Power of united prayer

Again I tell you, if two of you join your voices on earth to pray for anything whatsoever, it shall be granted you by my Father in heaven.  Where two or more are gathered in my name, there am I in their midst (Matthew 18:19-20).

Generous, prayerful thoughts make a difference!  Thanks for caring!

We pray for…


George & Alyn Snell.

Fr. George’s nephew, Balu, who is undergoing surgery (7.29), & for the family.

Shayla Showell & Shamari Anderson; Adan Alejandro Farias.

Joseph Vallamattan, brother of Fr. George at SJC.

Adan Alejandro Farias, toddler, in need of healing from cancer (10.20).

Charlie Hutchins; patients undergoing surgery; those in need of friendship.



Hector Enrique Lazo, wife Amada Vallecillos, & granddaughter Fernanda Jacqueline Davila; Pascualito, six, & other migrant children in custody (10.11); Dan Young’s family, especially his brother, Gary, undergoing medical treatment (10.3).

Sharon & Bob; Destiny; Carroll & Walter; Morgan & Anita.

Carlos & Carmen Cardenas.

Fr. Tito Ayo;  Elvia Tamayo, Rosie Aguirre, & Frances Guzman (86, in hospice); Anthony Borges; families of all who are suffering from the flu & other respiratory ailments; Felix, Jane, niece Karla who’s in ICU, & their families; Benny, Debbie, & her brother who is ill.

Officer David Sherrard’s family; Fr. Jonathan Austin & mom, Katherine (St. Jude’s-Dallas; 2.10); Steven Joseph Garcia; Luis Garcia & daughter Sylvia (2.3).

Raymond Greger.

Dear Lord, you are the divine physician.  We ask that you place your healing hands upon our brother as we all lift him in prayer for his health.  Amen (Loretta Hill, 1.31).



Juan & Sandra Lopez & family (San Agustin Cathedral, Laredo; 12.20).

Ron Ausmus.

Please, Lord, if it is your will, heal our brother Ron, place your healing hands over him, and ease his suffering and pain.  We also pray for his family.  Lord, we know that you are a kind, sympathetic God who can do all things.  Please continue to provide the strength, love, and support to our brother and his family.  In your most holy name.  Amen (Loretta Hill, 11.21).

Irene “Iris” Gonzalez & daughter Teresa Reyes; TL Michael Auman & the St. Joseph Province Capuchins (11.17).

Scott Clark; Carlos Lamas & family; Floyd, Norma, & Angela Pansano.

Yvette Marie Perez (9.27); David Galloway (HCC, 9.26); Patty Robles (JCP, 9.3), her son Gabriel, & her brother (Ramiro Mejia, Jr.) who is recuperating from heart surgery.

Hurricane Harvey survivors who are now struggling to put their lives in order & all, near & far, who are suffering the aftermath of catastrophic disasters.

William Landin; Mayra Cardenas.

John Nolan; Ron & Mi Ausmus.







Somehow or another we always get past our tough times
and we find t
hat we’ve been able to bear our crosses
so much better 
with a little help from our friends
even when they’re with us only in spirit

because friends are, after all,
God’s gift to us when we need him most.
God bless you sweetly, Ron!

Deacon Felix, Jess, & their family.

Ron Ausmus; Tomas Rodriguez Sr.; Bill Kling; Gary Robinson; Renée Hill.

Ayssa Mercado.



Juanita & Steve Lusson; Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil; Norma & Floyd Pansano, daughter Angela, & their family.

Again we need to come together to pray for Cuong & Mai Nguyen’s family.  Mai’s dad, Peter Tau, passed from this earth to the heavenly kingdom last night.  The family was with him.  We pray for the repose of Peter’s soul and for the entire family in these trying times (Gary Robinson, 12.18).

Almighty Father, source of forgiveness and salvation, grant that our relatives and friends who have passed from this life may, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of all the saints, come to share your eternal happiness through Christ, our Lord.  Amen.

Mary Welch, Aidan Ganser.

Margarita Bowman & her family; Peña & Garza families on the loss of their beloved Goya Garza (d. 10.26.16); Fr. Peter Antoni; Beverley, Chris, & others in service occupations; Chloe & co-worker, Brian, in Little Rock, AR; Laura Hebert & her family.

Fr. James Stembler, whose dad died 9.27; grieving families; Joyce Weber; Morgan’s family, especially Maddie; Clarence Whitten; J. R. Ulibarri, his granddaughter, Grace, & their family; lawyers, especially Michele A Pupman; Olga Herrera & her family; St. Paul’s men’s ACTS retreatants & team members (9.15-18); Tomas Rodriguez’s cousin (family) who lost an infant twin, Selen, Saturday morning (9.19) & whose surviving twin is stable but in prenatal care; Richard Castaneda; Rene Perez family; Danny Tamez; Patish’s daughter, Shannon, & their family; hospital patients; stroke survivors; families who have lost loved ones recently; David Robinson; the family of Arnold Riojas, who died 9.4; Marty Martinez, sister, Santos, & mom, Lydia.

Delia Hamilton; Sammie Olveda; Dorothy Harper, mother of Cherye Flores; Kathy Casey; Lionel Hernandez Jr.; Ernestina Alaniz, her husband, & her mom, who turned 100 & is recuperating from a stroke; Tyler Sheets & girlfriend, Maria Anderson; Rick Marcantonio & his family; Dave Palmer; Mathew Freeman, 15 years old; Marcy Rodriguez; Alma Silva; Mary, Sammie, & Zach Olveda; Alex Olveda; Bobbie Reihsen & her family; Dora Alcazar & son, Adam; Betty Ann Lopez; Debbie Garcia; Doug Bracken & his family; George Livingston, brother of Renee Hill, & their families; Debbie Vasquez.

