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Sunday, 8.9.20

Here’s the link for the person who could access Meditations for Lent from Sophia Institute Press.  When I find the post to which it’s attached, I’ll replace it.


Tuesday, 5.19.20

Upcoming events at the Solanus Casey Center in Detroit…

St. Bonaventure Chapel livestreams.  Daily Mass continues to be live-streamed Monday through Friday at 7:45 a.m. ET, Sunday Mass live-streamed at 9:00 a.m. ET, and Blessing of the Sick service live-streamed at 2 p.m. ET on Wednesdays.

You can view the livestream on the Blessed Solanus Casey Facebook page, the Solanus Casey Center website: www.solanuscenter.org, or the Father Solanus Guild website: www.solanuscasey.org.


Wednesday, 12.18.19

The National Catholic Reporter has three Trials of Nonviolence podcasts of interest: We come in peace, The Holy Spirit, and Community by Jesse Remedios.


Tuesday, 12.17.19

If you enjoy the O-Antiphons, McGrath Institute for Church Life (MICL) is offering a free e-book download.

Links of interest…  MICL offer…  O Antiphons in Advent…  Praying the O-Antiphons: Reflections for Advent


Wednesday, 4.17.19

Oh, cool!  New from Sophia Institute Press: Comic-book style novels about saints.


Sunday, 3.31.19

In the gospels both John the Baptist and Jesus call us to embrace a metanoia.  That Greek word means a complete change of mind and heart.  So it’s not simply a regretting of sins; it’s a complete restoration of one’s life.  And that “turning over a new leaf” can be both profoundly freeing and profoundly joyful!  You can say to yourself, “I don’t have to live like this any longer!”  And, “I can live in the freedom that God calls me to!”  In this way of seeing it, metanoia can be a relief.

You can pray for a metanoia by asking God to make you aware of the parts of your life where you are not only sinful but unfree.  You can pray that God gives you the grace to see these things; that you can indeed make amends; and, most important, that you can find the freedom to live in a new way (James Martin, SJ).

Links of interest…  Metanoia: Fr. James Martin, SJ (podcast) / Valerie Schultz


Thursday, 3.28.19

Franciscan Media online has a creative, thoughtful way to do the stations of the cross.


Sunday, 2.24.19


Link of interest…  daily Lenten meditations


Tuesday, 1.1.19


Happy New Year!


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