God’s impeccable timing

I never cease to be amazed.  I just read something that seriously tugged at my heartstrings.  And I knew that, sure enough, I’d have to write about it because it’s at the core of my relationship with God.

You see, for the past three weeks I’d been so busy sewing hand puppets for the grandkids and doing other stuff that I hadn’t blogged.  It’d been on my mind daily, but I just hadn’t been inspired— until this afternoon. 

Teapot for two

Saturday, my prayer buddy Mary B gifted me with a delightful little treasure.

“When I saw it, I thought of you,” she said.  She discovered the rustic ceramic teapot recently while cleaning out her utility room.  “I’ve had it since 1980, and now I want you to have it,” she said. 

How could she have known that I have eight very distinct teapots in my collection when she’s never been to our house?

“Look at the inscription,” she twinkled.  “If two shall agree, it shall be done.”

The message became the glue that cemented our friendship when she telephoned for the first time in March.

Serious concerns

Let me backtrack.

Our number one son, William, called late that morning in March.  He was very worried about his doctor’s appointment that afternoon.  He’d consulted with the optometrist a couple of times that week, but the prescribed medication had worsened his reddened eye even more.  The doctor had been so concerned that he’d scheduled an appointment for him with the ophthalmologist.

With only twenty dollars in his pocket, William worried about the doctor’s bill.  He hadn’t been able to reach any of his friends to see if they could help, although he had left a message for Guy, the band leader with whom he works.

“I’ve already considered my options,” he told me.  “I’ll take the bus there, but what will I say when I can’t pay for the exam?  I can’t put it off,” he continued.  “The doctor says I could lose my eye.”

Petitions and praise

I told William not to worry.

“Everything will be all right.  I’ve been praying for you to the Holy Infant of Prague and his angels and saints since we got on the phone.  Just say ‘praise God, I am healed;’ and you’ll be fine.”

“I’ve got to go!” William said frantically as he noticed the time.

The doctor’s office was in North Austin across town from where he was.  He had no idea where he needed to switch buses.  He was so tired that he hoped to stay awake not to miss the connection.  I wished William well and we hung up.

Sitting there afterwards I felt helpless, but I knew God was listening.

Everything’s going to be all right, I thought.

Just then, the phone rang.  Mary B was calling about getting together for a visit.

Unable to hold back, I burst out with William’s story.

“Let’s agree,” Mary B said in earnest, “that, where two are joined in prayer, it shall be done.”

She cheered me up and invited me to her house for our first visit.

Answered prayers

Feeling lots better I rode my bike to Mary’s house and, soon after, Steven called to share William’s news.

The ophthalmologist had replaced the optometrist’s medication with a free sample of over-the-counter drops that sold at Walmart for less than two dollars, and the band leader had shown up in perfect time to pay the bill and drive William home.  Moreover, the band had a gig to play that evening, so William would be able to repay the money right away.  Steven said that William was so happy and so relieved that he couldn’t stop laughing!

Of course, Mary and I were thrilled.  We immediately gave thanks and praise, burst into laughter, and agreed to be prayer buddies from that moment on.

Since then, whether we email or visit with each other on occasion as we did yesterday, Matthew 20:20— “Then the mother of Zebedee’s sons came to Jesus with her sons and, kneeling down, asked a favor of him”— always comes up.

The funny thing is that every single miracle catches us off guard.  We get so excited that we’re blown away by God’s awesomeness.  But we’re also grateful for our special friendship, just another of God’s wonderful gifts.

God’s impeccable timing

Moreover, days like today when I’ve been working here at home, my mind goes off tangents.  Or I read something related to what Mary B and I discussed or emailed, and I experience another epiphany related to my favorite passages in the Bible; so off I go in search of more on this journey of faith.

This afternoon, for instance, I was temporarily distracted by the mundane task of deleting links from my favorites, so I clicked on an entry in my blog folder and guess what?  I serendipitously discovered the answer to my two-day-old question on the Infant of Prague blog.  The seven dolors are the seven sorrows of Mary!

Again and again I’m amazed at God’s impeccable timing, his sense of humor, and his immense presence in our lives.  We only need to be a little inquisitive and ask the right questions to find the answers we seek.

God does listen!  And he does leave us treasures in secret places that we may know that he truly cares, exactly the point that Mary B and I discussed for almost two hours on the front porch in the hot sun yesterday.  So, while our struggles may be uniquely different, God’s impeccable timing keeps us connected and close to his word.

