Thank you, O God, for hearing my prayer and granting my request.  Thank you for all the kindness you have shown me.  Thank you, Father, for your great love in giving me my life, for your great patience in preserving me despite my sinfulness, for your protection in the past, and for the opportunity to serve and honor you in the future.  Thank you, Lord Jesus, for keeping me numberless times from sin and death by the toils of your life, the sufferings of your passion, and by your victorious resurrection.  Thank you, Holy Spirit of God, for bestowing so many graces upon my soul and for having so frequently renewed your life within me.  May my life from now on be a sign of my gratefulness.  Amen.

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We give thanks and praise for…


Betty Porter.

George & Alyn Snell; Marco Antonio de Leon, RN, 44 (d. 7.24.20 at NYU Winthrop Hospital in Mineola, Long Island, New York).

Doroteo Treviño (d. 7.29.20); Cira Treviño (d. 7.19.20);

Fr. George’s nephew, Balu, & his family.

Mom’s dear friend, Emilia Petrarca (d. 6.18.20).

Sr. Puri, OP (5.30.26-5.31.20).

Brother Andrew Corriente.

T. Tibaldo Longoria; Maria Esperanza C. Martinez; Sharon Morford & her family & friends; Betty & her grandsons, Matthew & Merek; Miguel Angel Villalon; Eva & her family from Monterrey (SJC 1.11).


Elliot Torres; Franklin Rock; Adan Alejandro Farias.

Mary Lou Douglas; families of Susana Caloca, Nora Caloca, Isidra Olivares, & Jennifer (Inn at the Mill) & Kristina (Denny’s; Springdale, AR; 11.28); Terrie (Hampton Inn; Sherman, TX; 11.26); Peggy Lynn Johnson; Adan’s miracle (11.21).

Marissa & her newborn child; Orlando Valdez.

Adan Alejandro Farias (toddler); Joe A. Longoria, beloved brother.

Sr. Francis Therese Woznicki; Renia SpiegelAmalia “Molly” Garcia.

Gina & her mom; Antonio Basco & Margie Reckard; Wanda Todd Harris.

Detective Luis Alvarez & his family & friends.

Kathy & Randall on their 30th wedding anniversary (SJC-PATX); Fr. Richard Gutierrez & Fr. R.J. Regalado (ordained 6.8.19). 

Geraldine Washington (d. 4.8.69); Twennie Washington & her family (SJC-PA).

Linda Peterson & her family visiting St. Joseph’s in Port Aransas (MN, 3.31); Jimmy Carter; Maxie Dean Vaughan; Francisco & family (La Playa-Hgn); Sabina & family (Bealls-SB); St. Benedict’s church community; Fr. Nacho Luna; Fr. Tito Ayo.

Lita Ortiz; Adelina & Pancho Longoria & family; Cyndy & Jesse Garza & family.



Mary J. Rivera; Ernestina (+Jose) Alaniz; Eula Mae Shaw, her devoted family, & parishioners at Holy Cross Church. 

Hector Rodriguez, Jr; Ian; sisters Christine & Janet & their family; in San Antonio: Lewis & Janelle (HEB Central Mkt; 8.25) & Stephanie (Hyatt; 8.24); at Our Lady Star of the Sea: Cynthia & Jesse Garza from Roma, TX & Cayetano, greeter (Port Isabel; 8.19).

Raymundo Vela, Jr.; Youth soccer team & coach in Thailand (7.2).

Melinda & her mom, Armandina (b. 6.29); Cotulla residents & parishioners at Sacred Heart Church, especially Sr. Marta, Teresa & Gelasio Olvera, & Daniela & her family.

Ron Ausmus; Frances Guzman.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.  May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.  Amen.

Armandina & Melinda Vela, mom & daughter duo; Chris & Nancy Christ; Carmen & Carlos Cardenas; Tala & John Meyer; Sherry & Joe Bream; Alyn & George Snell; Jay & Roger Masterson; Cliff Strain & family; Fr. Romeo Salinas; Deacon Mark Arnold, wife Barbara & son, Joseph; Hilda Herrera, Sylvia Molina & St. Joseph Church parishioners (Port Aransas); Carmen & Kristina (Southmost HEB-BV).

Fr. Tito Ayo: Elvia Tamayo, Rosie Aguirre, & Frances Guzman (3.11); Mary & Gilbert Resendez; Joseph Bailham, OP; lifelong friendships; Margie Garcia & family.

Maria, Raul, & Eli (HEB-SB, 2.23); Fr. Jonathan Austin, his mom Katherine, Carol at the gift shop, & all the wonderful parishioners at St. Jude Chapel (Dallas, 2.10); Nick, Danea, & Autumn (2.9); Fox, Cactus, & daughter Penelope (TFF, 2.8). 

Fr. Angel Montana (ordination anniversary, 1.18.92), siblings Mario & Maria, Juan Lopez, & Mary (Hector) Lazo, whom we met at the celebration (1.14); Sacred Heart Church parishioners, especially Chris, Aurora, Mary & niece Lydia, Minnie, Martha, Deacon Benny & Yolanda, Deacon Felix & Jess, Ernestina & Jose, & Maria Rodriguez.




Fr. Angel Montana & Sacred Heart Church parishioners (Corpus Christi); Fr. Luis Tinajero & St. Benedict’s parishioners (San Benito, 12.30); San Agustin Cathedral priests & parishioners, especially Pablo Esquivel, sacristan, who gave us a tour (12.20); Adriana Cortez & family; Moises Paredes (La Posada, Laredo; 12.18); Kristine Ward; Danny & Osiel (HEB-BV, 12.6).

Jacob Thompson (11.19); Irene “Iris” Gonzalez & daughter Teresa Reyes; TL Michael Auman & the St. Joseph Province Capuchins (11.17).

Norma Pansano (d. 10.28); Nora Garza’s family; Leonor Soliz (d. 10.24); Pam & Jerry Benson (10.23); Floyd Pansano, Sr. (d. 10.22); Fr. Joseph, Deacon Frank, & all parishioners past, present, & future at St. Paul the Apostle Church in Flour Bluff.




Angie (Omni Bayfront, 10.21); Mary Rivera, Vangi Cantu, & the very talented musicians at Sacred Heart Church (10.14); Fr. Tito Ayo; Freska San Juan & her loving family (Philippines); Alice & Roger Olaes; Lulu (HEB-FB, 10.10) & her 19-yr-old son; Gabriel Robles (b. 10.8); Tony Romo & his family.

Fr. Angel Montana, Deacon Benny & Yolanda, Deacon Felix & Jess, Martha Ruiz, Camilo & Virginia Salinas, Jerry, & parishioners at Sacred Heart Church (9.30); Jennifer (Lotus-BV, 9.27), daughter Lina, husband, & family; Fern Carter’s family & friends; Jennifer, Nora, & Abel (HEB in Aransas Pass, 9.26); Mary & Gilbert (St. Luke, 9.17); Fr. Luis Tinajero, Deacon Juan Manuel Sanchez, son Henry, Simon & Delia, Janie Corona, & parishioners at St. Benedict’s in San Benito (9.9); Suzy (Glass Pavilion-CC, 9.6); Jimena in Peru (b. 9.4); Tony Amos (d. 9.4.17); Patsy Robles (JCP-BV, 9.3); Melissa Ohden.

Maria & Justin, happy employees (Walmart in Aransas Pass); the church community at Our Lady of the Assumption (Ingleside, 8.15); Brigida Cosme.

Martha & her beloved mother, Maria S. Ruiz (d. 7.15.16).

Fr. John Chavarria on his installation as pastor & all present, especially the wonderful parishioners at St. Michael the Archangel (Banquete, 6.23); Fr. Miguel D’Escoto; Hector & Martha Rodriguez (wed 6.24.92) & son, Hector; Cindy W. & Kristina at HEB (Portland, 6.19); Isabel (Casuelas-Hgn); Fr. Luna & parishioners at St. Benedict’s in San Benito, especially Josie & the man who greeted us enthusiastically before Mass (6.11); Brianna at Staples (BV, 6.9).

Fr. Nicholas Spano, OFM Conv. & Fr. Nader Ata, OFM Conv. ordained in Syracuse, NY (5.27.17); Rickey Garcia’s parents: Olivia (d. 4.3.17) & Jesse (d. 4.4.13); John Nolan; Armandina Vela & doting daughter, Melinda.


Cesar & Linda Gracie, beautiful couple, renewing their wedding vows on their tenth anniversary (5.26) with Fr. Frank at OLPH.





Dr. Amy Reed; Willie Benavides, now thirty-three (HEB-BV, 5.19); Mayra, Jerry, & their two little girls; Fr. Brian Harrison, Msgr. McCarthy (87 on 5.7), & parishioners at St. Mary of Victories, especially Jim & Lisa Hooper, daughter Celine, Helen York (Lisa’s mom), & our new friends (Jimmy Daubert, new Knight of Columbus; Jimmy, who assists Father around church; Emma; Mary Brende; Rose Marie Koerner; Ingeborg White; & Kristi) in St. Louis, MO; Kathy & Tony Fricano & their big, beautiful family (5.13); Reed & Dale; Kaitlyn (Lebanon, MO); Joshua (Ada, OK); Sandy Hawkins & those we met at the National Shrine of the Holy Infant in Prague, OK, including Mercedes, Leina, Ruby, & Lila (5.10); Ernestina & Jose Alaniz; CV; Giovanni & his family (5.6).


Today and always, all God’s blessings!
Every time we witness a sacrament we are reminded of
God’s many blessings.  Thank you for this beautiful gift today!
May the love, joy, and peace that you experienced at
your First Communion keep you firmly anchored in faith
as you make your way in life.
You’re in our thoughts and prayers!

