

“Father, make us all one!” (p. 37).

“Jesus, I want to follow you today and every day of my life” (p. 38).

“Lord, give me your strength so that I can proclaim your love today” (p. 39).


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

May 6 – 12, 2018: 6th week of Easter

“Come, Holy Spirit; stretch me” (May 2018, p. 26).

Thank you, Father, for opening people’s hearts to your love!  And thank you for inviting me to evangelize with you (p. 27).

“Lord, help me to be unusual, just as you were on so many occasions” (p. 28).

“Holy Spirit, help me to make time to hear you today” (p. 29).

“Father, I am grateful for every word of love you have inscribed in my heart” (p. 30).

Lord, teach me the wonderful story of your salvation.  Help me to make it the story of my life (p. 31).

Jesus, I pray for my loved ones in your name today.  Take us all into your heart, and shape us according to your will (p. 32).

SJC photos: 5.6.18 & 5.6.12, respectively


Corpus Christi – Celebration, FL

April 29 – May 5, 2018: 5th week of Easter

Conversion begins after revelation.  As with Saul, the high horse of self-righteousness and ego can give way to God’s master plan for us.  God tells us that he will accomplish his work in those who use their gifts and talents for his purpose, yet we’re connected to noise.

Devices, distractions, anger, bitterness, and hatred destroy us.  We must focus on God’s voice so that we can respond to those in need.

Lord, I am a sinner.  Inspire me to do your will (Fr. Richard Trout, Jr. at 10:30 A.M. Mass).

Holy Spirit, come and move in my life.  Inspire me to do good deeds in spirit and in truth (Easter 2018, p. 49).

Father, thank you for living in my heart.  I can’t wait to see what miracles you will work in my life today! (p. 50).

Jesus, I want to know you more!  Come relieve my anxieties with a taste of your love (May 2018, p. 21).

“Lord, help me find the courage to speak of your goodness” (p. 22).

“Father, reveal your work to me even when mysteries surround me” (p. 23).

“Jesus, thank you for loving me!” (p. 24).

“Thank you, Lord, that you want to guide me along my path” (p. 25).


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

April 22 – 28, 2018: 4th week of Easter

Lord, fill me with your love.  Inspire me to do good deeds for others (Easter 2018, p. 42).

“Lord, make your people one!” (p. 43).

Jesus, I am in awe of the way you pursue me.  I give my fears to you today.  Drive them out with your perfect love (p. 44).

Father, help me to emphasize the gifts in people instead of their shortcomings.  Show me how to love, encourage, and inspire them (p. 45).

Father, thank you for fulfilling your promises.  Help me to see every aspect of my life as part of your plan for me (p. 46).

Lord, help me stay close to you when I face trials and difficulties.  Give me the grace to walk through every dark valley filled with faith and trust in you (p. 47).

Lord, help me to shake off the “dust” of resentment, disappointment, and frustration.  Jesus, I trust in your timing (p. 48).

SJC photos: 4.21.18 & 4.5.12, respectively


St. Luke – Brownsville, TX

April 15 – 21, 2018: 3rd week of Easter

In today’s gospel the disciples recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread, yet they lacked faith and hope.  Through the simple act of eating, Jesus allowed them to discover him in ordinary ways.  Like the disciples, let us move from fear to courage, from unbelief to confidence.  This Easter season, let us experience conversion in our lives.  Jesus is alive!  Let us move from sadness to the resurrection.  May the Risen Lord give us the wisdom to recognize him in our ordinary lives (Fr. Fernando Gonzalez at 9:30 A.M. Mass).

Thank you, Father, for repaying my sins with your love.  Lord I want to follow your way of mercy (Easter 2018, p. 35).

Lord, give us this day our daily bread.  Give us more of you, the Bread of Life (p. 36).

Thank you, Jesus, for opening heaven to me every day.  Lord, help me to keep my eyes fixed on you (p. 37).

“Lord, I am honored that you would make me a part of your Church” (p. 38).

“Lord, help me to open my mouth; but, first, help me to open my heart to care and my ears to listen” (p. 39).

Father, help me to forgive.  Come and bring your mercy to my relationships that need to be healed (p. 40).

Holy Spirit, you are my master teacher.  Come and open my heart to the life-giving words of Jesus (p. 41).