January 29, 2015

“When we yield to discouragement or despair, it is usually because we give too much thought to the past and to the future” (St. Thérèse of Lisieux).

April 9, 2015

If things go well, let us rejoice, blessing God who makes them prosper.  And if they go badly?  Let us rejoice, blessing God who allows us to share in the sweetness of his cross (St. Josemaría Escrivá).

April 10, 2015

Just as it is weakness to rest in one’s own misery, so it is strength to make of one’s own nothingness the material for confidence in God.  Just as self-pity is the only kind of pity that is entirely useless, so confi­dence in God is the only kind of confidence that is sure proof against disappointment (Dom Hubert van Zeller in How to find God).

May 8, 2015

Hope is an eminently practical virtue; it is the virtue that drives far from our heart the specter of discouragement, the most frequent dangerous temptation in the spiritual life.  As the inseparable companion of suffering, it confirms and strengthens peace in our soul (Luis M. Martinez in When God is Silent).

July 25, 2016

Let nothing disturb you, nothing cause you fear.  All things pass; God is unchanging.  Patience obtains all.  Whoever has God needs nothing else; God alone suffices (St. Teresa of Avila in Saintly Solutions to Life’s Common Problems).

November 4, 2016

“God wishes us not to rest upon anything but his infinite goodness” (St. Charles Borromeo).

December 7, 2016

Christ is everything for us.  If you wish to cure a wound, he is doctor….  If you desire heaven, he is the way.  If you flee from darkness, he is light.  If you seek food, he is nourishment (St. Ambrose).

December 16, 2016

“Hope is like the sun which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us” (Samuel Smiles).

July 27, 2017

My soul, be at rest in God alone from whom comes my hope.  God alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not fall (Psalm 62:6-7).

August 16, 2017

“Of all the virtue, the most necessary is trust in God because without it he can do nothing and with it he can do everything” (Fr. Jean Nicolas Grou in The Spiritual Life).

August 20, 2017

Live in faith and hope though it be in darkness, for in this darkness God protects the soul.  Cast your care upon God for you are his and he will not forget you (St. John of the Cross).

October 12, 2017

That God is not fair is actually one among many reasons for gratitude, albeit in a way counterintuitive to our usual thinking.  The simple premise here is that God’s way is not our way, God’s love is not conditioned like our love,  God’s mercy is not bound as ours is, and God does not discriminate or reward a person according to the standards of a given society, no matter how widespread such criteria may be.  Thank God! (Daniel P. Horan, OFM in God Is Not Fair, and Other Reasons for Gratitude).

December 25, 2017

“Hope is not merely a wish that something good might happen— it is the firm confidence and desire that the promises of God will be fulfilled” (Matthew Kelly in Beautiful Hope).

May 2, 2018

Hope is an eminently practical virtue; it is the virtue that drives far from our heart the specter of discouragement, the most frequent dangerous temptation in the spiritual life.  As the inseparable companion of suffering, it confirms and strengthens peace in our soul (Luis M. Martinez in When God is Silent).

May 10, 2018

God not only knows us, but he created us and sustains us in existence every moment of our lives.  God is wholly and entirely present to all things by his essence because, wherever he acts, his whole being is there; there is no separation of his action from his essence (Fr. Killian J. Healy, O. Carm in Awakening Your Soul to the Presence of God).

May 11, 2018

Divine hope is not like earthly hope.  The latter is subject to disappointment, for however strong our security, it can either be realized or not realized.  Who is the fortunate person who has seen all his hopes fulfilled in this world?  But the theological virtue of hope is not subject to disappointment; it gives us the holy, invincible certainty that we shall obtain what God has promised (Luis M. Martinez in When God is Silent).

May 25, 2018

“With mind entire, faith firm, courage undaunted, love thorough, let us be ready for whatever God wills” (St. Bede the Venerable).

November 1, 2019

Live in faith and hope, though it be in darkness, for in this darkness God protects the soul.  Cast your care upon God for you are his, and he will not forget you (St. John of the Cross).

January 16, 2020

God’s love is like a river, living water seeking dry soil and withered roots.  To pray is to welcome more life, and more life will stretch and enlarge us until we can hold the mystery of God (Pat Marrin).

February 2, 2020

“If only we would permit ourselves not to see the present, but to gaze steadfastly with hope at thing a little more distant” (St. Basil).


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