David Mark Wood (d. 8.13.96); Maria Juanita “Mary” Rivera, Diamantina “Minnie” V. Cibrian, & Martha Ruiz (Sacred Heart Church-CCTX, 4.29); Tommy Hunter (4.29); Karina Shergur; Rickey Garcia & his family & friends (OLPH, 4.15); Jim Najvar, family, & friends; Sulema (Casuelas-Hgn); Neo Ashton Martinez.

Teri Hernandez & Dr. Bertha Campos (IHM-Hgn); Hanna Marble & her family & friends; Viri & five-year-old son (TJ-FB, 3.18); Raúl Barbosa, Andréas Guevara, Stacey Haddad, Dr. Jungseok Ho, Carolina Izaguirre, & Carolina Olivares (UTRGV Edinburg; 3.11); Dr. Campos, OD & her staff; Paula, Francisca, & Lizeth (VisionWorks); Belinda “BJ” Garcia-Bonner, beloved teacher-buddy (d. 3.2.17); Belinda’s spouse (Keith), parents (Demetrio & Gloria Garcia), sister (Denise), & all present at the wake & the funeral (3.7 & 3.8). 

Guadalupe Ayala & his family; Kathy & Tony; Linda Zamora & family; Natalia Uresti; Capuchin Poor Clares (Alamo, TX); Sr. Armida Rangel, MJ; Elvira & Joe Cantu, Patsy Gonzalez, & parishioners at Immaculate Heart of Mary (Harlingen, TX); Fr. Mario Conte, Tom Muscatello, Tim Logan, Mary Ann Reina, & Becky Scamardo at St. Anthony’s (Bryan, TX; 2.13); families of Rey Ramirez, Luis Paredes, & Rose Rivas (OLGC); Mary & Angel on their sixth wedding anniversary (Sacred Heart Church, CCTX; 2.5).

Frs. Tom Kulleck & Tom Pincelli, along with Our Lady of Good Counsel church community, especially Sandra Castillo & sister, Anita (1.22); Fr. Angel Montana celebrating his 25th ordination anniversary (1.18) & the Sacred Heart church community (CCTX), especially the families of Deacon Benny Vargas (retired), Deacon Felix Muñiz (successor since 11.15.16), Martha (lector), Jerry (sacristan), & Anthony (homeless vet).

shc1717-64      shc1717-65      shc1717-66

shc1717-91a      shc1717-87      shc1717-94



Alicia Aleman & family; Keano who helps his mom sell candy apples in Robstown; Michaela René Cruz, on her baptism & First Communion, Deacon Ron’s inspirational homily, Fr. Frank’s effusiveness, Armandina & her family, & the OLPH church community, including birthday & anniversary blessings (12.11).

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Karolyn Grimes (ZuZu Bailey); Florence HendersonCarlo Acutis.

Miracles; Yolanda, Ruben, & family, especially their son’s complete healing; all the wonderful folks we met on our trip through TX, NM, & AZ; Grand Canyon: park rangers Ron, Sarah (history), Sarah (condors), Mark, & Perri; Ann (volunteer); Matt, Norma, & kids (Alex & Natasha); Fr. Rafael Bercasio (El Cristo Rey); Eliza Courtney (Canada); Sheila (gift shop); Rosie (Bright Angel); Candace & Evelia (El Tovar); Fatou, Joseph, & Kelly (Maswik food court); Grants, NM: Jesse Terrazas, Kayla, Antonia & two others (Denny’s); Albuquerque, NM: Roddy & his mom, Sylvia (ICC); Linda Zamora & family (Old Town); Call to Action national conference (11.11-13), especially Jerry Brazier; Lee Mickey, Sandra, Jim & wife; Rosa, Patricia, Marni, Sue, Deacon Delbert & Teak; Richard Rohr, OFM; Lenny Stobel; Bro. Joseph Kilikevice, OP; Fr. Frank Quintana; Deborah Rose-Milavec (Future Church); Dr. Theresa Torres; Sr. Larraine Lauter, OSU; Al, Joan; Myoshi Smith, Patricia, Elizabeth, Alberta; Maya Kuper & Paul McComas (Dayna Clay Band); Dr. Greer G. Gordon; Rowsell, NM: Jacky; Ft. Stockton, TX: Rekah.

Goya Garza, treasured friend with whom I corresponded since 2008 (d. 10.26.16); South TX weather; the St. Jude Thaddeus church community (Pharr, TX; 10.29); Dora Alcazar; Fr. Steve Hernandez & parishioners at San Martin de Porres (Weslaco, TX; 10.22); Elaine Wisely; Rita at Milano’s; service occupations workers; Fr. Long Phan & parishioners at St. Wenceslaus (National Shrine of the Holy Infant in Prague, OK; 10.18); Fr. Steve & parishioners at St. Cecilia’s (WI Dells, 10.15); Fr. Brian Harrison & parishioners at St. Mary of Victories, especially Cathy & Bill Saccente & sons (Angelo & Sal); Max Kaiser, acolyte & lector; Lisa & Jim Hooper & Celine; Mike & family (St. Louis, MO; 10.9).

Don Deramee (d. 9.25) & Wallace “Wally” Stembler (d. 9.27); J. R. Ulibarri’s family & granddaughter, Grace; Shannon’s health much improved (9.18); SPC men’s ACTS retreatants & team (9.15-18); Sr. Marie Anne, OCD, who heeded the call of service for seventy years until her death at ninety-five at the Carmelite Monastery in Goonellabah, Australia (9.4).

Zion Harvey; Fr. John Chavarria, his mom, & the wonderful parishioners at St. Michael’s in Banquete (8.21); Annie Garcia on her quince (8.13); Larry Gilbert, family & friends; Gary Robinson, diaconate aspirant, & his family (8.2); Sam Apiado’s health; Assumption Seminary: Reginald Odima (b. 9.6.89) & Freddy Perez (b. 3.30.86).

Gregoria Beaty, a member of our Why Catholic? family who was called home (d. 7.31); Maciej Szymon Cieśla; adorers at Marytown chapel; Stan & Olga Bienia, Steve & Juanita Lusson, George & Olivia Holt, & Phyllis Dinges; Fr. Joseph Nguyen now at St. Paul’s (Flour Bluff); Mass & the very special healing service at St. Joseph’s in Corpus Christi: Frs. Efren Borromeo (visiting from the Philippines), Tito Ayo, & Ogie Rosalinas; & everyone in attendance, especially Ruben & Yolanda Rodriguez, sweet couple from OLPH; & the “Banquete bunch” from St. Michael’s: Letty & friend, Marty; Lydia & husband, Marty; & Rachel & darling daughter, Marissa (7.20); Gay (Taiwan in CCTX); Jason Peña’s improved health (7.19); Fr. Serafin Avenido on his 39th anniversary (St. Agnes Church, Ft. Stockton; 7.16); St. Paul’s men’s ACTS team.


Neli-Beli (bday: 7.11); OLCC’s first Love & Mercy conference (7.8-9); Sam & Ning Apiado; Bernhardt Wichmann III; Lucy & Chino’s granddaughter, Mary, her husband (Anthony, who gifted us unexpectedly with a box of Krispy Kremes this morning, 7.4), & their two precious little girls.

Chauncey Black, his mom, & Matt White (Memphis); Georgia Rep. John Lewis; OLPH men’s ACTS retreatants (6.9-12): Bob Dillard, Chris Soliz, Deacon Armando Sanchez, Fr. Darryl, Fr. Frank Martinez, Federico Garcia, Felipe Menchaca, Edison Rodrigues, Gabriel Estrada, Gerardo Hernandez, Isidro Vega, Israel Soliz, Jaime Conde, James Gannon, Javier Martinez, Jesse Olivarez, Jorel Moreno, Jose Alberto Gatica, Lawrence Garcia, Lee Alvarado, Manuel Lopez, Manuel Lopez IV, Nick Coriel III, Paulino Valdez, Ramon Claveria, Ramon Martinez, Jr., Raymond Guerra, Richard Beeghly, Robert Lee Casares, Robert Rosales, Robert Yzaguirre, Roland Ramirez, Romeo Chapa Jr; Sam Apiado’s dearly departed mother & sister, Feliza & Flor Apiado, respectively, & their collective family.

OLPH women’s ACTS retreatants (6.2-5): Luisa Buttler, Maricela Cerda, Audrey Conde, Janida de la Rosa, Cindy Dillard, Julia Downs, Sandy Estrada, Laura Feiler, Mickie Flores, Joanna Gannon, Catherine Garcia, Erica Garcia, Natalie Garza, Diane Gatica, Darlinda Gonzalez, Edna Gonzalez, Rosa Linda Guerrero, Veronica Heistermann, Melinda Lopez, Olivia Lopez, Pat Marcha, Martha Martinez, Mari Munoz, Jacinta Ortiz, Margaret Ortiz, Andrea Palacios, Maria Reyes, Crystal Rodriguez, Joann Rodriguez, Luisa Rodriguez, Sylvia Rodriguez, Rosina Salas, Seleni Salazar, Yolanda Salazar, Alma Sanchez, Monica Segovia, Mary Ann Shrout, Emelina Suarez, Melinda Vela, Nora Viera, Meli Villegas, Eva Yglesias.

Odilia Resendez & precious grandson, Abraham (5.10); Chris & Claudia Koob’s first grandbaby, Mateo Ramirez (b. 5.6.16), & proud parents & auntie; Sam (b. 5.5) & Ning Apiado & their family.