Jason Peña, Marc, & the entire family; Phyllis Dinges, Michael (son), & Yvonne Marie (daughter); Debra Ann & her son; the adorers at Marytown chapel; Stephanie Meave, Ramiro’s sister; Eric Brown, Kathy’s son; Pancho & Neli Gonzales; Stan Bienia; Steve Lusson; Margie Garcia (7.23); Fr. Tito Ayo; Elizabeth & Ronnie Girouard; Dave Palmer & his family; Gracie Carmona; Gracie Chavira, mother of Belia Mora; Dorothy Harper, mother of Cherye Flores; the mother of Lewis Rodriguez; law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty; peace for the USA & that racism be replaced by love, respect, & understanding; Joseph Folts; Jolandah & James Dussliere & family; victims of terrorism, their friends & families; the repose of the souls; friends & family of Sean, 51, & Brody Copeland, 11, of Lakeway, TX; Ben, Roland Ramirez’s uncle; Jason Peña; Santo, Irma Hinojosa’s brother; families who have lost loved ones recently, especially those of Dave Palmer (sister: Linda Lucket) & Elva Steiner (sister: Rosa Linda); everyone who needs healing, faith, courage, & guidance; Acacia Douglas.

Put your heart aside.  Duty comes first; but, when fulfilling your duty, put your heart into it.  Be gentle (St. Josemaria Escrivá).

Gary Robinson, deaconate candidate, & his family; Linda Lucket, sister of Dave Palmer, & their family; Lidia, aunt of Ramon Ortiz Sr; Guillermina “Guil” Reyes (d. 6.22); Franz Zoren Manuel (d. 6.11), Cynthia Knowlton (mom), & family; Carol Lunny, David Bolin’s mother; Elva; Ning Apiado; Ramiro Meave; Fantina V. Garcia, cousin of Gloria Perez; Martha King (d. 6.10); John Estrada & his son; Eva Gonzales & her family on the loss of her oldest brother, Guadalupe Martinez; Edna & Rudy Gonzalez, OLPH parishioners.

Griselda, sister of Duvie Cervantes; Gil Reyes; Irma Hinojosa; Flor Apiado (d. 5.13); Eriberto Martinez (d. 5.11); Allan Duane Johnston; Debbie Garcia & family; Marisa Garza’s grandmother; Olga Benia’s nephew, Tony; Cathy Fichtel’s parents & the family; Brice King, undergoing his annual physical; Sharon Parker’s brother-in-law, Weldon Tucker; seven-year-old Vinny Desautels & his family; Dianna Villa & son, Ayden; Alma Silva; Angie Woolery; Mary Welp; Sandy Marchan Garcia’s daughter-in-law, DJ; all mothers on their special day (5.8).

Ken & Ana Maria Graves & family; Mary Welp & her sister, Susie Luebbehusen; Norma Pansano & husband, Floyd; Tomas Rodriguez’s friend, Robert Salinas; Kara Howell; James Dusslier; Martha King; Tomas Rodriguez’s cousin (age 1.5); Fantina Garcia; Morgan Nemec’s daughter, Maddie, & the entire family; Tau Nguyen, Mai’s dad; each other; our pastor, Father Peter, in his new assignment; parishioners at St. Paul the Apostle & Our Lady of Perpetual Help; Debbie & Fernando Garcia, Jr. & their new baby; Ron & Mi Ausmus; Gloria Alvarado; Dave & Rhoda Palmer; Joseph, son of Duvie Cervantes; Matthew & Jennylyn Mitchell; all the souls in purgatory; Ann Carson; Luis Gonzales.

Our sisters from St. Paul’s on ACTS retreat (April 7-10) at OLCC: Cynthia Atteberry, Denise Campbell, Sandra Castillanos, Anita Cisneros, Sally Coletti, Rosana Cookus, Aida Corpus, Emiliana Cuyos, Julianna Davis, Gina Gibson, Norma Gonzales, Sara Gonzales, Mary Ann Gonzalez, Leah Gonzalves, Marila Harmon, Diana Hernandez, Carmen Kelly, Amber Lara, Evangelina Lara, Joy Living, Josie Martin, Helen McCoy, Teofista (“Pes”) Minglana, Jennifer Olivarez, Alyssa Reyes, Martrisha Reyna, Pat Rikke, Marie Rodriguez, Salma Sampayo, Sandra Valent, Alice Vasquez, Letty Viveros, Dominique Vera, Cathy Weitekamp, Heather Zuyus (Gary, 4.8).

Maria Torres Macias, beloved mother who, at age ninety-seven, has died peacefully.  Our condolences to her son, Enrique Macias, & the family (Gary, 4.3).

Eddie Nieto & his sister, Gregoria, who continues in hospice care (4.2).

Doug Gundersen; Joanna Crawford’s grandparents, Ole & Mary Jaramillo; the Minglana family; the repose of the soul of Gail Minglana Martinez; Carol Walker; Mary Ann Molina & her family; Rolly Saguinsin & Cely.

Joe Olveda, father of Alex (wife Mary), who died yesterday morning.  Please keep the family in prayer.  May the Holy Spirit help carry Joe’s soul to heaven where Jesus awaits him with open arms.  Amen (Gary, 3.17).

Mary Welp’s friend, Martha King; Sam Apiado’s sister, Flor; children who need & want family members (someone) to take them to religion classes; Hope Hall; Elva Steiner’s sister, Rosa Sandoval, & the rest of the family; Kathleen, family, & friends of Msgr. Rory Deane (12.26.29 – 3.6.16).

Michelle Eurich; Dianna Hernandez’s son; Olga Karabanoff, her husband, & their family; Dave & Rhoda Palmer; Rachel Olaes, daughter-in-law of Alice & Roger, & their family; family & friends of Gary Mysorski (d. 2.23); all for whom I have said I would pray & all for whom I have yet to pray; Enrique Garcia, good friend of Ramon Ortiz; Rhonda & husband, Al Taylor, whose brother Mike passed away today (2.17); Bianca Echevarria; the repose of the soul of Clyde Leonard (d. 2.14), Janice (his widow), & their son (in the Marines).

