Saints: F-J

St. Jude Shrine Corpus Christi, TX

St. Jude Shrine
Corpus Christi, TX

Although some of the cards shown on this page were purchased inexpensively at gift shops we’ve visited, most were received free of charge.

If you’re interested in receiving free prayer cards, leaflets, and more, the process is simple; the outcome, delightful.  You can contact the organizations listed on the “Credits” page, or you can subscribe to their mailing list(s) online.  Of course, this excludes some of the cards, such as those in the remembrances section.

Donations aren’t required to get on any of the mailing lists.  Still, should you choose to contribute, your financial support is always appreciated since the income stream finances missions, special projects, and other worthwhile endeavors.

Thank you!


St. Faustina

AMH-Faustina-a        AMH-Faustina-b


St. Frances of Rome

SFR7614a      SFR7614b


St. Frances Xavier Cabrini



St. Francis de Sales

Maryknoll-Love-a      Maryknoll-Love-b


St. Francis of Assisi



StFrancis-OLG-a      StFrancis-OLG-b       AMM2420-18      AMM-Apr2014

FMA-StF-H5-a      FMA-StF-H3b      FMA121613-1a      FMA121613-1b


DMR-StFrancis-a       FMA-StFrancis-a    FMA-StFrancis-b         


St. Gemma Galgani

StGemmaG-a      StGemmaG-b


St. Gianna Beretta Molla

CPC11513-StGBMa      CPC11513-StGBMb


St. Hannibal M. Di Francia

RF123013-2a      RF123013-2b      RF31314-StH    


St. Helen



St. John XXIII

PopeStJXXIII-2a      PopeStJXXIII-2b      SPC42714a0002


St. John of the Cross

StJohnCross-a      StJohnCross-b      StJohnofCross      StJofC-CarmelDP


St. John Paul II

PopeStJPII-2a      PopeStJPII-2b      LOR4205-PopePaulII-a       LOR4205-PopePaulII-b

JP2121413a      JP2121413b       JPII-CNSa      JPII-CNSb

JBCo-4300M-a      JBCo-4300M-b


St. John the Caregiver (evangelist)

StJnC21614a      StJnC21614b


St. José Luis Sánchez del Rio

cpc11513-424a      cpc11513-424b      icc21013-jl-1

icc21013-jl-2a      icc21013-jl-2b

dmr92912a      dmr92912b


St. Josemaría Escrivá

MB31113-3a      MB31113-3b


St. Joseph

            Amb-RS284-StJa      Amb-RS284-StJb

StJos-RC174a      StJos-RC174b      StJos-RC183a      StJos-RC183b


            OLCC72114a      OLCC72114b


CPC17-StJ-a      CPC17-StJ-b      FMA-StJ-H93a      FMA-StJ-H93b

MB51513-5      SJC52714b      Hirten-StJos-1a      Hirten-StJos-1b

            RF61314a      RF61314b

FMA-H86a      FMA-H86b           

SOLT101015a      SOLT10413b      SOLT10413a


St. Joseph Cupertino

CPC11513-StJCa      CPC11513-StJCb


St. Josephine

StJosephine-a      StJosephine-b


St. Jude

StJude-CCTX-Shrine-a            StJude-a      StJude-b

StJude-OLG-a      StJude-OLG-b      Pallottines10515c

Pallottines10515a      Pallottines10515b           

DSJT-a      DSJT-b      Pallottines-scap

DSJT3111b-AD   DSJT3111c-AD   DSJT3111a-AD   DSJT3111d-AD


PStJude-a      PStJude-b            DSJS9515-a      DSJS9515-b

COLG-StJ-a      COLG-StJ-b      DSJS-StJ-a      DSJS-StJ-b

PSJ102313-3a      PSJ102313-3b      PSJ102313-2a      PSJ102313-2b      DSJS-bkmrk



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