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

April 8 – 14, 2018: Divine Mercy / 2nd week of Easter

“Lord, help me hold onto your peace at all times, in every situation” (Easter 2018, p. 28).

“Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us!” (p. 29).

“Lord, show me how I can share the blessings you have given me” (p. 30).

Lord, open my ears to hear you and my heart to sense you.  Show me my place in your kingdom (p. 31).

Holy Spirit, I need you today.  Help me trust in your presence and your power (p. 32).

“Lord, teach me how to praise you today” (p. 33).

Lord, I want to say yes to your call.  Help me serve your people with generosity.  Make us all one body!” (p. 34).

SJC photos: 4.8.18 & 4.4.10, respectively


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

April 1 – 7, 2018: Resurrection of the Lord / Octave of Easter

“Jesus, I am in awe that you chose me to share your gospel!” (Easter 2018, p. 21).

“Jesus, I want to encounter you on the way today” (p. 22).

“Jesus, help me to find just the ‘right way’ to respond to you today” (p. 23).

Lord, help me take that first step.  Teach me how to connect with someone and share my faith (p. 24).

Thank you, Lord, for making me an instrument of your love!  Here I am, Lord; use me (p. 25).

“Thank you, Lord, for you are always good” (p. 26).

Jesus, I believe you are with me.  Help me to stay close to you today (p. 27).

SJC photos: 3.31.18 & 4.6.13, respectively


Sacred Heart – Corpus Christi, TX

March 25 – 31, 2018: Palm Sunday / Holy Week (Passiontide)

Palm Sunday is an invitation to accompany Jesus on his journey to Bethany: A village near his birthplace, Jerusalem; a beautiful town where his friends Martha, Mary, and Lazarus live.  So, as Jesus circles back to his humble beginnings, let’s ask ourselves, What is the purpose of Lent?

To celebrate Holy Week! (Fr. Angel Montana at 5 P.M. Mass).

Thank you, Jesus, for your cross!  Lord, teach me to follow your path of love (Lent 2018, p. 62).

Thank you, Jesus, for your love for me.  Help me hear what you want to say to me this week (p. 63).

“Father, help me to follow Jesus’s example of steady confidence in you” (p. 64).

“Lord, help me to listen closely— to you and to my loved ones” (p. 65).

Jesus, thank you for loving your friends until the end.  Thank you for the love you have for me (p. 66).

“Jesus, thank you for your sacrifice of love!” (p. 67).

Lord, create me anew!  Take me from death to life, from chaos to order, from darkness to light.  Jesus, I believe in you! (p. 68).


St. Benedict – San Benito, TX

March 18 – 24, 2018: 5th week of Lent

Every time we come to Mass, we have the opportunity through the Eucharist to sign a new covenant, an agreement between God and humanity.  “You are mine, and I am yours.  I am your God, and you are my people.”

All covenants have stipulations and offerings.  God wants us to learn to be part of his family the way families expect members to abide by their rules.  As in Karate Kid where the main character trained long before actually competing, we are continually working on a covenant to be faithful to God the way Jesus made a covenant for mankind on the cross.

Each time we partake of the Eucharist, we receive salvation and grace.  If we can’t receive holy communion, we can make a spiritual communion until we can go to confession.  Reconciliation renews us and helps us to participate in the banquet of the Lord.

During this last week of Lent, let’s ask ourselves three questions: (1) What is my relationship with God?  (2) How has Lent helped me grow closer to him?  (3) How do I pray?

This fifth week of Lent, let’s work on that meditation that will help us prepare for Holy Week.  Amen (Fr. Luis Tinajero at 11 A.M. Mass).

O God, have mercy on me.  Create a clean heart in me.  Fill me with your Holy Spirit, and I will share my faith with those around me (Lent 2018, p. 55).

Lord, I bring you all my plans and expectations.  Show me your way (p. 56).

Father, thank you for your love.  I trust in your mercy and look to your Son on the cross for healing and salvation (p. 57).

“Lord, send me your light and grace— the light to see where I need to change and the grace to make those changes” (p. 58).

“Jesus, I am in awe at your love and commitment to me” (p. 59).

“I love you, O Lord, my strength; O Lord, my rock, my fortress, my deliverer” (Psalm 18:2-3; p. 60).

“Father, make us one!” (p. 61).