St. Peregrine’s intercession for healing for Msgr. Joseph Lamondy (cancer), Beverly (cancer), James Connor (lymphoma), Donald Persinger (cancer), and all children at St. Jude’s.  Thank you (Nunny Persinger via “St. Peregrine relic,” 2.14).

Angeli Christian’s younger sister expecting a baby; Esperanza “Hope” Abeto, mother of Ludie Abeto-Litz; Connie Rivera’s family on the recent loss of her brother, Israel Garcia, as well as a brother & a brother-in-law in 2015; Rhoda & Dave Palmer; the repose of the soul of Noé Salinas.

Mary Skrobarczyk & her family at this time of great loss: nephew Ryan Murray was killed in a motorcycle accident several days ago; Deacon Ed (1.27); the Crawford family & their friend, Ole Jaramillo; Nemec’s daughter, Maddie Morgan; Marc Pena’s mother, Sylvia Tagel; Misa Molina & her grandmother, Mary Ann Molina; Robin Adams’s mom, Edythe (1.18); Fr. Mathias & his family in India, especially his father who is gravely ill.



Deacon Ed Nartowicz (Spohn South, 12.25); President Jimmy Carter’s family on the death of grandson, Jeremy; Barbara Bassett on the passing of her husband, Ralph (12.19); those who have suffered such desolation that they committed suicide; parents, families, & friends of those who committed suicide; the health of Alma Lopez & Olga Alaniz; the family of Alma Silva, whose father, Alvaro G. Flores, was called to heaven; William King Cool, recently departed, & his family; Joe Olveda & his family; Rhoda & Dave Palmer; Jack Hill in ICU & his wife, Renee; students going through the stress of semester exams; Myrna Cardenas & her unborn child; the family of Kevin Sacky whose mother passed away recently.

Irma Morales; Joe Folts; Sylvia Tagel; Merry Teapoel; Morgan Nemac’s daughter in the hospital; Genny Smith & Sassy, her faithful canine companion in need of a new home; Margie Eickleberry in ICU (11.15); Lydia Platt; all seeking employment; Bud Swan; Mary Olveda’s father-in-law, Joe; Roger’s dad, Moises Olaes in ICU (CA); Juanita & Steve Lusson; Adela Quillin’s niece, Rhonda Riedell; all grieving loved ones, especially Maria C. Hayes (in Feb: a sister & a friend) & her daughter, Deanna (in July: her son, JJ); Maggie Howard, fourteen, at MD Anderson; Mike Cooksey in ICU & friend Cherye Flores; JJ Parker’s mother-in-law, Donna Zacariah; Veronica & her children; Jerry, Mayra, & Mia; Juanita Lusson’s friend, Gloria Perez; Sharon Parker’s husband, Jimmy, who’s undergoing surgery (11.10).

Rosa “Nellie” Peroni whose beloved spouse, Everitt, died 10.31; Marc Peña’s mom (Sylvia Tagle), family, & friend (Dylan Maxwell in ICU); Sara & Joseph Busti & Baby Owen (b. 10.25.15; in NICU); Sharon Parker & family grieving the loss of her brother (Ricky, d. 10.22); ACTS brother Antonio Rodriguez & his family, especially his two sisters-in-law in need of healing; Helen Pelletier (hospitalized, 10.24); Virginia & Jay Burton; the family of Bernadette Stevenson Caruso; all who are grieving the loss of a loved one, especially Rachel Escamilla (mom: d. 10.20) & Sandy & Joel Garcia (his mom: Guadalupe Garcia, d. 10.19); Cesar Aron & Sonya Yvette Ponce, parents of Roman Carter Ponce (born 10.3); Doña Petrita & her son, Mario, long-ago neighbors since departed from this earth; Cody Underwood (10.12); Floyd Pansano & family; Jennifer Lamas, baby boy David, & her entire family (10.5); Gary & June Robinson, as they proceed through the diaconate process over the next five years (2015 onward); Lucy Vasquez, Holly Brooks, & Consuelo Peña; Yolanda Garcia, SPC ACTS sister; Juanita & Steve Lusson; Eddie Martinez, friend of one of our newest ACTS brothers, Ramiro Meave, & their families (10.3).

Marie in Australia (9.30); Larry & Lillian Hosek (9.29); the family of Deborah Geno (d. Sept), especially her husband Shannon, their nine-month-old son, & Morgan Nemec; the family of Carl Hardeman (d. 9.26), especially his wife Rozetta, brother Fred, & nephews Korey & Kevin; the family of Ramon Ortiz, Sr., especially Joel who is ill; the family of Chuck Cookus whose mother, Judy, died early morning (9.16); Robert Dickey, Georgia Neblett, Patty Webb, & their families; Connie Roberson & her sister; Barb Schoeneberger; in Brownsville: OLG parishioners, especially Eddie & his sister, Goya, who is critically ill, & Olga & Henry’s oldest grandchild, Mario.

Sam & Ning Apiado; Linda Fuiman; Phyllis Martinez & her niece, Michelle Pantajo; President Jimmy Carter; Fr. Oscar Lukefahr, CM (“Fr. Luke”) at AMM; two-year-old Abryan & his siblings; Sharon Parker’s niece & their family near & far; Isabel & Luis Garcia & daughters.

Jason, Charlotte, & Violet Shergur; Morgan Nemec’s little girl, Maddie (HSP; 7.26); Yolanda Garcia; Jeremy Hinojosa’s grandmother; Jose Acosta’s father; Shawn Burns & his mother, Sheryl, in Virginia; the family of Robert Monroe White, Sr.; all who face adversity in their everyday lives; families who are struggling to stay afloat.