Lina at Bamboo & her family near & far (4.26); the Corpus Christi Lay Dominican Chapter of the Province of Saint Martin de Porres celebration of promises (4.23).

SPC42316-9        SPC42316-1        SPC42316-11

SPC42316-61      SPC42316-59      SPC42316-67

Denny’s friendly employees in Boerne (4.17); the music group rehearsing before five o’clock Mass at Notre Dame Church in Kerrville when we dropped by to take photos; parishioners at St. Agnes in Fort Stockton, especially the man who was first (with his two sons) to greet us warmly, & both Mary Gonzalez & Johnny Cordero who graciously provided information about their church, the stations (dating back to 1907), & St. Joseph Church (another mission of OLG parish); Dymphna at Chile Peppers Café in Terlingua (4.16); all the great folks (those in service & visitors like us) at Big Bend National Park (4.14-17), especially Ann Wildermuth (bookstore manager) & Tina at the restaurant (& her family in Dallas); Rangers J. Woerner & J. Jurtado, evening presenters at the Chisos Basin amphitheater; the encouraging, humorous hikers on the Lost Mine Trail; & the delightfully memorable school group (teachers & seventh graders) from Chihuahua, Mexico, namely the four bright young men (Diego, not pictured; George in aqua; Alexis; & Valente in green) who both enlightened & entertained me atop the mountain.

BB41516-3   BB41516-48   BB41516s-59   BB41516-6

Juli at La Quinta & Julio’s Restaurant in Del Rio (4.13); Odilia Resendez & sweet grandson, Abraham, who are parishioners at St. Michael’s in Banquete (4.10); Gregoria Nieto; Betty Carpenter (d. 4.3); Maria A. Silva, parishioner at St. Joseph’s in Kingsville who serves the community of Our Lady of Consolation Church in Vattmann, & her family & friends (3.31); Mother Angelica; Fr. James Flanagan; Joseph Bell, Sr; Rory Deane; Nancy Reagan; Carol Pacione & her family.

St. Michael the Archangel parish in Banquete, TX, especially Deacon Pilar & Rosa Gonzalez, Olga Karabanoff (who, with her husband, leads the chaplet before Mass), Marty Martinez, Maria Bañuelos & son Sammy (altar server), & Letty Garcia (parish secretary); Gary Mysorski (d. 2.23) & his family & friends; Fr. Jude, parishioners, & visitors at St. Stephen’s in Salado, TX, especially Mary Jo & Don, Mary & Frank, Bobbie Reihsen, Steven & his lovely wife, & the Palacios family: spouse, wife Lucy, & child Mariana (2.19 & 2.20); Deacon Ed Nartowicz (d. 2.18) & Ben Balolong, fine men whose lives touched many and will be missed; Myrna & Baby Melody; Jerry, Mayra, Mia, & Baby Sophie; Eduardo Cabrera singing a Christmas song while waiting for his friend, Pete Moya, who was “new at driving today so be careful or he’ll run you over” at St. Paul’s; Jon, Nikki, & Baby Miles baptized today (2.14); Jessica & Carlos Sepulveda (wed 2.13), friends & families, especially Pat & Carlos Lamas (parents of the bride); Janice Leonard & family.

Bill & Robin Adams & their family, especially her mom, Edythe Unger Laser (8.17.30 – 1.20.16); Fr. Paul Hesse on the 25th anniversary of his ordination (1.18) & his devoted flock at St. Pius X; everyone present at the Santo Niño celebration with Bishop Mulvey, Fr. Paul, & Fr. Kisito (1.16).



Everyone & everything; peaceful, quiet days; unbounded hope; the fruits of the Holy Spirit; our enemies; families & friends; parishioners & priests; Father Ralph; Joe & Sharon Shaw; John Fiarkoski; Jessica & Carlos (to be wed 2.13); John & Tala Meyer; Sharon & Bob Morford; Allie & Stephen Carter Tagliabue; Dr. Baucum & his lovely wife Karon; Anne; Patricia Staley; Mel & Sharon Louvier; Gary & Rose Moeller; Fr. Primo, OFM (FMA); Lita Ortiz; Mary (Pu Pun) Hodges family; Marlett & David Bahn; Lee & Sheryl Lanoux; Joel & Carol Lanoux; Reed & Dale; Chris & Claudia Koob; Olga & Stan Bienia; Rosalinda (NAS commissary, 12.30); Baby Sophie Isabella (dob 12.22) bringing great joy to her family in time for Christmas; Fr. Acosta’s blessing (OLG-BV) on our wedding anniversary; the Capuchin Poor Clares at the St. Joseph & St. Rita Monastery & all present at the Christmas vigil Mass concelebrated by Bishop Emeritus Reymundo Flores & Fr. Juan Manuel at St. Joseph Chapel (Alamo, TX); Rosie & Sabrina Krueger; Maria C. Hayes, daughter Deanna, & family; Phyllis Dinges family, especially son Michael (AZ); Hector & Martha Rodriguez & son Hector; Deacon Benny & Yolanda Vargas family; the Sacred Heart Church community (CCTX); MSI employees & their families.

William King Cool, recently departed and laid to rest at the DFW Veterans Cemetery.  His family celebrates his devotion and love of family and country (Daughter Mindy via email, 12.15).

Myrna Cardenas & her baby-in-waiting; Jerry & Mayra, parents of Mia & sister-in-waiting, Baby Sophie.

Military families; Jacob (Safeguard) & family; Nicola Schultz; Mary Lou Douglas & her family; Maddie Chapman; Fern Carter & all who assisted and/or attended this year’s Widow’s Mass & luncheon at Holy Cross Church (11.14); Sharon & Jimmy Parker; Maria C. Hayes & daughter, Deanna; Jerry, Mayra, & Mia; Acacia-Darling & Abryan, siblings; Darick Harness (TWC tech) & family.

Veril’s mom, Shirley Barr; Tony Patz; SPC Bible Study group: Nikki & Jon Brauchle, Josie & Joe Cavazos, Lawanda & James Skrobarczyk, & Ramona & John Wright; Sara & Joseph Busti & Baby Owen (b. 10.25.15); Deacon Frank, wife Debbie, & her mother; Mary Hodges & daughter, Andrea; Ron & Mi Ausmus; Gloria Alvarado & family; Helen Pelletier: Roger’s beloved spouse & cherished sacristan at St. Paul’s; Dora Alcazar (b. 10.20); Cesar Aron & Sonya Yvette Ponce, loving parents of Roman Carter Ponce (b. 10.3.15); Richard (b. 10.15) & Diana, parishioners at HCC; Homer Gutierrez (b. 10.15) & Sonia Balli; October birthdays, especially Martha Rodriguez (10.11) & William Landin, Paige Longoria, & Cody Underwood (10.12); Kathleen Sunga (STMC-Austin); Jake Brewer (d. 9.19) & his family; St. Paul’s men’s ACTS team & retreatants (9.17-20.15); Korey & Jessica Hardeman & their kids, Sydney & Kaden; St. Anthony’s women’s ACTS team & retreatants (9.10-13.15); UTMSI staff; Connie Roberson & her sister; Nacho Sanchez visiting his son’s family in Philly & meeting his 21-yr-old granddaughter for the first time; Henry Reyna (b. 9.5) & his family; Fr. Acosta & parishioners at OLG (BV).

Jocelyn at Bamboo (CCTX, 8.31); Carlos Lamas, his wife Pat, & their family (8.31); Amparo Trevino & her family & friends; the LAMP community; Sam & Ning Apiado; Fr. Roy & the Holy Cross Church community; Linda Fuiman (8.16), her family & friends; Marcy Thomas; Sheryl Burns (d. 8.6), her son Shawn, their family & friends; this year’s Capuchin postulants in the Milwaukee program: Mike Dorn, Joseph Babcock, Nathan Linton, McLean Bennett, Faris Najor, Truyen Nguyen, Jacob Yarbrough (of the St. Joseph Province) & Sunil D’Acosta & Alex de Melo (of the Canadian Province); all repairs & renovations at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Brownsville, TX.

Esther Arzola; Albert Garcia; David Bolin & his grandmother, Frances Perez, who is 103; Fr. Matthew Stephan celebrating Mass at Holy Cross Church (7.17); Robert Monroe White, Sr.; Fern Carter, Marsha Hardeman, Paul Tisdale, & their families; Sydney at China (Harlingen); Fr. Yul Ibay at St. Mary Star of the Sea Church in Aransas Pass; the Sanchez family: Nacho, Gloria, four kids, & fourteen grandchildren; Cristela & Richard Flores (m. 9.6.14); Olga Herrera’s ten-month-old grandson, Jeremiah; Fred Olivares.

Lily & Miguel Abecia & family; Mary Castillo; Janine & Matthew Apiado (m. 6.13.15); Olga Reyna (b. 6.11).

Chris & Claudia Koob, daughters Kimmie & Katie & son-in-law Ramirez; Monica Tovias & her two children, Natalia & Leo, at OLG-BV (5.31); Alice & Roger Olaes’s three-week trip to the Philippines (5.14); Linda & Wil Merkel; the safety of all who live in severe weather areas; Chief Floyd Simpson’s life & service to family & community (5.3); Corpus Christi, TX & everyone near & far coming together in support of Chief Simpson’s family & the police department.

Nigerian girls, women & children rescued; Veronica’s healing; the Holy Cross Church community, especially all who assist Fr. Yul Ibay, including the families of Fern Carter & Marsha Hardeman; Sheila at On the Border (CCTX); parishioners everywhere; seminarians, especially RJ at SPC (FB); Ly Vu, husband Jim & sons: Davie & Danny; Phyllis Dinges, her two sons, grandchildren & extended family, especially her brother in AZ; Irene Peña & family, including Baby Zoey (4 mos) & mom LeAnn, daughter Lily’s family, sister Goya & husband Leo; Betty Lopez (b. 4.3).

