Cards: A-H

St. Joseph Church Port Aransas, TX

St. Joseph Church
Port Aransas, TX

Although some of the cards shown on this page were purchased inexpensively at gift shops we’ve visited, most were received free of charge.

If you’re interested in receiving free prayer cards, leaflets, and more, the process is simple; the outcome, delightful.  You can contact the organizations listed on the “Credits” page, or you can subscribe to their mailing list(s) online.  Of course, this excludes some of the cards, such as those in the remembrances section.

Donations aren’t required to get on any of the mailing lists.  Still, should you choose to contribute, your financial support is always appreciated since the income stream finances missions, special projects, and other worthwhile endeavors.

Thank you!




            CM122012-6a      CM122012-6b


AMM2015-2a      AMM2015-2b           


All Souls



AllSoulsDay-a      AllSoulsDay-b      RF10615a      RF10615b

AMM-AllSouls-a      AllSoulsRemembrance-b      FMA-H109-a      FMA-H109-b

FMA-H90a      FMA-H90b      AMM2013-a      AMM2013-b

RCJ-AS-1a      RCJ-AS-1b      RF-AllSouls-a      RF-AllSouls-b

MB51513-6a      MB51513-6b      MB51513-6c

PSJC102615a      PSJC102615b      PSJC102615d      

Anth102715-1a      Anth102715-1b      Anth102715-2      Anth112315-c


Anth112315-d      Anth112315-b      Anth-souls-a      Anth-souls-b

RCJ-AS-2a      RCJ-AS-2b                 

FMA-H118-3a    FMA-H118-3b





Children-a      Children-b           

BA-OLF-a     BA-OLF-b      RF12814-1a      RF12914-1b           

              FMA-angc-a      FMA-angc-b




AMM10710bday      AMM10710bday-a      AMM-bday-a      AMM-bday-b

MO8114a     MO8114b      FMA-H-97     

CPC-indulgncs-a      CPC-indulgncs-b            

      CM7113-Bethlehem      CM7113-blessing      1Cor4-1

CM7113-AD1      CM7113-AD2








FMA-H1-12-1a      FMA-H1-12-1b      FMA-H1-14a      FMA-H1-13a


AMM101614a      AMM101614b            

      FMA-Peace-a      FMA121613-2      FMA121613-1d

AMM112415-1a     AMM112415-2      AMM112415-1b

PallottinesXmas-a      PallottinesXmas-b      PallottinesXmas-d      FMA-Peace-b


            Pallottines-SJ-2a      Pallottines-SJ-2b      Pallottines-SJ-2c

AMM-Xmas-a      AMM-Xmas-bx      FMA-SY-7-13a      FMA-SY-7-13b


FMA-SY-7-a      FMA-SY-7-b      DMR-Blessings-a



Pallottines-Easter2010-a      Pallottines-Easter2010-b           

RF33116a      RF33116b            

Anth-Easter-a      Anth-Easter-b      Anth-Easter-2a      LittleSioux-a      LittleSioux-b

RF41214a      RF41214b      Easter-Col8-a      Easter-Col8-b




Holy Infant




Infant-RCC34E-a      Infant-RCC34E-b            


        CMG-HolyInfant-c1    CM6314-4

SMA1715-2a      SMA1715-2b      HI-Salesians-a      HI-Salesians-b



Holy Spirit


            CM7113-2      CM7113-HS



Holy Trinity

            Trinity121413a      Trinity121413b



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