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

March 11 – 17, 2018: 4th week of Lent

Lord, you have saved me.  Now I want to serve you (Lent 2018, p. 48).

“Jesus, help me to experience your healing grace” (p. 49).

Yes, Jesus, I want to be made well!  Lord, I believe in you! (p. 50).

Father, I want your living waters to flow in me today.  Nourish me, cleanse me, and bring me your joy (p. 51).

“Jesus, open my eyes to see the signs that point to you” (p. 52).

“Jesus, teach me to see you with new eyes!” (p. 53).

Come, Holy Spirit, and open my heart and my mind.  Give me the wisdom to understand your words of truth and life (p. 54).

SJC photos: 3.11.18 & 3.13.11, respectively


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

March 4 – 10, 2018: 3rd week of Lent

Lord, I don’t want to be a slave.  Help me to be free (Lent 2018, p. 41).

“Lord, help me to guide people to you so you can touch them with your love” (p. 42).

Jesus, I know that I have far to go.  Change my heart.  Open my eyes to see each chance I have to practice forgiveness today (p. 43).

“Lord, I want to find my fulfillment in you!” (p. 44).

“Jesus, thank you for all the ways you love me!” (p. 45).

Lord, thank you for always showing me mercy.  Help me love myself the way that you love me (p. 46).

“Lord Jesus Christ, son of the living God, have mercy on me, a sinner” (p. 47).

SJC photos: 3.3.18 & 3.4.12, respectively


St. Luke – Brownsville, TX

February 25 – March 3, 2018: 2nd week of Lent

Last Sunday Jesus was in the desert; this Sunday, on the mountain.  The mountain symbolizes an encounter with God.

In today’s first reading, Abraham encountered God on the mountain.  In our personal life, where is the mountain?  We have other mountains, too.  A husband, a wife, children, parents.  Sometimes we don’t recognize God’s presence in our life.  Ask yourself, Where is my mountain?  Is it at Adoration?  Encountering Jesus is beautiful.  We feel at peace.  We feel light with God’s forgiveness.  Like Peter who was tempted to stay on the mountain, we may feel tempted to remain at Adoration; but our purpose in life is not to hide.  Prayer is where we may want to stay, but there is more to do.  We have to go to Jerusalem to have our encounter with God.

Lent is an opportunity to read the Bible, to spend time learning about the prophets.  How do they announce the Good News?  How do we converse with the love of the prophets?  During Lent pay attention, listen to God.  During Lent reflect on the mountain to celebrate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

In church the altar is higher to see it better, yes, but also to remember the mountain.  We must have our encounter with God.  That passion leads to the resurrection just as suffering leads to divinity.  Sadness, joy.  Suffering, healing.  Where’s the mountain?

Today’s gospel tells us, “This is my beloved son.  Listen to him.”  Ask God for the courage to follow Jesus (Fr. Fernando Gonzalez at 11 A.M. Mass).

Here I am, Father.  I trust that you will never abandon me (Lent 2018, p. 34).

“Lord, help me lay my sins at your feet so that I can know true freedom” (p. 35).

Father, I stand in wonder at your desire to welcome us home.  Your love truly is amazing (p. 36).

Father, I want to talk to you as Jeremiah did.  Let me hear your voice and experience your presence today (p. 37).

“Holy Spirit, help me to show your love” (p. 38).

Lord, free my heart to hope.  Help me to dream along with you (p. 39).

Lord, help me to see Mass as a heavenly banquet.  Father, I want to rejoice in being at home with you (p 40).


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

February 18 – 24, 2018: 1st week of Lent

Thank you, Lord, for the grace that comes with confession.  Give me greater confidence in your mercy and love (Lent 2018, p. 27).

Father, thank you for your love.  Give me eyes to see your presence in all your children.  Help me to treat them with the tenderness you show me
(p. 28).

“Lord, help me to be more forgiving” (p. 29).

Thank you, Father, for your merciful embrace.  Help me to run toward you every time I stumble and fall (p. 30).

“Lord, thank you for the times you have replanted me so that I could grow” (p. 31).

“Jesus, help me to be an instrument of your mercy” (p. 32).

“Lord, help me to be uniquely different today” (p. 33).