Georgeana Herrera (d. 3.31), family & friends; Acacia-Darling’s 21st birthday (3.30); Fr. Ralph’s health & Ginnie Long, sweet gardener, at Stella Maris Church (3.29); Louie’s job prospect (3.26); Joseph’s job interview (3.24); Eddie Nieto & sister Goya, Henry & Olga Reyna, Belia Barron, & the OLG church community in Brownsville, TX; Fr. Michael Amesse & the Oblates at ICC-BV; Prema & son, Evan, on his 5th birthday (3.18); Svana, Kelsie, & Zak; Fr. Francisco Acosta recovering from jaw surgery (OLG-BV; 3.7.15).

Best buds: Aliyah & Jamari; grandchildren: Acacia, Kylie, Ayden, Karina, Abryan, Evan & Aiesha; Juan Aguilar’s life well lived (d. 2.11.15) & his devoted family & friends; two-year-old Abryan’s speedy recovery & big sister Kylie’s participation in a poetry contest.

Hugh Ganser (d. 1.15.15) & family & friends; Kathy Shea & her family; Gabby Diaz; Carlos Gonzalez; Gricelda Villarreal; Sr. Encarnacion; mothers.



Capuchin Poor Clares & adorers at the St. Joseph Chapel (Alamo, TX); Mary Vielma, Jose Gamez, & daughter Amanda; Natalia Ureste & family: daughter Yesenia; son Rigo, his wife Selma, & their kids (Ramiro & Samantha); birthdays & anniversaries; new beginnings; collaboration within church communities; Kathy, Pat, Sheila & their families & friends (WI); respect between & among neighbors; everyone at Sacred Heart Church (BVTX; 12.24); Deacon Benny Vargas, wife Yolanda, & their family & friends; Fr. Michael Amesse’s physical healing; Norma (HEB-BV); everyone at Stella Maris Church, especially Fr. Ralph, Sharon & Joe Shaw, & Sandy Cagle (12.20); Ryan Sean Ishizaki (b. 12.18), his parents & siblings, Grandma Pat, & the extended family; Dominican Sisters (CCTX), especially Sister Maria Paz Aribon (d. 12.10) & Sister Maria Begoña Divinagracia (d. 12.13); the intercessions & heartfelt sentiments of Dominican laity members.

Patricia O’Brien, who recently passed away, & her family (DeRidder, LA); Archie Perillo’s inspiration: his aunt, Paulina Alcartado, who died recently in the Philippines; Deacon Alfonso Ramirez, his family, & the OLPH church community; the Holy Cross Church community (CCTX).

Sacred Heart Church (CCTX): Fr. Angel Montana, Deacon Benny & family, Ernestina & Jose L. Alaniz, Maria Juanita Rivera, & all parishioners; Geronimo “Jerry” Picazo; Thomas Eric Duncan’s generous, thoughtful spirit (d. 10.8.14); Dora Alcazar, son, & family; St. James parishioners, especially Cora Ramirez & family & Sally Gonzalez & her five children.

Jolene Marie Neagle (d. 9.26.14) & her baby boy (d. 9.29.14); Diana & Pierce (d. 9.19); all in attendance at the Fullness of Truth two-day conference at the American Bank Center (CCTX; 9.20-21); Sisters Lucia, Emi, Lourdes & Nancy (Congregation of St. Ann) & their friends: Betty, Debra, & Elsa; Oblate Frs. Michael, Joe, Peter & Porfirio (ICC-BV); St. Michael’s intercessions on behalf of the Finnegans: Jim, Teri & sons & Pat Ishizaki’s family (Madison, WI); Kathy Ganser Shea’s family & 96-year-old dad; in Alice, TX: Israel Garcia, Sr. & family, especially daughter Melba; God’s mercy & love; all birthdays.

St. Paul’s men’s & women’s ACTS retreatants & team members; Jerimiah Noe (b. 8.15); Laura Lanoux’s new job in TX (8.11); Lita Ortiz; Fr. Michael Amesse’s mother’s health; “the three little sugars” visiting with their grandparents; Veronica, Kylie, Ayden, Karina, & Abryan; Alicia & Mary Lou; the Apiado family; the Robinson family; Maria Holguin & Mialu Gonzalez (daughter); Melinda Herrera & her mom, Olga; Linda & Wil Merkel.

Fr. Ralph’s improving health & his new treatment (starting 8.4); Miguel Angel Ortiz (dod 7.22) & family; Fr. Dan, Fr. John, the SOLT community at OLCC, all who so lovingly assist in the daily operations, & retreatants: Rose, Deacon Armando, Ethleen, Mary, Steven, Deli, & Claire (7.20-27); Br. Joseph Taylor (Capuchin 1st vows) & family & friends (MI, 7.19.14); Virginia Stembler (Fr. Stembler’s mom, d. 7.12); Fr. Ralph, Joe & Sharon Shaw & the five couples at the healing service at Stella Maris Church (7.12); noon Mass at St. James followed by an incredibly welcoming reception for Fr. John Xaviour, the wonderful parishioners, the mariachi band’s lively music, the delicious food, & everyone present including Julia Montalvo & son Robert, Irma, Araceli (Sally the organist), Janie Garcia & family including 7-yr-old Rayden Catarina, Pat Gutierrez, Lyda & Andy Garcia, Betty Perez & many others who captivated Sam, Ning, Steven, & me with their stories & their heartfelt insistence that we return for Mass often so we can celebrate again (Bishop, TX; 7.6).

Fr. John Xaviour’s despedida reception at St. Philip’s: Carol, Bobby, Jane; friends: Lovely Ning, Sam, Georgina, Michael, Joseph, & Steven, Missionaries of Christ’s Charity: Sisters Lucy, Therese, & Gabriel (6.29); Jay & Roger; Mary Paredes Mujica (d. 6.27.14); Padre Carmelo Fonseca, beloved friend (7.16.46 – 6.26.14); Jim & Trish Moreno & children: Jonah, Thadd, & Mary Ann; Nathan & Kathryn McTigue embarking on their new adventure in NC; Svana & family; William (China-Hgn); the Apiado family’s gift of life; Matthew Apiado passing his nurse’s exam; Mina (WM-BV); Caleb Martinez; Fr. Peter, OMI (ICC-BV); Betty Jo Lopez (UTMSI) & family; Misty (Denny’s-Austin); Lucio Aguilar (b. 12.26.30, MIA 1950, remains recovered 2014); Irma & her four children especially nine-year-old Damaris who’s very devoted to her mother (BVTX; 6.8); Archie Perillo, family & friends in the Philippines.

Margie Garcia, family & friends; Mylend & sister Marissa’s family in Japan; Sylvia Guerra & caregivers at Valley Baptist Hospital; Shirley & Robert Rodriguez; Mary Carnesi & Margaret Van Nostrand, devoted twins (SHC; Brownsville); Nick, Mark, & Chris Jones; Carol Steele; Kathy Brown; Mary & Andrea Hodges; Darin & Christy Acre; May 10th ordination anniversaries: Fr. Michael Amesse, OMI (1984; ICC in BV) & Fr. Kris Bauta (1986); Delia & Mike Hamilton; Dr. Luis V. Colom & his beloved family: Maria, Cecilia, & Sebastian; in Brownsville, TX: Nydia, her three children & mom; Dr. Hugo & Linda Vargas; David Reyes; Lily & Miguel Abecia.

Frs. Joe Torres & Michael Amesse; Lita Ortiz (SHC, 4.27); Maria Connolly (NJ; 4.20); Deacon Ed (SPC); Alma C., Tomas, & Sylvia; Diana at Franciscan Mission Associates (4.15); Emma Reyes & her service to St. Paul Church (FB); Detroit: Tara (Bob Evans), Maira & Brian G. (Big Boy); SOLT sisters Mary Ann & Mary Mediatrix (Detroit; 4.10); Solanus Casey Center: the Capuchins, Mary Comfort, Sid Davis, Carol Gray, Ruth Van Simaeys, & others at the Lenten presentations (4.9-10); Rodriguez family: Hector, Martha & son (Hector); LAMP’s 50th anniversary reunion (Madison, WI; 4.6): all volunteers including Pat Ishizaki, Sheila Schyvinck, Tom Scott, Carlos Rubio, Padre Carmelo Fonseca, Msgr. George Hastrich, Deacon Ron & Aggie Pickar, Catherine Desmond, K. Andreah Briarmoon, & Deli & Steven Lanoux; Deacon Frank, Debbie & family.

Phyllis Dinges & family; Sister Mary Cecilia & the Daughters of Mary; Marie & her beloved Rock; parishioners attending Bible classes at St. Paul’s including Belia & Edward, Karen, Lori, Esper & Jerry, Mario, Sam & Ning, Mi & Ron Ausmus; women attending St. Philip’s ACTS retreat (3.20-23); Julliette, Charlice, & Mack (FB HEB); Goya Jones; the Dominican laity in Corpus Christi; beloved friends; Mary Hodges & precious daughter Andrea; Princess Svana, younger brother (Zak), & their devoted parents, grandparents & friends; Carol Miriam Erwin; Gloria & grandson, Gibson Sharp; Karen Felton & sister Melody Vogel; Alice Olaes; Belia & Franklin Rock; Pat & Henry Macias; all who attended the one-day Fullness of Truth conference at Most Precious Blood Church (3.8) including Fr. Mathias, Sam & Ning Apiado & Maria Cancino Hayes (San Antonio); three heavenly angels: Agustin & Justa Cancino & ten-year-old grandson, Frankie Alan Hayes; Fr. Ralph at Stella Maris; Sharon & Joe Shaw; Fr. Richard Sheehan, OMI (SATX); Frs. Joe Torres & Michael Amesse, OMI (Immaculate Conception Cathedral, BV).

