Cards: L-M

Immaculate Conception Cathedral Brownsville, TX

Immaculate Conception Cathedral
Brownsville, TX

Although some of the cards shown on this page were purchased inexpensively at gift shops we’ve visited, most were received free of charge.

If you’re interested in receiving free prayer cards, leaflets, and more, the process is simple; the outcome, delightful.  You can contact the organizations listed on the “Credits” page, or you can subscribe to their mailing list(s) online.  Of course, this excludes some of the cards, such as those in the remembrances section.

Donations aren’t required to get on any of the mailing lists.  Still, should you choose to contribute, your financial support is always appreciated since the income stream finances missions, special projects, and other worthwhile endeavors.

Thank you!




AMM-1079      ASP-Jl2-a      ASP-Jl-b      AMM22114-3b

AMM22114-1a      AMM22114-1b

AMM22114-2a      AMM22114-2b

Pallottines-SC-a    Pallottines-SC-b    Pallottines-SC-c    Pallottines-SC-d

Pallottines21914a        Pallottines21914b

Pallottines21914c        Pallottines21914d



Lord Jesus




TCMBC-Contrit-a      TCMBC-Contrit-b      CPC-331-Faith-a      CPC-331-Faith-b

          CK22414a      CK22414b


BGS7213a      BGS7213b      CPC-111-Ps23-a      CPC-111-Ps23-b

SHM-a      SHM-b      CPC-23-AC-a      CPC-23-AC-b

Ambros-LJ-a      Ambros-LJ-b      Autom-BC336-a      Autom-BC336-b

Fatima-pardon-a      Fatima-pardon-b      Fatima-sacrifice-a      Fatima-sacrifice-b

BSJ-DM-a      BSJ-DM-b      CPC-78-DM-a      CPC-78-DM-b

SMC-DM-a    SMC-DM-b            


DM2002a            AP6914-12a     AP6914-12b

CPC-8-JC-a      CPC-8-JC-b      CPC-15-SHJ-a      CPC-15-SHJ-b

JBCo-Jesus-a      JBCo-Jesus-b      PP121112a




SPF-Missions-a      SPF-Missions-b            

AMM-Lent2010b      MMM-a      MMM-b           

MK-PN30209b      MK-PN30209a      CH11313a



FMA3910a    FMA3910b    Maryknoll-mrn-a    Maryknoll-mrn-b    Salesians2015a

FMA-H98-a      FMA-H98-b      FMA-H107-2a      FMA-H107-2b

UB111514-2a      UB111514-2b      Salesians-LoG-a      Salesians-LoG-b

FMA-H107a      FMA-H107b            

CPC-490-ND-a      CPC-490-ND-b           

FofAMA-EFa      FofAMA-EF-b      SA11313a      SA11313b

ABS101115-1a      ABS101115-1b      ABS101115-c

ABS101115-2a      ABS101115-2b      Sales101015a      Sales101015b     

LS51912-1a      LS51912-1b      JBC-Peace-a      JBC-Peace-b     

Ps23-Hands-a      Ps23-6215      Ps23-Hands-b

IMP-OPEL-a      IMP-OPEL-b      IMP-OPEL-c      IMP-OPEL-d

IMP-OPEL-e      IMP-OPEL-f      IMP-OPEL-g      IMP-OPEL-h

Offering-a      Offering-b      Nurses-a      Nurses-b


Cards: A – H /  OP – R / S – V /// Credits /// Saints: A – E / F – J / K – P / R – V

© Deli Lanoux, Ed.D. and Shared thoughts…, 2008.  Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.  Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Deli Lanoux, Ed.D. and Shared thoughts… with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

6 Responses

  1. Der Tag neigt sich zu Ende, und sogar die Sonne kommt hinter den Wolken hervor,wünsche dir einen schönen Tag, viele liebe Grüsse Klaus

    Translation: The day is ending, and even the sun comes out from behind the clouds. Have a nice day. Lots of greetings, Klaus

    • Here on the Coastal Bend of Texas next to the Gulf of Mexico it’s just past noon. We have about eight more hours of sunshine. I’m pretty sure it’s quite dry, humid, and warm compared to where you are. Still, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than here.

      Thank goodness for diversity, right?

      Here’s wishing you a blessed evening and sweet dreams, Klaus.

  2. Very nice. Sure would like to have copies of the Holy Spirit prayer.

    • I would like to give these cards out to the children in our parish.

    • Yvonne, have you looked online to find free printable prayer cards? There are LOTS of sites. You may have to search a lot to find what you’re looking for specifically, but you’d be surprised at how much is out there waiting for you. So… “ask, seek, knock” (Father Casey, 1870-1957).

      Happy browsing!

    • Hi, Yvonne. I’ve been looking online since yesterday to find prayer card resources for you. Some places offer cards for free; others, for a fee. Just search “free prayer cards” and see what you come up with.

      From Franciscan Mission Associates, I’ve received three different Holy Spirt prayer cards over time. The latest one received this month is H-90. I also have their novena leaflet (R-27 R). If you contact Father Primo, FMA director, you can find out how to obtain a set for your CCE students. I wrote to him at the end of December and, within a week or so, I received the St. Anthony relics I’d requested. Of course, I also made a donation in advance; so maybe that helped. It doesn’t hurt to ask, so don’t be shy.

      The orange-and-yellow “Come, Holy Spirit” prayer card that you like came from the Sisters of the Congregation of St. Joseph. Check the prayer cards “credits” for the address, phone number, and websites so that you can contact them.

      The Central Association of the Miraculous Medal has an online novena that includes the “Come, Holy Spirit” prayer also, if you’re interested. I have both the link and the prayers (pdf file) listed.

      Other links of interest… Holy card projectPrayer card proPrayer cards USAPrintable prayer cardsUkok’s place

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