Mary Castillo’s husband; the family of Sr. Claudia, OP whose mother has passed away (6.18); Aggie & Deacon Ron Pickar; Sheila Schyvinck.

Tarcísio Silva & his family (wife & two kids) in São Paolo, Brazil (5.24); the family of Sylvia Mena (dod 5.20); Neli & Pancho Gonzales, children (Mary Ann, Brian, & Pancho Neil) & grandson Ansell (dob 2.9).

Veronica & her children; Michael Dinges; Goya Garza & spouse Leo in Indiana.

Alice Gonzales; Fr. Francisco Acosta, Belia Barron, Eddie Nieto & his sister Goya, Henry & Olga Reyna, & the OLG church community in Brownsville, TX.

Fr. Michael Amesse at ICC-BV; those diagnosed with dread disease, especially June Robinson’s sister; Baby Abryan & his siblings; Lita Ortiz.

In Madison, WI: Rev. George Fox, Mary Schaller; Kathy Shea, her 97-year-old father (Hugh Ganser) & the family.



Donnie (SATX) in dire need of transplants; Yesenia Ureste; Elizabeth & Miguel Ortiz & their family; Lita Ortiz; Fr. Michael Amesse (Brownsville).

Archie Perillo’s aunt, Paulina Alcartado who died recently, & their family (Philippines); Sr. Paz Aribon, her family, & the Dominican Sisters (11.11); Fr. Ralph Jones.

Ernestina & Jose L. Alaniz; Maria Juanita Rivera; Carlos Cardenas in ICU & his family (10.12); families grieving the loss of loved ones involved in hit-and-run accidents; Sylvia Ruiz; Alice Alvarez; Luis Alejandro Gonzalez (graduating from boot camp, 10.9); Br. Dominic Catherine (Michael Pearson), Br. John (Mark Dunn), Br. Matthew Anthony Bartolome, & Lee Bowersoux, OP; Kathy Brown & her parents: Margaret (in poor health) & Deacon Joe Kaizen (dod 9.28.14); the Dominican Sisters at St. Paul’s in Flour Bluff.

Fr. Michael Amesse, his mom & his sister; Kathy Shea’s family, especially daughter Emily who’s having a baby (10.1); Sister Lucia’s friends: Betty, Debra, & Elsa; Tom Scott (Madison, WI); the family of Francisco Rodriguez; Jim Finnegan undergoing surgery (Madison, WI; 9.17); Israel Garcia, Sr. presently in ICU at Spohn (Alice, TX; 9.6), daughter Melba Martinez, & their family.

Barbara Greger; Deacon Frank’s dad, Francisco Rodriguez, in hospice (8.20); Laura Taylor & her family; Maria Holguin & Mialu Gonzalez (daughter); Melinda Herrera (hospitalized); Linda & Wil Merkel.

Fr. Ralph’s new treatment (8.4); Mi Ausmus & her dad who is very ill; Fr. Dan & the SOLT community at OLCC & all who so lovingly assist in the daily operations; Fr. Ralph, who has stage four cancer and will undergo treatment in Rockport beginning July 15; Joe & Sharon Shaw; the five couples at the healing service at Stella Maris Church (7.12); Laura Lanoux on her job interviews (7.9); Geri & Harold Gage; accident victims.

Petitioners in need of special prayer; individuals and/or families looking for a place to live; roommates; Michael Apiado; Matthew Apiado & all students completing their coursework for summer graduation; the voiceless & the disenfranchised, especially children & employees whose well-being is at risk on many levels; all in need of healing; Archie Perillo & his family in the Philippines.

Sylvia Guerra & her caregivers at Valley Baptist Hospital; Nancy Weible & her brother; Svana & Zak’s parents & grandparents; Lita Ortiz (SHC, 4.24); Emma Reyes (4.12); Michael Apiado; Ron & Mi Ausmus; Deacon Frank, Debbie, & their family; Leo, Brenda & their family; truth, justice, & gratitude.

Phyllis Dinges; Eddie Nieto & his sister; Juanita & Steve Lusson; the Rodriguez family: Martha, Hector, & their son; Karen Felton & her sister, Melody Vogel; Olga Herrera.

Andy, Dominga, & their unborn child; Lee & Sheryl Lanoux; grieving parents; Eva Gonzales (UTMSI), her family, & her friends; Karen & Marvin; all sick with the flu & related symptoms.



Patients undergoing bone marrow testing; Ning & Sam Apiado; Eddie Lanoux (dod 12.11) who is now with his beloved wife, Pat (dod 5.12.13); Sue (Lanoux) Jones & her three sons: Nick, Mark, & Chris; college & university students taking semester finals, especially Matthew Apiado & Michael Robinson; patients who are terminally ill, their families & caregivers; Stan Greenberg & his family (12.10); Cammie & Phil & their kids: Hannah, Connor, & Seth; Deacon Alfonso Ramirez (OLPH) & his support system: family, caregivers, friends, & those who assist him in his ministry.