Lee & Sheryl Lanoux; Eddie Perales, girlfriend & family & friends; Deacon Ed (SPC-FB); Olga & Stan Bienia; Juanita & Steve Lusson; Olivia & George Holt; Fr. Flanagan, SOLT founder & all who attended Mass & the 11th anniversary celebration of the OLCC adoration chapel (2.1).

Those who are the wind beneath our wings; the Anthonians: Maria Hart (IN), Tom Muscatello (NY) & Corrado & Frs. Mario, Ugo, & Giancarlo (St. Anthony Basilica-Padua, Italy); Fr. James Stembler’s 25th ordination anniversary (1.21) & all who attended the Mass at St. Gertrude (Kingsville, TX, 1.25); Matthew & Janine, newly engaged, & family & friends; all military families past, present, & future; all who have found employment; excellent health care; the joys of childhood & parenthood; the special miracle of healing; Harrison Lanahan, beloved baby now heaven’s angel (d. 1.17) & his parents’ tender loving care; the Apiados, especially Tytus (Harrison’s little buddy) & his parents, Laura & Jon; Carmen Rodriguez & her nephew Ricky, altar server of the year at the CCTX cathedral; Dominican Sisters Mary & Bernadette; the SOLT community especially Frs. Brady Williams & Dan Estes & Srs. Laudem Gloriae & Mary Mediatrix (OLCC); Deacon Bob Allen (St. Philip-CC); all who attended OLCC’s day of reflection & prayer at SJC (1.11).



Fr. José Angel Ortiz; Marie & her beloved Rock in Germany; the Capuchin Poor Clare Sisters at the St. Joseph & St. Rita Monastery in Alamo, TX; Eric at Northshore Cinema 8 & Reba at Walmart (Portland, TX; 12.23); Fr. Nestor Lachica’s ordination anniversary (12.21.02); Nathan & Kathryn; Fr. Richard who traveled from Bishop, TX to assist Fr. Kris at the Advent penitential service (12.18); Stan Greenberg’s life well lived (dod 12.17), wife Jeanne & their family; John & Tala Meyer on the blessing of their marriage (12.16); Carmen (WM-FB); the St. Paul Church community; condolences received; Johnny & Janet (Refugio HEB) & Lillian, Peggy, Hailey, Linda, & the other ladies (Waffle House-Henderson, LA, 12.14); Tori & Georgia (Cracker Barrel, 12.13); Bill Jones & his wife; Sue & her three sons: Nick, Mark, & Chris; Eddie Lanoux joining his beloved wife, Pat, in heaven (12.11); Cammie & Phil & kids: Hannah, Connor, & Seth; Deacon Alfonso Ramirez, his beloved wife & their five beautiful children, & two precious grandchildren; Ning’s friends: Lillian & Esther; Juanita; Fr. Kris, Roger & Jay, Ninfa, & all who showed up to view Bernadette (12.8); all who assisted in making Bishop Danny’s annual Brownsville Diocese fundraiser in Weslaco, TX a huge success (12.6); Josefina Salinas, daughter (Amy) & friend; Laura & Tracy (Catholic Charities) who invited us to their Spring 2014 event; Capuchin Poor Clares (Alamo, TX), who provided their delicious cookies for us to enjoy; Ryan (HEB), Edgar (IBC), & Monica (Staples) in Brownsville.

Lori Libowski & family in San Diego, CA; Amparo Goens & family especially June, Gary & Michael Robinson; the Dominican Sisters at St. Paul’s (Flour Bluff); Mel & Sharon Louviere & family; Rose Champion & family; Jim Rembisz & his lovely wife (11.10); the men’s ACTS retreat from Most Precious Blood Church & all who assisted (11.7-10); Fr. Deane subbing for Fr. Ralph at Stella Maris; Joe & Sharon Shaw who keep a watchful, loving eye on Fr. Ralph’s health; Felita Allred & the prayer warriors from St. Patrick Church who gratefully thank & praise God in advance for Fr. Ralph’s healing; Darin & Christy Acre, Alex Drees, John A. Thomas, Jay & Roger Masterson; the Apiado family: Sam, Ning, Matthew, Michael, Jon, Laura, & Tytus; Irene Pena & family: daughters Lily & LeAnn, son-in-law Marc, grandson Matthew & (in Indiana) sister Goya & her spouse; Janie & Mike from Sts. Cyril & Methodius; Mary Hodges & family: Andrea, Misa, Judy & Mingo & (in heaven) husband Ted, grandson Teddy & family friend Brian (dod 11.2); Connie & family; Laura & family; Olivia & George; the men on the St. Paul’s ACTS retreat (10.31-11.3) including our special friends: John (Tala) Meyer, Jim (Trish) Moreno, Bud (Kristin) Swan & their families; the families of the retreatants; the St. Paul Church community especially the men & women in ACTS & all ACTS members from other parishes who so fervently assist each time.

Helen & Isabella (Vicky’s-San Benito, TX); Nancy, Chris, Father Kris, & everyone who hosted the parish community dinner so that the rest of us could simply show up and enjoy ourselves; Frank & Barbara; Hanna Jo, precious altar server, & her loving family; loved ones, young & old, here & departed; our altar servers: Davie, Ethan, Jerry, & Michael (10.20, 9 A.M.); Dawn & her music; all who assist Father Kris; Stacey, Javier & family; Jutta’s safe return from visiting her family in Germany; Nancy & Chris; Pam & her beloved Jerry who recently became a Knight of Columbus; Jay & Roger; Svana’s & Zak’s doting family; all in service occupations; Alice & Roger Olaes on their trip to visit family in CA & in the Philippines; Anjelica Castillo (Baby Hope; 1987-1991) & all who sought justice for her; Frs. Ugo Sartorio & Giancarlo Zamengo (Paduan Anthonians); Lina Garcia & all who loved her.

Bill Kelley, his beloved Dottie & their wonderful family; Rosie Aguirre & Elvia Tamayo; Marcy Thomas; Gary & Rose Moeller; Ly Vu & family especially her mom; Denise Smith & mom; Linda & family; in Brownsville, TX: Fr. Amesse; Sacred Heart Church parishioners; Herb & Margaret Ames; Lita Ortiz; Margaret Van Nostrand whose company we enjoyed after Sunday Mass (9.1), her family, & her beloved brother now in heaven; Elva, Jackie, & Martin (HEB; 8.30).

Lorna Riley (La Playa, 8.21), her children in Chicago & her mom, Pat Riley; Rosie Aguirre, Elvia Tamayo & Duffy; the Mendoza family; Fr. Kris, Ninfa & all who attended the lay ministers’ meeting (8.21); Seanna & Albert at HEB (8.12, Flour Bluff); Rocio Maqueda, sons Jason & Naurik Acosta & their family; Irene, Isaac, & Pedro at Lowe’s (8.3, CCTX); Joseph Taylor (Capuchin) & family; Svana, Zak & family & friends; Father Primo & Franciscan Mission Associates.

Julio Mendoza now in heaven with his beloved wife, Yolanda; Diane (USPS, CCTX NAS); parishioners at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral especially Noe Salazar, sacristan, and Tom, who asked Steven and me to take up the gifts (Brownsville, TX; 7.28); Marie & her beloved Rock; families like the one from Austin who visit SJC; Tiburcia E. Huantez; Mayra, Mia, Jerry & family & friends; Tom Muscatello & Maria Hart (Anthonians); Sr. Stephanie, Mother Bernadette, the Carmelites, & their helpers (Australia); Fr. Xaviour & all parishioners at St. Philip the Apostle Church (CCTX) especially the very gracious altar servers at five o’clock Mass: Ryland, his sister, their friend & Maggie (7.6); St. Joseph Church parishioners & visitors (PA); safe & memorable holiday travel.

Fr. Xaviour & all who attended his big bash (6.23); Covington, LA: Sue, Eddie, Sabrina & kids, Theresa & family; Kayla & Breauna (Cracker Barrel); Wharton, TX: Greg (Whataburger); Yaa & family (Houston); Detroit (6.16): Alethea (Comfort Inn), Jessica Taylor & friends (Solanus Casey Center); Chicago (6.15): Susana & sons (Jonathan & Alexander; St. Pius V) & Frs. Carl & Brummel (OLG); Danielle (Denny’s, Portage, IN); Rockford, IL (6.14): St. Anthony of Padua Church parishioners including Fr. Mario Conte (Padua, Italy), Martha T. Rodriguez, son Hector & family (Streamwood, IL); Gina & Chris, Abelino Perez (landscaper); Josephine Vyvjala & daughter, Sharon Gross; Harrison & his family; Lina Garcia & brother Albert; Chelsea & parents: Christie & Sammy; Keith & Belinda, parents & family; Pat Jansen, Jay, Roger, & Lucy.

John Ladice Tumbagahon & his uncle; Christina K (HEB-FB); Margaret Mueller; Ly Vu; Svana’s 4th birthday; Fr. Michael Amesse, Lita Ortiz, the Putegnats, the Sacred Heart Church community (5.26) & Ivan (HEB) in Brownsville, TX; Arline Hauge & Marta Murillo; Mayeli Sabala; Covington, LA: Allen Simms (La Quinta, 5.14), Bill Jones & his wife, Eddie & caregiver Sabrina; Twennie (Mother’s Day basket winner at 9 A.M. Mass); Margaret Cook; Eileen Vara & family (SPC); Rachael, Svana, Zach, Mark, Carolyn, John, & Ron; Diana, Amanda & family in Peoria, IL.