SJC photos: 2.17.18 & 2.17.10, respectively


St. Jude – Dallas, TX

February 11 – 17, 2018: 6th week in Ordinary Time / Beginning of Lent

Jesus is with us in sickness, in suffering, and in health.  Whatever we experience is for the glory of God.  Let us not give him offense (Fr. Jonathan Austin at 4 P.M. Mass).

“Lord, here’s all my life— for your glory” (January 1 – February 13, 2018, p. 63).

Father, I trust your generosity.  I believe that you have poured grace into my life and that you have even more grace waiting for me (p. 64).

“Jesus, you are my heart’s true desire!” (p. 65).

Thank you, Father, for seeing me with love.  Help me gaze at you this Lent (Lent 2018, p. 23).

Lord, help me to see each choice as an opportunity to honor you.  Help me to choose life! (p. 24).

Father, help me to fast the way you want me to.  Help me to bring your love to the people around me (p. 25).

Yes, Jesus!  I will follow you.  I want to walk in your light every day of my life (p. 26).


Sacred Heart – Corpus Christi, TX

February 4 – 10, 2018: 5th week in Ordinary Time

The truth of our faith is that Jesus Christ came to heal our inner soul.

In today’s first reading Job was attacked by evil.  To demonstrate faithfulness, we are to remain true to God in good times and bad.  Job lost everything including his health.  Sometimes we experience the same as Job.  We feel despair because of our problems.  Do not get discouraged.  Don’t lose faith.  God is with you always.  Believe that especially when you’re suffering.  We are in God’s hands.

In the second reading we are asked to consider this question: If I don’t share my faith, then what?  We’re invited not to keep God’s love all to ourselves, but to share it with others.  Give testimony.

In last week’s gospel Jesus cleansed a man of an evil spirit.  This week Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law.  She’s a beautiful example of someone who received God’s favor and then began to serve others.

What is a disciple?  Someone who serves others, someone who tells about his/her relationship with the Lord.  Jesus Christ came to serve, not to be served.  We look to be happy in many ways.  The secret to being happy is to serve others.  You don’t have to go far.  Start with your own family at home (Fr. Angel Montana at 5 P.M. Mass).

“Lord, teach me how to share your good news” (January 1 – February 13, 2018, p. 56).

Jesus, I’m reaching out to you today.  Stir my heart, teach me, heal me
(p. 57).

My soul yearns and pines for the courts of the Lord.  My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.  Jesus, teach me to love (Psalm 84:3; p. 58).

Holy Spirit, open my eyes and the eyes of those around me to the wonder and majesty of your presence.  May we all glorify you for your unbounded generosity (p. 59).

“Lord, thank you for giving us people who persistently pray for us” (p. 60).

“Lord, help me to be more kind and loving to everyone I meet” (p. 61).

“Lord, give me the faith and courage to wait for all your wonderful promises” (p. 62).


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

January 28 – February 3, 2018: 4th week in Ordinary Time

“Holy Spirit, help me hear Jesus’s voice today” (January 1 – February 13, 2018, p. 49).

“Lord, heal every family that is struggling right now” (p. 50).

“Have mercy on me, O Lord, for to you I call all the day” (p. 51).

“Jesus, help me to honor the people around me” (p. 52).

Jesus, in my weakness I rely on your strength.  Give me my daily bread so that I can accomplish your work (p. 53).

Jesus, thank you for entering the temple of my heart.  Lord, I place myself in your loving hands (p. 54).

Jesus, help me sense your Spirit’s promptings.  I don’t want to be so regulated that I can’t hear your voice or follow your leadings.  Lord, make me flexible and open (p. 55).

SJC photos: 1.27.18 & 1.30.11, respectively


St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

January 21 – 27, 2018: 3rd week in Ordinary Time

“Lord, I will follow you all the days of my life” (January 1 – February 13, 2018, p. 42).

Lord, as I prepare to launch myself into the day, I ask your guidance.  Help me build on the gifts you’ve given me and listen to your instructions (p. 43).

Jesus, as you rejoiced in the Holy Spirit, teach me also to express my joy and worship.  You are great, O Lord!  I take delight in you (p. 44).

“Thank you, Father, for your generosity!” (p. 45).

“Thank you, Jesus, for caring enough to ask me how I’m doing” (p. 46).

“Lord, thank you for helping my children grow in faith” (p. 47).