Lori Libowski & her family in San Diego, CA; Gary, June, & Michael Robinson; Alice & Roger Olaes; inhabitants of the Philippines & all areas bracing for the typhoon (11.7); Fr. Ralph Jones, beloved priest and stalwart friend at Stella Maris on Goose Island; Eric Guajardo & Laurie Kristen Mendoza, parents of Baby Zydane Mateo Guajardo now in heaven, & their family & friends; Olga & her friend, Zoila; Matthew Pena & his mom, Lily; Irene & daughter, LeAnn Pena; Jay Lee Pena; Cynthia Dalton & family; Brian in ICU; St. Paul’s men’s ACTS retreatants (Oct 31-Nov 3): Michael Borgmeyer, Antonio Cabrera, Jose Cabrera, Eric DeWolfe, Dominic Castillo, Charles Cookus, Robert Cunningham, Frank Evans, Oscar Flores, Aaron Freeman, Brian Grunberg, Timothy Hatch, Rich Martucci, John Meyer, +Teddy Molina, Jim Moreno, Marc Pena, Ruben Ramirez, Ramiro “RJ” Regalado; Pete Rocha, James Skrobarczyk, Charles “Bud” Swan, Mando Valdez, & Chris Zuniga / team members: Fr. Pete Martinez; Deacons Ed Nartowicz, Mike Rauen, & Frank Rodriguez; Sam Apiado, Ron Ausmus, Doug Bracken, Leon Cadieux, Ben Cantu, David Cantu, Scott Crawford, Vincent Cruz, Mario Estrada, Abel Gonzalez, Doug Gundersen, Steven Lanoux, Eric Lara, Enrique Macias, Rick Marcantonio, Manuel Martinez, Robert Myers, Cuong Nguyen, Alex Olveda, Ramon Ortiz, Roger Pena, Kevin Reid, Joseph Andrew Reyes, Bert Rios, Dan Rios, Gary Robinson, Michael Robinson, Kent Rodriguez, Tomas Rodriguez, & Luis Trevino.

Children, past, present, & future; those undergoing medical procedures; all who are spiritually dry; all who are suffering; all who are grieving; Lupita’s granddaughter, Stephanie; Albert Garcia & his family; Tala & John.

Janie Fernandez’s family: Juanita, Fina, Pete, Abran, Jessie, Maria, Gloria, Felipe (spouse; dod 1.3.13) & Reymundo Gonzales (dod 8.23.13); Rose, Gary, & their family; Ayden Shergur; Sharon & Joe Shaw; the safety of our children; Deacon Ed; Sister Eliza & her family & townspeople in the Philippines; Sister Paz & the Dominican Sisters at St. Paul’s; Sharon Parker & her sister who’s undergoing back surgery in SATX; Sylvia’s mom; Ning Apiado; Fr. Omina Leo & the diocese of Torit; Dot & Bill Kelley; Gloria Tschurr; Maudina Bomarito (dod 9.15); Lois Walsh whose husband, Ed, recently passed away; sisters: Lydia Loubek (dod 6.6.13) & Mille Sang (dod 8.3.10); all who are ill; all who seek peace; Albert  & his sister, Lina, undergoing treatment in Philly; Neli Gonzales visiting her mom in the Philippines; Denise Smith & her mom; Linda & her family, especially her daughter-in-law, Natalie; Sts. Cyril & Methodius ACTS retreatants (Sept. 5-8): Noe Buentello, Jesse Cano, Rene Cantu, Brad Cross, Simon Cruz, David de los Santos, Abel Garcia III, Peter Garcia, Arnold Garza, Tony Gomez, Ted Gonzalez, Robert Gutierrez, Gabriel Hinojosa, Roy Luevano, Juan Lugo, Rudy Luna, John Milete, Justin Moya, Andres (AJ) Narvaez, Eddie Perez, David Ramos, Carlos Rodriguez, Frank Ruelas, Carlos Valadez, Joshua Vela, Jeremy Williams, & Jesus Zamora III / team members: John Alvarado, Ram Amaya, David Barrera, Dante Brown, J.C. Callejo, John Callejo, Arnold Cano, Art Casillas, Ernest Chapa, Roy Coronado, Bill Dennis, Leo Duque, Neill Everitt, David Galvan, Jacob Galvan, Rene Galvan, Abel Garcia, Gerald Garza, Gilbert Gomez, Thomas Gonzalez, Bruce Goulet, Eli Guerra, Roland Hernandez, Arnold Leal, Mike Lopez, Charlie Majek, Emil Manka, Gabriel Martinez, Mario Martinez, Rick Molina, Felix Ovalle, Jesse Pena, Freddie Perez, Frank Quiroz, Jesse Ramirez, Tony Reyna, Rick Hutchinson, Lee Trujillo, Robert Valdez, & Jesse Zamora; families of the retreatants; Margaret from Sts. C&M; Benjamin Cantu & his family; Sacred Heart Church parishioners who are in poor health, especially Herb Ames (Brownsville, TX; 9.1).

Mary & Alex Oveda; Efrain & Laura, grieving the loss of their daughter, Larissa; Eddie Lanoux, now in hospice, & his caregivers, especially his daughter, Sue; Jutta Hellnick & her family, especially Wolfgang; Irene, LeAnn, & the Peña family; Goya Garza & her family (IN); St. Paul’s women’s ACTS retreatants (Aug. 22-25): Mary Boje, Kathy Brown, Sara Busti, Stefanie Carmona, Ariana Cavada, Christina Cunningham, Roycelin De Leon, Ethel Dulak, Elizabeth Emig, Rachel Escamilla, Beatrice Evans, Maureen Fontanilla, Kathleen Garza, Grace Geeding, Nenita Guzman, Ester Hill, Rita Hutchins, Irma Laridis, Lori Libowski, Roshyn Limones, Hermelinda Lopez, Julieta Martucci, Catherine McNew, Cheryl McNew, Mae Mitchell, Mai Nguyen, Alice Olaes, Alvina Olveda, Lily Pena, Nancy Ramirez, Connie Rivera, Althea Robinson, Yvette Rodriguez, Nellie Trujo, Rachael Valle, Debra Vasquez, & Stephanie Welch / team members: Stephanie Aguilar, Terry Almager, Leonora Apiado, Heatheran Bare, Meddie Barrera, Katie Bray, Eva Clark, Myrna Corre, JoAnn Crawford, Tina De Leon, Laura Dobbins, Christian Escamilla, Laura Hebert, Yolanda Hernandez, Andrea Hodges, Laurie Hoffman, Denice Jackson, Kim Knief, Jennylyn Mitchell, Misa Molina, Regina Myers, Irma Morales, Mary Okvist, Mary Olveda, Kathryn O’Neill, Sharon Parker, Cynthia Ramirez, Cynthia Rendon, June Robinson, Sylvia Rodriguez, Alma Silva, Lawanda Skrobarczyk, Morgan Stamper, & Eileen Vara; the Hodges family; Ulpiano Gonzales & his family; Ning Apiado & her family; Elvia Tamayo & Rosie Aguirre; family & friends of Julio Mendoza; Janie Jimenez & her family; Josephine Vyvjala & her daughter, Sharon Gross; Lina Garcia; Pat Jansen, Jay, Roger, & Lucy.