Danny Vargas; Lupita Villanueva & three daughters: Alexis, Cameryn, & Bailee (Kingsville, TX); Angie’s beloved mom Josefina Lopez Olguin; Ron Best & family; Manuel Vara & his loving family; Minnie Rodriguez (NAS commissary); visitors to SJC; true friendship; familial love; change in our lives; unanswered prayers; smiles; gratitude; generosity; vocations; John Meyer on becoming a Brother Knight (4.7), wife Tala & family.

Hanna Jo Collins, Gabriela Durkin, Jacob Hinojosa, Emily Maxham, & Ethan Templeton who made their First Holy Communion (3.28) & their families; Cal Garcia, his family & parishioners at Immaculate Conception Church (Taft, TX); Grace Catherine Herzig; Tony Mencey & Megan, her parents & her brothers; Rudy Davila; the Carmelite Sisters in Goonellabah, Australia; retired Oblates at the Madonna Residence (SATX); SOLTS.

Mary & Chester; Joseph Taylor, family, friends at the Solanus Casey Center & the Capuchins in Milwaukee; the Immaculate Conception Church community (Taft, TX) including Maria Teresita Lugo, Fr. Ed Roche, Sr. Patricia, Sr. Elena & all who attended the veneration of Joselito’s relic (2.10); Dotty Smeester, beloved spouse Loren, family, friends & the parishioners at Immaculate Conception Church (Hammond, WI); Sherry & Joe Bream; Marie & Rocco Logiodice; Carmen & Carlos Cardenas & family.

Fr. Mathias; parishioners at Sacred Heart Church (CCTX) especially Celina, Deacon Benny, & the sacristan; everyone & everything; those who pray & those who intercede for others; Maria Luisa Hernandez; Oak Crest residents & staff; Margie de la Rosa; Diane (Colombia) & Freddy (El Paso) now living in San Antonio; the Oblates at the Madonna Residence in SATX especially Fr. Sheehan; Patsy Baumann & family; Lupita Cavazos & family (Felix & kids: Felix, Josh, & Jennifer; Mary & daughter Janelle; Christy, spouse & kids: Amanda, Christina, & Charles; Valentine, Stephanie, & Alex); Terry, Josie, & family; Jay & Roger.



Chris from McAllen; Omer & Carolyn Weintraut; Jim & Trisha Moreno & their family; Denise Roberts, her son David (who will deploy to Afghanistan, Feb 2013), & his family: wife, India, & sons, Isaiah & Cayden; Robert Bustamante, Pat Lamas, Mary Rodriguez, Betty Lopez (Tony & Rene), Eva Gonzales, Janice Leonard, Bea Limon, & Rita Landa at UTMSI; Rocio Maqueda & her sons, Jason & Naurik Acosta; Jay & Roger Masterson; Linda & Jesse Cruz; Fr. Jim Kelleher (OLCC); Carmen & Carlos Cardenas & daughter Letty; George & Olivia Holt; Matthew Apiado; Eileen & Manuel Vara’s family; Mary & Chester; Jay’s mom, Margaret; St. Paul’s men’s ACTS retreatants, Dec. 9-12: Angel, Luis, Scott, Gerald, Jacob, Matthew, Robert, Shaun, Ron, Guong, Richard, Roger, Kevin, Michael, & Ray / team members: Esteban, Bobby, Sam, Ron, Stanley, Doug, Leon, Ben, David, Scott, Vincent, Mario, Jacob, Tony, Abel, Douglas, Jose, Bill, Steven, Eric, Enrique, Rick, Alex, Ray, Joel, Ramon III, Ramon Sr., Ray, Jason, Jesse, Deacon Mike, Bert, Dan, Gary, Deacon Frank, Tomas, Manuel, Donald, & Robert; Dotty & Loren Smeester (Baldwin, WI); Fr. Mathias’s parents (India); all who have received healing.

The Trainors from SATX; Bob & Harriet on their safe return to MN; Billie & Bob from Dallas; St. Joseph’s being paid off in three years; Nancy, Chris, Fr. Xaviour, Ninfa, Joe, Kathryn, Nathan, Missy, Harrison, all who helped make the mortgage celebration party a huge success, & all in attendance (11.18); newlyweds: Pancho & Cassandra Gonzales (11.17), their families & friends, including Raul & Emma, Roger & Alice Olaes, Roger & Magdalena; Steven, his daughter Kaitlan & their CCE teacher-friend (11.5; Harlingen, TX); the families of Tomas & Sylvia Rodriguez & Alma Castañeda; St. Paul’s (Nov. 1-4) ACTS retreatants: Susan, Ellie, Jennine, JoAnn, Phyllis, Laura, Sandra, Sue, Laurie, Olivia, Veronica, Lupe, Phyllis, Jennylyn, Regina, Maria, Nicola, Angelina, Lawanda, Morgan, & Nancy / team members: Stephanie, Terry, Leonora, Heatheran, Katie, Mary Jane, Eva, Myrna, Tina, Christian, Almira, Nelia, Laura, Yolanda, Andrea, Denice, Kim, Juanita, Veronica, Misa, Mary, Mary, Evelyn, Kathryn, Sharon, Cynthia, Carissa, June, Velma, Betsy, Yvonne, Alice, Lucy, Mary Lee / all who assisted; Ellie’s friend, Sylvia.

Fr. Tito, Letty Garcia, & the St. Michael the Archangel parish in Banquete; Mrs. Taylor, Jessica, & Joseph in Detroit; Bea, Betty, Denise, Eva, Janice, Mary, Pat, & Rita at UTMSI; Sr. M.A., Mother Bernadette, & all their Sister companions at the Carmelite Monastery in Australia; Joe, Sharon, Fr. Ralph Jones & all visitors to Stella Maris; Sophie Sanders & Isabella McFadden (Sacred Heart Church, Rockport) & Ly Vu; Dora & her friend, Olga C (BISD); Olivia Holt, Barbara Greger, & Cindy Ramirez (St. Paul’s, FB); Irene & Goya (sisters); Esme (Alice, TX).

Fr. Mathias, Sr. Emiliana (Sr. “Emi”), all parishioners, & their patron saint, Katharine Drexel, at Holy Cross Church (HCC) in Corpus Christi; Ed & Mary Schulz; Vicki (FB HEB) & her family; Ester, Gracie, Jean, Sylvia, & Vernell at the HCC Encounter.

Olivia & George Holt; Marie & Rock Logiodice; Baby Svana & her medical providers; Dotty & Loren Smeester; Al Whitty & his family; Heather & Harry Collins & their children: Tripp, Hanna Jo, & Little Henry; Barbara Smith; Mayra & Mia Cardenas; Carmen & Carlos Cardenas; Betsy, organist extraordinaire; Baby Svana & her family.

Virginia Giles on her birthday (7.25); the Frank Ernst family & the healing of his mother; Jimena & her family in Lima, Peru; Deacon Sebastian (MPBC) & his beloved angel in heaven, Belen, his wife; David Castillo’s family; Wil & his wife; Margie Garcia on her birthday (7.23); visitors to our church; the family of Alise & Richard Polanski from West (7.22); Padre Carmelo Fonseca from Diaz-Ordaz, MX & his sisters: Rosa & María de los Ángeles; Margarito Trevino (87-yr-old who earned a Purple Heart in WWII) & his family in Raymondville (7.17); Heather & Harry Collins & their beautiful family; Debbie & Howard Hall; Prema & Evan; the SOLT community, especially Fr. Michael Jordan, who is most likely entertaining God with all his stories in heaven (dod 7.9.12) & Fr. Ed Roche who’s recuperating from surgery; Juan & Lupe Armendariz; 2-year old Steve now in heaven (7.7); Daniela & Jessica (Raymondville); at OLG in Brownsville: Henry, Olga, & her mom, Belia; Mr. & Mrs. Perez; David & Priscilla & their angel, Alondra Michelle (dob 6.21); Jonathan; Yolanda; Luis; Steven’s birthday (7.7); Albert Garcia’s family, especially his sister, Lina, & her husband, Frank.

Rocio (CCTX NAS) & her family; Rebecca at Michael’s; Carmela M. de la Torre (Dan St.) & Rosita Broca at St. Mary’s in Brownsville; Dinie & her beloved mom in London; Baby Svana, the medical staff taking care of her at the hospital, & her family & friends who are keeping them all of them in their thoughts & prayers; Daniela (Raymondville); Sr. Armida’s summer Bible program at OLG in Brownsville; Mel; Paty; Maria G.; Jerry & Lucy Martinez; Don Yanske & his friend, Danny; Juanita & her family; Linda, her family, & her friends; Stacie & Betty at HEB in Flour Bluff; Fr. Edmundo Rodriguez, Fr. John Payne, Kevin Harrington, Mary Ellen, Steve, & all attending Jesuit retreats at Montserrat in Lake Dallas.

