Easter surprises

SJC5210s-20Friday after work, Steven came into the kitchen with his usual, “Hi, hunny!” and a hello kiss.  He handed me a yellow envelope without saying anything else until I looked inside.  I was thrilled, as it was the perfect Easter gift; so I emailed the girls.

Divine Mercy photo

Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Pat and Lorrie,

Thanks ever sooo much for your thoughtful generosity!!!  I was thrilled to the moon to receive your surprise when Steven got home from work on Friday.

“Here,” Steven said, handing me a big yellow envelope, just like the hundreds I used for my research survey, Summer 2007.

“Thank you!” I smiled.

I was happy for the envelope ’cause I mail out prayer booklets and Franciscan Crowns that I bead, and this was one more for my stash.  I enjoyed the feel of the brand-new envelope and turned it around to look inside not because I expected anything in there, but because of what I could fill it with!  I’m sooo easy to thrill.  So, on reaching inside, I felt something, looked, and saw white.  “Oh, my gosh!”  I was amazed at the find.

Steven smiled his usual Commander smile.  You know.  The one where he smiles but not really ’cause a Commander doesn’t show emotion.  Between us girls?  Yeah, right!  We’re onto him.  Big time.  

“Pat and Lorrie sent it to you.  Pat’s friend attended Bishop Mulvey’s installation last night and gave this to her.  She wasn’t really sure what to do with it and then thought it’d be perfect for you, since you’re ‘into that kind of stuff.’  So she sent it to you.”

BishopMulvey-CCTX-32510Oh, wow!  Just today I was wondering what I’d place on the church blog’s right sidebar.  I wanted a very special picture for Easter, and here it is!  Wow!”

Ask, or in this case, think, and you shall receive. 

So, I waited to thank you till I was done with my work on the church blog this morning.  I’ve placed the photo on the “prayer” page.  By the way, as soon as I got the picture, I searched online for the Divine Mercy feast day.  I had no idea that the devotion is celebrated the Sunday after Easter, although a different source tells us that the novena begins on Good Friday.  So, is your timing impeccable or what?!!

My friend Rose, who lives in San Antonio but also attends Mass here, visits the “prayer” page (on the church blog) regularly.  She’ll be happy to see the Divine Mercy photo with the link to the chaplet.  I have a couple of songs posted on the page that she, I, enjoy listening to, especially I Can Only Imagine, my fave for years.  It just about always makes me cry because it’s such a powerful message. 

Anyway, your photo and you and Lorrie are now associated with the “prayer” page that many enjoy.  And Saturday evening the photo will replace the purple Lenten calendar on the right sidebar.

Thank you sooo much!!!! 


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Deli,

You make me laugh.  You are so easy to thrill.

The husband of the new lady (Mary Ruth) I hired went to the new bishop’s inauguration and brought home some of these photos for all the ladies in our group.  I hung mine in my office, as did Lorrie; and I asked Mary for an extra one for you because I just knew you would love it as we did.

Reading your words makes me laugh so much!  Have you ever thought of writing books or stories?  Your words are wonderful.  I can see the pictures in my mind just by reading your words.  You are so good and true-hearted.  Thanks for the smiles you bring me.

Sweet thoughts

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ahh  But it’s you who makes me laugh and smile.  I hear you so easily when I read your emails.  And it’s special to have y’all in my life.  Thank you! 

And, if you’re into stories, maybe just maybe you might want to visit my Shared thoughts… blog.  I’ve got some recipes on my “pan de vida” page, too.  

But, always, thanks for the gift of you and your sweet thoughts.

P.S.  And a Texas-sized thanks to both Mary Ruth and her husband.

Simple request

Steven emailed a somewhat cryptic message the following day.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Please bake a loaf of bread for Mary Ruth, one of Pat’s new ladies.  She’s the one who sent you the picture from the Bishop’s inauguration.  I’ll stop for cinnamon on the way home, so you can do the nuts and fruit and all.  You’ll see why when I get there.

Easter surprise

When Steven got home from work, he handed me a beautiful palm cross.  “Mary Ruth came by the office and told me to give this to you.”

“To me— not us?”

“To you.”

“Oh, my gosh!  This is so beautiful.  Who made it?”

PC33110-5Steven didn’t know, so he told me he’d ask Mary Ruth the following morning when he gave her the cinnamon whole wheat golden raisin dark raisin craisin pecan walnut bread loaf.

“I’ll send Pat and Lorrie their loaves on Friday,” I said, “because there won’t be time to bake all three this evening.”

“I know,” Steven twinkled.  “I already told Pat that today.”  Silly rabbit.

The following day Mary Ruth gave Steven the name and phone number of the man, Jeff, who makes palm crosses.  She was very happy for the loaf of bread.

Friday morning Pat and Lorrie were joyously waiting for Steven when he got to the office.

“They couldn’t contain themselves,” Steven chuckled.  “They love that cinnamon loaf.  Mary Ruth showed up, too.  She said that her husband cut into the bread as soon as she placed it on the table.  Of course, she showed more restraint.  She waited for breakfast to have a slice.  She said it was ‘delicious!'”

“Yes.  It’s a breakfast bread,” Steven told her, although folks who have received a loaf have admitted to eating it at all hours of the day.

As always I’d eagerly anticipated hearing the story.  Sharing baked goods with others is just one of many Easter surprises year ’round, just like Pat’s emails.

“God-loving day”

Monday, April 5, 2010

Good morning, Deli,

Thanks so much for the wonderful bread.  It was great!  Especially toasted with butter.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter.  We did.

I had all my daughters, grandchildren, and one of the boyfriends-in-law with me in church on Sunday.  Carlos stayed home and cooked a barbecue feast.

It was all so special to me because it was the anniversary of my mother’s death.  She is the one who pushed to keep us close to God.  I am so happy she did! 

My girls joked, “Grandma is going to smack us if we aren’t quiet!”  They quietly laughed under their breath during the service, so I gave them the mother look.  After church they told me what was so funny.  I was happy to hear that they also have good memories of their grandmother.

We went home to find the Easter Bunny had arrived, so the egg hunt was on.   After too much candy, we had a great barbecue lunch.  Then everyone got to play baseball on the lot we have next door.

It was a wonderful, perfect, God-loving day.

I am so thankful for my family and my friends (like you), my job, and my wonderful boss (shhhh, between us girls, ha-ha).  Friday morning’s sharing of your bread was the start of a wonderful weekend.  Thanks so much.  The little things in life should never be overlooked, for they carry an abundance of love…

Have a wonderful day!

March 31, 2016

How beautiful is our Catholic faith!  It provides a solution for all our anxieties, calms our minds and fills our hearts with hope (St. Josemaría Escrivá).


Easter flowers from Pat Lamas (2014)


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