John Ladice Tumbagahon & his uncle; Jim & Margi Rowe (FL); Paty & her kids (Mundo, Karla, & little Myah); Sam, Pat, Jackie & the kids, Larry Felton, & Dr. Wang; Frank & Jill Ernst’s family; Frank’s mom; Carlos & Pat’s family; Eddie Lanoux (ailing) on the death on his wife, Pat (5.12; Madisonville, LA); April Sears & her brother; Juanita’s friend, Yolanda L. Garcia (MPBC); Eileen Vara & her family; Rachael, Svana, Zach, Mark, Carolyn, & John; Diana, Amanda, & their family in Peoria, IL.

Dr. Hugo, Linda, & Danny Vargas; Lupita Villanueva & her three daughters (Alexis, Cameryn, & Bailee) in Kingsville; Angie’s family; Ron Best & his family; Manuel Vara (dod 4.20; SPC) & his family; Papa John’s family, especially the little ones, Svana & Zak, & their friends; Jay & Roger; Ly Vu & her family; Marie & Rocco; Lina, Albert, & their family; the intentions of Fr. Mathias for his parish; Fr. Xaviour on his transfer to St. Philip the Apostle Church (CCTX; 7.1) & all parishioners there; parishioners at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church (Alice, TX); Mary Comfort, her family, & the Taylors in Detroit; CFCA workers & sponsors; Freska (Philippines), Jimena (Peru), & Vanessa (Costa Rica); children everywhere; parents, grandparents, providers, caregivers; all who seek healing; all undergoing medical procedures; those in need of enlightenment.

Mary & her husband, Butch; Grace Catherine Herzig (76, retired nurse in Pearland); Tony Mencey & Megan, her parents, & her brothers; Rudy Davila, who underwent surgery (3.6).

Mary & Chester; Joseph Taylor, his mom, & his siblings (Detroit); Loren Smeester, his beloved wife, Dotty (dod 2.3), family, & friends (MN); Sherry & Joe Bream’s family; Marie & Rocco Logiodice; Carmen & Carlos Cardenas & the family of their nephew, David Mesa (dod 1.31); Princess Svana & her family; those who pray & those who intercede for others.

Maria Luisa Hernandez; Oak Crest residents in Rockport; all who mourn: widows, widowers, & family members; EMS staff that they may respond effectively; the family & friends of the young supervisor who recently died in an accident; children battling rare diseases; all who struggle with dread disease: stroke, cancer, liver ailments; Margie de la Rosa; belligerent adult children; Diane (Colombia) & Freddy (El Paso) now living in San Antonio; the Oblates at the Madonna Residence in SATX, especially Fr. Sheehan; Patsy Baumann & her family; Lupita Cavazos & her family (Felix & his kids: Felix, Josh, & Jennifer; Mary & daughter, Janelle; Christy, her spouse, & her kids: Amanda, Christina, & Charles; Valentine, Stephanie, & Alex); Terry, Josie, & their family; Jay & Roger.



The family of Tomas (Sylvia) Rodriguez & Alma Castañeda; St. Paul’s women’s ACTS retreatants, Nov. 1-4: Susan, Ellie, Jennine, JoAnn, Phyllis, Laura, Sandra, Sue, Laurie, Olivia, Veronica, Lupe, Phyllis, Jennylyn, Regina, Maria, Nicola, Angelina, Lawanda, Morgan, & Nancy / team members: Stephanie, Terry, Leonora, Heatheran, Katie, Mary Jane, Eva, Myrna, Tina, Christian, Almira, Nelia, Laura, Yolanda, Andrea, Denice, Kim, Juanita, Veronica, Misa, Mary, Mary, Evelyn, Kathryn, Sharon, Cynthia, Carissa, June, Velma, Betsy, Yvonne, Alice, Lucy, & Mary Lee; Ellie’s friend, Sylvia.

Frank Locklear; Lois & Ed Walsh in WI; Jay’s cousin, Winnie, & baby granddaughter, Julia; John, Larry’s brother-in-law; Vernell, Jean, Sylvia, Gracie, Lilly, Ester & their families; the Encounter group at Holy Cross Church (Sept-Nov).

Ted Hodges (dod 9.8), his family, friends, & parishioners at St. Paul’s in Flour Bluff; all petitions at the Dominican Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus in Chicago; Mary Vaughan & her family.

Mel (d. 8.30) & her surviving mother; Denise Barker (d. 8.23), her surviving children (Cami, Bethany, & Jess), & their families; Marie & Rock Logiodice, who are traveling to OK; Acacia-Darling & her dad, David; Veronica, Segy, William, & Laura, siblings; Ayden, Karina, & Kylie, siblings; Helen Bradley; Baby Svana & her family; Dora Doria & her husband; Belia & Franklin Rock; justice & equity in the workplace.

Betty Lopez’s family; the soul of Fr. Michael Jordan, SOLT (d. 7.9); Fr. Ed Roche, hospitalized; Juan & Lupe Armendariz; the grieving family of 2-year-old Steve now in heaven (d. 7.7); in Brownsville: Henry, Olga, & her mom, Belia; Mr. & Mrs. Perez at OLG (BV); David & Priscilla, whose angel, Alondra Michelle, was born 6.21; Albert Garcia’s family, especially his sister, Lina, & her husband, Frank; two-year old Steve in ICU & his family (7.4); Baby Svana & all who attend to her at the hospital.