Mary Ann (Bangkok); Henry Reyes, Olga Tapia, Jessica, & their families at OLG in Brownsville; Rigo & Noe Lozano; Carlos (woodcraftsman) & his family, especially his sons, Jerry & Carlos, who assist him; George Estrella & his family; Virginia & Gene; Svana’s third birthday, Baby Bubba Zak, their parents, grandparents, & ardent supporters, especially Jay & Roger; Fr. Acosta, Sr. Armida, Eduardo Nieto (sacristan), & parishioners at OLG in Brownsville, TX; Maria at El Pato; Daisy at Vermillion; Blue Eyes; Martina, Lino, Jerad, & Amber Garcia (Beeville); Gypsie Rodriguez on her HS graduation; Mario (Lotus), Lizette, & their two young boys; Angeli Christian, her parents, & her family; Nancy & Chris for the roses & the sweets/drinks after Mass on Mother’s Day; all visitors to SJC, especially Brenda & Tom & the three lovely people who asked to have their photo taken; all military & government personnel; Margaret & Richard’s granddaughter, Isabella Marguerite, who made her first communion in Atlanta, GA; truths revealed; Frank & Jill Ernst; Sam & Ning Apiado on their 35th wedding anniversary; Michael Apiado on his bachelor’s degree; Linda Wright & her family; Debbie & Philip in Hammond, WI; Jerry in Baldwin, WI; Casey in Sioux Falls, SD; Margie, Loraine, Elise & everyone at St. Joseph Indian School in Chamberlain, SD; Bob in Sioux City, IA; Lilia in Des Moines.

Maria Oralia & Cristina Ponce de Guerrero in Chicago; parishioners at St. Pius V in Chicago; Joseph & Jessica Taylor, siblings who, along with Fr. Philip, work at the Father Solanus Casey Center in Detroit; Wilson, Jeff & everyone at the Solanus Casey Center; Officer T. Walden at the Marriott in Detroit; Reed & Dale in Milwaukee; Linda at BW Riverfront Inn, Karen at the visitors’ center & Hilary at Culver’s in Marinette, WI; Judi & Judi at Perkins in Menominee, MI; the fine folks in Baldwin, WI: Dotty & Loren Smeester on their 59th wedding anniversary (4.22), Donelle at Silver Bison Ranch, Holly at The Orchard, & Linda & Brandi at AmericInn; John Shedd’s family, especially his niece & her family; Dinie & her mother; Jonathan & Laura Apiado on the birth of Tytus Leo (4.5); Susan at La Playa; Yolanta & Carolina visiting from Chicago (4.5); all St. Paul’s ACTS retreatants; Gloria Alvarado, Angeli Christian, Cynthia, & their respective families; the Vara family: Manuel & Eileen, Harper Grace, Kerith, Sara, & Aiden; Frank Rodriguez & his family.

Michael Robinson & Acacia Douglas (b. 3.30); Jones Beaty (d. 3.29); Shirley & Carlos at HEB in Flour Bluff; Jonathan & Laura Apiado; Jess Veloria; Elena Martinez; Sister Bernadette (SPC) on her birthday; Olga & Jose; Heidi Wilson & her two-year-old son, Liam; Evan Landin (two on 3.18); ACTS retreatants & their families, especially those at St. Paul’s in Flour Bluff; Sam Gonzalez & his family; Dave Taylor, Larry Felton, & Barb Galbraith; Fr. Sheehan, retired Oblate (77 on 3.2); Joanne & Tom Perkins.

Virginia & Donald Dagenais & their family; the Hinojosa’s trip to Japan for a long-awaited reunion with David, who’s been serving in Afghanistan; the Harrisons (Harold & Genevieve Harrison from Alabama) whom we met at Stella Maris (1.21) who are entrusting their beloved grandson Adam to God & St. Peregrine for healing (2.10); Caitlin Kelly & hubby, Jose; Mary Ellen & Steve; Sharon & Joe Shaw & Msgr. O’Callahan (Stella Maris, 2.4); Sam, the Lovely Ning, & their family, especially Laura & her unborn child; Gary, Junebug, & Michael; Neli-Beli & her family.

Betsy, Niki, Dr. Varin, & medical staff at Bay Area Hospital’s surgical center; Jennifer Starns, her little girl, & Nancy Myers (mom); Mary & Jack; Olivia & George Holt; Ninfa Jacobs & her family; Mary Ellen & Steve; Ly, Davie, Danny, & Jim; Jay & Roger; Bill, Ruthie, & Colleen; the Kennedys from AZ; Jason & all at Panda Bay in Rockport; Fr. Ralph & the welcoming parishioners at Stella Maris, especially Mary from MN & the couple from Alabama; Debbie Hall & her husband; the Lamas family from Ingleside; Fr. Primo, OFM; Sister from Australia; Virginia & Gene.



Olivia & George Holt; Vicki, Susan, Hope, Bertha & Caroline at Singer in Corpus Christi; caregivers & priests, especially Frs. Richard Sheehan & Bob Peña, at the Oblate Madonna House in SATX; Myriam G. at Cafe Olé in San Antonio (SA) & her three children; Nancy Ludwick & her spouse; the Hinojosa family: Rebecca, Jacob & former altar servers now in the military: Stephanie (VA; Afghanistan, July 2012) & David (Afghanistan); Ly Vu’s resolved issue with her house in Austin; Lisa from Victoria & Ken from Bastrop; Irene D. Vera & her family & friends.

Dr. Oscar Diaz & his family; all troops leaving Iraq by year’s end (ABC News, 10.21); Joe Abel & his beautiful, loving family (10.17); Jessica & Beverly, both Walmart employees, & Fernando at Wendy’s (Lufkin); Savannah from Douglas & Courtney from New Orleans, both Stephen F. Austin students working at the Marble Slab Creamery in Nacogdoches; lawyers and judges who advocate for children; John Turany’s health; the extraordinarily welcoming parishioners at Most Holy Trinity in Covington, LA, especially Mitzi Cosse, Pat Jackson, Marcel & Caroline Lanoux, & Fr. Bourg (9.18); Suzie, Nick, Marko, & Chris; Virginia & Gene Giles; caregivers; Carmen Martinez & her family & friends.

Paul Doyno, Jr. & his mom; resilience and determination in seeing tasks through to completion; Carolyn Williams from Waco & her family [Thanks ever so much for your lovely comments!]; Jutta Hellnick’s trip to visit family in Germany; Dora’s family, especially her husband’s improved health; Dr. Vargas, Linda, Danny, & the rest of their family; Bert in CA & her family; Charlotte, Jason, Baby Violet, Kylie, Ayden, & Karina; Neli-Beli’s healing; Susan’s speedy delivery from illness; Prema’s new job with Sephora (walking in faith, 8.2; prayer answered, 8.12).

Ly & Jim on their fourth anniversary (8.2); Father Joe on his birthday (7.27; vicar, ICC – BV); Lord of Divine Mercy parishioners in Brownsville, especially those we met personally: Eddie, Laura, her little girl, Julietta, & Fr. Franco; Neli’s birthday (7.11); babies, especially Adriel (born mid June), his overjoyed parents, & the Mendoza family; new parishioners: now 117 families up from 93; Ly, Jim & Davie & Danny Nguyen; Praveen, Shawnee, Ryan, & Kate from Austin.

Oscar Diaz’s health; Lorrie Cristan’s dedicated service to UTMSI (retired 6.30); Ben‘s life well-lived, his musical vocation, & his friends, Jay & Roger; Carmen & Carlos; Fr. Bob Shaldone; Prema & Evan; John Meyer’s health; Fr. Tito, Fr. Rudy, & their SOLT family; Winnie’s many gifts & talents, which include preparing lovely meals for priests visiting SJC; Carol; Margaret; Jay; Baby Svana; Carlos & Pat; the continuous fine service received at HEB in Flour Bluff; educators & school personnel; all students; graduates; veterans & soldiers; military families.

Fr. Michael Jordan; true friendship; families regaining stability in their lives, thanks to jobs found & bills paid; unanswered prayers; our altar servers; caregivers; Sabrina, Vanessa, & all who assist Eddie & Pat in their daily lives; all who keep us in their prayers; Fr. Carlito; Fr. Gerry Sheehan; Fr. Xaviour’s birthday (5.18) spent with his mother & loved ones in India; Gary & Junebug whose son, Michael, was confirmed at St. Paul’s (5.13); the Dominican Sisters at St. Paul’s, especially Eliza & Bernadette; Fr. Stembler; Fr. Tito Ayo; Sam & Ning’s anniversary; Fr. Pete Elizondo; Fr. Richard Sheehan, OMI; Rose, Gary, Conner, Brian, & the rest of their family; Acacia-D’s 17th birthday.

Bill, Ruthie & their family & friends; those who assist us in our hour of need; our delightful visitors & our devoted Winter Texans; all life’s blessings; grandkids; family; friends; dedicated paraprofessionals, especially Dora & Olga; Marla’s mom’s health; Tina & her family, especially her three daughters, baby Emiliano, & her mother; Sondra Launey (dod 11.24.10) survived by husband George, two sons & their spouses & one granddaughter; the Littles, Sandie & Bob, whose dad celebrated life joyously for ninety-nine years until two weeks ago; Nancy & Lillard Christ; Ninfa & her family; all winter Texans & visitors to SJC; Fr. Xaviour; all parishioners.



Lucy & Jerry, Jr.; Karina’s 5th birthday (12.5); Nathan & Kathryn on their wedding (11.27); UTMSI employees & students; Frank, Jill, & the Ernst family; Robert Bustamante & his family: Richard, Krystal, Patrick Basham (son-in-law) & Cassidy Ryan (grandbaby); Lorrie Tristan’s healing from knee surgery; all who helped make Carlos Lamas’s fundraiser in Ingleside a success (11.6); Marshall, PAHS senior & waiter at the Thirsty Turtle; Mercedes Ramirez Johnson & her family; Melba & Curtis Gregory; Kylie’s 7th birthday (10.29); Ayden’s 6th birthday (9.26).