Jesus, you care about me and everything that matters to me.  Help me to trust you (p. 48).

SJC photos: 1.20.18 & 1.20.13, respectively


Sacred Heart – Corpus Christi, TX

January 14 – 20, 2018: 2nd week in Ordinary Time

To be close to God we need to be listening.  The only way we can be familiar with God is to pray.  The Lord is always calling and calling, but we have many distractions.  God gave us our body to glorify him, to do for others, not to offend him.  Be alert to the world around us.  Listen to your inner voice.  It tells you to be safe.

In today’s gospel God tells us, “Follow me.  Come to me.  Attend Mass.  Listen attentively.”  The Lord calls for two reasons: He wants us to be with him, and he wants us to remind others to seek him.  So, answer God’s call.  Bring others to him (Fr. Angel Montana at 11:30 A.M. Mass).

Lord, I’m honored that you speak to me.  Help me to tune into what you’re saying (January 1 – February 13, 2018, p. 35).

“Lord, teach me to welcome you into my activities today” (p. 36).

“Lord, help me to be more open to your Spirit today so that I can see everything and everyone around me as you see them” (p. 37).

Jesus, I embrace the victory you have given me on the cross.  I place my confidence in your power and in the talents you have given me (p. 38).

Jesus, I believe you want to speak to me today.  Here I am.  I’ve come to hear your voice (p. 39).

Jesus, thank you for loving me.  Use me to build your kingdom (p. 40).

Lord Jesus, thank you for the sacrifices your servants make in your name.  Come, Lord, and sustain them in your love (p. 41).


Sacred Heart – Corpus Christi, TX

January 7 – 13, 2018: Epiphany of the Lord / 1st week in Ordinary Time

Epiphany is the relationship between the Lord and the whole world.

People who live in great darkness have seen a great light.  We live in the darkness of sin.  We are covered in clouds, doubt.  People today have no religion, no faith.  Remove the clouds.  Adore the Lord.  We are part of God’s plan of salvation.

Today’s gospel tells us about the kings who seek Jesus Christ.  One is white; the other, black; the third, yellow.  They represent mankind, and they prostrate themselves before Jesus Christ because they recognize that he is our salvation.

We are covered by the darkness of clouds.  We need to be guided by the star.  Cast aside doubt and sin.  This week, seek and find Jesus in the world around you (Fr. Angel Montana at 5 P.M. Mass).

“Thank you, Father, for the way you have traveled with us so far and for the journey that lies ahead” (January 1 – February 13, 2018, p. 28).

“Lord, help me to accept your love for me” (p. 29).

Jesus, I need your strength today.  Come and fill me with your peace (p. 30).

Lord, touch every heart with your healing love.  Move us all to serve one another (p. 31).

“Jesus, I need your touch today” (p. 32).

Lord, you promised that you would be with us always.  Thank you for fulfilling that promise through faithful friends (p. 33).

Yes, Jesus, I will follow you.  Help me take the next step away from my weaknesses and toward you— and the full life you have in store for me
(p. 34).


St. Benedict – San Benito, TX

December 31, 2017 – January 6, 2018: The Holy Family / 2nd week of Christmas

How are we to be with our families?  St. Paul tells us to put on “heartfelt compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience, bearing with one another and forgiving one another.”  At this time of year, especially, there are lots of disagreements.  We’re always right!  But we need to take others into consideration.  How do they feel?  What do they think?  As a family, work on St. Paul’s suggestions: Be receptive, respect boundaries, be patient.  Families can learn to live away from selfishness with God’s encouragement and the support of the Holy Family (Fr. Luis Tinajero at 5:30 P.M. Mass).

Thank you, Lord, for being with us this year.  Help us stay close to you in the new year as well (December 2017, p. 51).

Thank you, Father, that you want to bless your people!  Help me follow Mary’s example this year (January 1 – February 13, 2018, p. 22).

“Jesus, I want to be with you” (p. 23).

Father, I’m blessed to be your child.  Make me more like you every day!
(p. 24).

“Jesus, thank you for being with me always” (p. 25).

Holy Spirit, give me the gift of fortitude today so that I can fight the good fight of faith.  Give me grace to love others as Jesus loved me (p. 26).

“Lord, teach me how to share your good news with those around me” (p. 27).


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