Rocio (NAS) & her family; Dinie & her beloved mom in London; Baby Svanna who’s recovering from surgery (6.8); Paty; Pat’s daughter, Juanita, who was hospitalized early this morning (6.5), & her family; Linda, her family, & her friends; all who are ailing; all who are sad & discouraged; all who are suffering physically, mentally, emotionally.

Angeli Christian’s dad (in ICU, 5.17) & her family; for college students seeking summer employment; truth, justice, & integrity; Linda Wright & her family (5.4); Fr. Xaviour, whose maternal grandmother (dod 5.2; India), & his family; Julie, whose father (dod 5.1; Baldwin, WI); Ofelia Gonzales, Liam Wilson (2 yrs old), Ted Hodges, Olga Herrera, & all of their families; John Shedd’s family, especially his niece in ICU & her family; Dinie & her mother; Stan Greenberg & his family; the Molina family (Mingo, Judy, Misa), Aunt Andrea, & the Hodges (Ted & Mary) on the loss of 16-year-old Teddy (dod 4.1); Goya & her husband, Jonesy (dod 3.29); Gloria & her four children; the Vara family: Manuel & Eileen, Harper Grace, Kerith, Sara, & Aiden; all ACTS retreatants.

Elena Martinez; Michael Apiado; Jess Veloria; Olga & Jose; Heidi Wilson & her two-year-old son, Liam, who will undergo tests for cancer; Sam Gonzalez in the hospital & his family; Dave Taylor, Larry Felton, & Barb Galbraith; Fr. Sheehan (dob 3.2; retired Oblate).

Kayla Bagley, a five-year-old undergoing medical treatment in San Antonio & her family, especially her older brother; Don & Virginia Dagenais from Wichita, KS & their family, especially Jonathan & Lindan Blank & their granddaughter graduating from Navy boot camp this mid-March; the Harrisons from Alabama: Harold, Genevieve, & their grandson, Adam, recently diagnosed with cancer; Caitlin Kelly & hubby, Jose; Sharon & Joe Shaw (Stella Maris).

Laura Apiado; Alice & Roger Olaes on their anniversary (1.29); SPC parishioners (Flour Bluff), especially Nelda & Lupe de Leon, Olivia & George Holt; Anna & Doug, Floyd & his family; Ron Ausmus & his family; Enrique Macias & his family; Mary & Jack; doctors; Jennifer Starns (Bay Area Hospital; 1.23), her mom & her little girl; Olivia’s surgery (1.23); unborn babies; schoolchildren & their families; married couples; SJC parishioners.



Thomas Murphy’s health; Gene’s friend, Tony, who is battling cancer; Sam Apiado’s health; Gloria & Tom Eager; children whose lives are in danger; Acacia, Kylie, Ayden, & Karina; John Turany & his family; Gloria Dodd & all intentions at The Mary Page; Minga’s health & her family’s peace of mind; Mel’s health; Suzie, Nick, Marko, & Chris; friendship; Virginia & Gene; Fr. Joe Torres (dob 7.27) & Father Pasquale Lanese at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Brownsville; Neli-Beli’s family & her parents, Gabriel & Nenita Mesina in the Philippines; Oscar Diaz (KC Knight hospitalized) his wife, family, & friends, John & Marla; Ben & his family & friends as he nears heaven; Christina B & all suffering from cancer; John Meyer & his family; Margaret & Richard; Jay, Roger, & their family & friends; Carol & her family; travelers; those searching for work, those suffering emotional distress, & those in need of stability in their lives; children in need of nurturing; families affected by the Mississippi River & other natural disasters; Pat & Eddie Lanoux; caregivers; service occupations employees; travelers; college students; Tara at Beaches; all in need of healing & consolation; Joe Bomarito, his wife, their daughter, & the good samaritans who assist them; Dora, her husband, & their family; stroke survivors; all who are experiencing difficulties; Prema’s mom; William; Mikey; Paul Doyno & his mom.

Paty’s uncle & her mother; Juan Chavez’s family; Gracie Paredes’s family; Steve & Mary Ellen Galvan & their precious granddaughter, Mary Cate; healing for Hannah so that Cammie can have peace of mind; healing for Carlos; the Ernst family; Mary Rodriguez’s family; the Heinens, John & Marla, whose mom had a stroke (1.13); Ed Schulz & his family; Julio Mendoza in ICU & his loving family; Dora Doria & her good friend, Olga Cardenas, whose dad is in the hospital; Reggie & Tony; Mayra, two-month-old Mia, her mom, & her younger sister; Ruthie & Bill; Tina & her family; Trung & his friends at UTSA; Mary Mujica.



Elizabeth Edwards, who valiantly battled cancer (dod 12.7), & all whose lives she touched & who will miss her; Rose & Gary Moeller; Frank Ernst, Jr., now in hospice; Adriana, little girl lost, & her family; Sharyn Kilderry; peace & harmony between & among family members; Phil, Seth, & Cammie (dob 11.5); Deborah & Dawn; John & Marla Heinen, whose sister, Mitzi Aldrich, died recently; the surviving family of Sarah Maxham (dod 10.22.09).

Edgar Garcia, his sister & loved ones; Paul (10.25-26) & his mom, a pastor; David Landin, Patty, Charlie, & Nina; Freda & her dad; Pat, Debra Dawn, & Chris; Terry Landin Longoria; Fr. Ralph Jones & his parishioners at Stella Maris Chapel (Lamar, TX); Charles, Vivian, Innocente (son), Lt. Col. Charles, Jr. (son serving his seventh tour of duty in Afghanistan), Michael Zeplin (nephew), & John Ramos (friend), all from Victoria.