Nathan & Kathryn; Ana C & Sister with the Carmelites in Australia; Maria with Anthonian Associates; Dr. Griffin & his staff; Tess, Lydia, Steven, Todd, & Mary at the BAH outpatient center; Margie; Brandon, TAMUCC junior & P.F. Chang waiter; lifelong friends; wedding anniversaries, especially Irene & Manuel Vera’s 50th; Sylvia Cancino, a longtime friend, & Linda Lopez at PUB in Brownsville; all visitors to SJC this summer; Jack & Deborah Rush; grandchildren’s hopes & dreams; mended relationships.

Pat’s family, especially Carlos, who was approved to receive chemotherapy medication, & Jennifer, who successfully underwent surgery; medical insurance & pharmaceutical companies that assist patients in need; the Rey family & Maria Betancourt from San Antonio; all returning home safely after vacationing here; Frs. Francis, Frank, James, Mathias, & Roy, who have enthusiastically celebrated Mass & helped with other responsibilities at SJC during Fr. Xaviour’s month long vacation in India.

JM8710-1456Manny’s birthday (8.17); Arnold & Paige’s anniversary; visitors to our church, especially the beautiful young family that occupied the second pew (our usual spot) at nine o’clock Mass (8.15); all children & their parents at Sunday Mass; Fr. Xaviour & his family & friends; Baby Svana, who’s home again from the hospital; Margaret Johns, who returned to Oak Crest (8.7) after fighting a virulent urinary tract infection; Fr. Xaviour’s trip home to India (8.4) to visit with family & friends for a month.

Carlos’s brain surgery (7.28) & the love of his family & friends whose support & prayers continue to lift his spirits through this time of healing; seeing Rose, Gary & Macy again at SJC; loving fathers past, present, & future, especially Anselmo Longoria & his son Guillermo (1911-1954) & Will Landin & his son Evan (born 3.18.10); Goya’s evaluation for a liver transplant & her sister Irene’s visit to see her in Indiana; Eric & Kaleb among God’s little angels here on earth (7.19); birthdays, especially Steven’s (7.7).

JRM5810Trung Dinh’s sweet thoughtfulness; the Vietnamese group from UTSA, including their family members, who visited SJC (6.27); Becky & her mother; Chelsea on her quince (6.19) & her loving parents; Paty, Juan, & Dr. Craig; Chao, Yue, Richard, Dr. Vaughan, & all the friendly folks we met in Nacogdoches; Fr. Xaviour’s birthday (5.18); Margaret & Richard, on their forty-fourth wedding anniversary; Jay & Roger, on their twelve years of marriage.

George & Dorothy McKeon, God’s thoughtful petitioners; Fr. Nestor’s fulfilment of a lifelong dream: enlisting in the USAF (2009); the four young men who man the two Salvation Army trucks Monday through Friday so that household items are available to folks in need (5.7); Vincent & Daniel, Lack’s delivery men (5.6); Carol at Bealls & Erica at Kmart (Portland, 5.4); Elizabeth at JCP (CCTX, 5.3); Fr. Xaviour’s ordination anniversary (4.30.98); Baby Rebecca (4.1, 7″4′, 19.5″), born to loving parents & doting grandparents; Rose & Gary’s visit to Brian & Conner in Germany (4.19); Margaret & Richard; Acacia-D & Michael (bday: 3.30) & all March birthdays; Baby Evan (3.18, 7″6′, 21″), born to awed parents.

Fr. Javier’s healing from malaria, the Salesians with whom he works in Zambia, & all to whom they minister; Jay on her SAFE class & her devotion to music; the ladies in the prayer blanket ministry & the rosary makers; the Knights of Columbus; Bill & Ruthie; Bill & Sue, Richard & Sharon; all the Winter Texans whose friendship & commitment to SJC is truly heartwarming & greatly appreciated.

Julie’s restored health; Brian & Conner Moeller on their wonderful wedding (2.18.10); Diana’s daughter Selina married to a wonderful young man, Richard, & their baby Rebecca due 4.2; Father Jonathan (ordained 6.2009); Rose’s grandson, David; Jay’s mom’s health; Baby Svana’s medical progress, her parents’ relief, her grandparents’ joy & loving support; all who have been praying for Svana’s recovery.



Jay & Roger, believers in miracles; Chris & Nancy Christ & all they do for SJC; Sarah Maxham & her family; Clara Franklin, long-ago special friend now in heaven; Segy’s birthday (9.12); William, Prema & baby due 3.18.10; Brian Moeller home on leave 9.2-23; David Cade Moeller, born 8.12 (7 “11′, 21″); Delfina & Oscar Cervantes on their wedding anniversary (7.49); Guillermo (dod 7.21.54), Anselmo & Paz Canales Longoria.

Tony & Mary Jo Patz, Chris & Cindy, Bob & Sharon, Bill & Sharon, Harold & Geri, Bev & Walter, Dan & Ami, & all of the BW community; Steven on his birthday (7.7); Elsa, Raul; Ms. Loyde, Ms. Lopez, Mr. Martinez; Letty, Hortencia, Maggie, & Connie; all the wonderful folks we met in Amarillo & Palo Duro (7.3-5); June birthdays, especially Mom’s (6.18).

Dustin Van Loon, 18, beloved son & grandson (Mark & Helen’s great happiness on earth) now in heaven; George Barnes: friendly, helpful, ever-smiling USPS employee, and St. Anthony’s perfect find for Heaven’s Post Office.  We’ll miss you, George!

Brian Moeller, U.S. serviceman, now at his new post (Ramstein AFB, Germany) from Afghanistan, 5.30; Junebug on her birthday, 5.25; Tammy’s baby, Jazzlyn Raine Hamilton, who brought joy to her mommy, daddy, Aunt Cathy, & many others for a few minutes before returning to Heaven’s nursery, 5.19; Fr. Xaviour’s birthday (5.18) & his ordination anniversary (4.30.98) spent with family & friends at home in India; Mark’s wonderful new job (5.14).

SJC51009-149Jay’s musician friend Ben; Mary & David on their anniversary (5.16) & her birthday (5.21); Mary Cecelia Rodriguez (dod 5.8; CCTX); Frank (UTMSI award recipient, 5.7) & Jill Ernst; Sam & Ning on their anniversary (5.2.77) & May birthdays; Father Shaji’s quick recovery, resilience, & good health; all students, their families, & their finances; Gary & Rose Moeller’s wedding anniversary (3.1.74); the dedication of the new St. Joseph Church (2.22).



Fr. James Stembler’s ordination anniversary (1.21.89); Fr. Nestor Lachica’s ordination anniversary (12.21.02); all military families past, present, & future; all who have found employment; excellent health care; the joys of childhood & parenthood; the special miracle of healing; Tasha; Elsa’s dad; Jay’s, Tina’s, & George’s friend & his family; Laura Saldana & her family; Reggie’s friendship, sage advice, & encouragement.

Fr. Xaviour’s family; all who help Father at church; Mark, who’s been working on the rectory grounds all on his own, & his mother Helen, who supports his efforts; our church choirs & Jay’s musicians; our church visitors & their heartfelt contributions; birthdays & special celebrations; & all the miracles, big & small, in our everyday lives!!!


Three Responses

A on September 1, 2011 at 07:17

Thank you, St Joseph, for your intercessions and for helping my prayer be answered.  Thank you, God, for answering my prayers through the help of St Joseph. 🙂

O St. Joseph, whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the Throne of God, I place in you all my interests and desires.  O St. Joseph, do assist me by your powerful intercession and obtain for me from your Divine Son all spiritual blessings through Jesus Christ our Lord so that, having engaged here below your heavenly power, I may offer my thanksgiving and homage to the most loving of fathers.  O St. Joseph, I never weary contemplating you and Jesus asleep in your arms.  I dare not approach while he reposes near your heart.  Press him in my name and kiss his fine head for me, and ask him to return the kiss when I draw my dying breath.  St. Joseph, patron of departing souls, pray for us.  Amen.

Deli Lanoux, Ed.D. on September 1, 2011 at 07:36

Praise God! Hallelujah!

All God wants is for us to “seek [him out], even perhaps grope for him and find him, though indeed he is not far from any one of us” (Acts 17:27); so he allows for situations that help us make that choice.

God bless you sweetly!


Deli Lanoux, Ed.D. on August 4, 2010 at 08:17

On June 27, I met a delightful young man, Trung, who has lived in the U.S. only one year. Trung, part of the Vietnamese group visiting Port Aransas and SJC for the very first time that weekend, lives in San Antonio, where he and his friends attend UTSA.

Subject: Have a good day
Date: Thursday, July 1, 2010 1:06 PM

Hi, Deli Lanoux,

I am the person talking to you last Sunday.  I was happy when I participated in the Mass at your church.  It was great, and the choir was very good.  TQ62710-92a-SJCThey sang by opera sound.  This is a special mark with our church.  Maybe all things would be better if we had the book or paper containing all to read during the Mass.  Finally, thank you for creating this website.  I think it is good to share news with people.

Best regards, Trung Dinh

P.S. I attached a picture….  I hope you like it.

Re: Have a good day
Date: Thursday, July 1, 2010 1:14 PM

Oh, my goodness!!!

How wonderful to hear from you!  And so quickly, too!

Of course, I remember you. I told my husband all about our meeting on our drive home.

Thank you for your sweet disposition and for your lovely comments about what you liked at St. Joseph’s, SJC62710-63as it’s all about building community no matter where we are.  Thank you so much for the photo, too, because I didn’t take one.

Most of all, thanks for visiting our church blog, as it’s a way for all of us to stay connected.

Here’s wishing you and your group a wonderful day!

God bless you sweetly!


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