Jay Masterson’s mom, Ben, Gloria, & Marla; Carol at Macy’s; Mary Rodriguez; Maria & Bea; Toni & Ken Mencey; the repose of Cheri Lloyd Heather & those who mourn her loss (d. 10.2); Candace to receive comfort, healing, & joy; Susan’s finding worthwhile employment; Azalia, Noelia, Rosita, & Julie, who needs a healing miracle; Rick, his wife, their two daughters (Julia & Amanda), & brand-new grandbaby; Margie, her two sons, & her dad.

Paty’s mom on her 70th birthday; Rosemary; Angie on receiving the Holy Spirit; Sam Lee (recently deployed to Iraq), Carla, & baby Myah; Patty Reynoso; Dr. Vargas & Linda, who underwent heart surgery recently; Jack Rush, presently in ICU; Veronica’s enlightenment.

Carlos receiving his medical treatment as prescribed by the doctors so that he’s able to continue with the healing process; health insurance companies, that they may be compassionate toward patients undergoing chemotherapy and outpatient care for dread diseases and allow for prescribed medications so desperately needed.

Lupita & her family & friends; the Burroughs family, especially CJ (Clinton; deployed to Iraq, 8.22); Betty & her family; Lorrie; Mary Ellen’s friends (Nancy & Olivia) & her family; Cammie, Phil, & their family; Pat, Carlos, & their family.

Angie’s improving health & her husband Maco, daughters, grandkids, 88-year-old ailing mother, brother Chuy & his family, & Aunt Angelita in Chicago; Heather & all caseworkers who seek nurturing, loving homes for children in need of foster care and/or adoption.

Cathy’s brother, Eddie (dod 7.16), family, & friends; Nick Doize; those we met in Nacogdoches: Fran at the farmer’s market, Denise at the Fredonia, Marissa at the museum, & Mary & Margo at SHC; all who are or will be vacationing, especially Sabrina & her family, Robert, Pat, Jay & Roger, & others eagerly awaiting a respite from the routine; Ruth & all who love to read; Ramona, whom I met at the St. Jude Shrine (MPBC-CCTX; 5.20).

Fr. Arul Mathias, presently at home in India, & his parents, especially his mom in the hospital; Orlando Whitehair, who passed away last week; good health for Tommy & Gladys Lane; beloved actresses: Rue McClanahan (1934-2010) & Helen Wagner (1918-2010); Juanita, Jay, & all experiencing eye problems; Paty’s dad & all courageously battling skin cancer; the critically ill, especially Eddie; Becky & her children; Angie & Maco, whose mom died (4.29; at age 102), their family & friends.

Baby Svana undergoing surgery (5.10; dob 5.23; Baby Rebecca (dob 4.1); Pat’s dear husband, Carlos, on his job interview & all others seeking employment; Paty’s parents, especially her dad undergoing surgery (5.3); Margaret & Richard.

Acacia-D (dob 3.30.94), Michael (dob 3.30.95) & all March birthdays; Julian (Antonio’s – Austin); Baby Evan (dob 3.18) & his parents; Ben (pictured with Jay, below); Baby Svana again undergoing surgery (3.19); Esmeralda & her children, especially Reymundo; Judy; Paty; family & friends of Ben & Ruth (deceased); Nick Rowland, his family & friends.

Julie, Rosita, Azalia, Fr. Frank & OLG parishioners (Hebbronville, TX); Brian & Conner Moeller, newlyweds; Rose & Gary (traveling to Germany; 4.19); Diana’s daughter, Selina & her wonderful husband, Richard, on the birth of their baby, Rebecca (due 4.2); Fr. Jonathan (ordained June, 2009).

David (beloved grandbaby) & all the Moeller family; Fr. Javier Barrientes, Jay Masterson’s dear friend from Peru; Steven & all who are struggling with flu-like symptoms, pneumonia, or other respiratory ailments; Dr. Howard Jones, his family & friends, & others like them who are grieving the loss of a loved one.



Baby Svana, Mark, & Rachael; Alyn, George, & CJ; Sondra & Tina; Baby Max (Maxson Drew Boaz), whose tiny arm was broken during birth on Christmas Day; Max’s Auntie Cammie, who wishes him good health & much love.

Rosie & Sabrina, their friends & family; the family & friends of Carlos, former HEB employee (dod 11.16); Fr. Sheehan, now in San Antonio; Fr. Deane & Kathleen; Steve, Mary Ellen, her sister (Donna) & their mom; Cathy Vera; Juanita, Jay Masterson’s friend; Carly Carlough’s father, Edward Roach, Jr. (dod 10.27); David Robert Lanoux (dod 10.31.07).

Mikey, who begins his military service (Navy; 10.28.09); friends & loved ones of Sarah Maxham (1968-2009); Marcy Thomas & her family & friends; William (dob 10.12); Prema (dob 10.15).

Joe Krueger; Curt Vorwald & Gladys Hilsenbeck; Bill Kelley (4th-degree Knight) on his hip surgery; Donna, Mary Ellen’s precious sister; David T. & his family; all undergoing medical procedures, especially Neli-Beli (8.17) and Cammie (Aug); Ruth Foley, her spouse, two sons, grandson, & Chieko Hesch (mom); Richard & Margaret Mueller; Tony & Mary Jo Patz; Jason Gutierrez & his family & friends; Bobby Richter; Bill Hellen’s mom & all of their family.

Sir Knight Steve Galvan, Mary Ellen, & their family; Richard Garza & his family; all fathers everywhere on their special day (6.21), especially Manuel G. Vera & Julio Mendoza; Lety’s health; the family of George Barnes; L’il Eddie (in ICU; Springdale, AR); families of those in the ER, especially Nory; Irene Pena’s family, her stepson (Jay) & her sister (Goya); the health of Amy Michelson & her mother-in-law; Brian Moeller’s transfer from Afghanistan to Germany; Josh Guidry, his friends & family; Lori LeMay Hamilton; Harry & Remi Frank & their family & friends.

Nereyda Flores, Gloria Rodriguez, Mrs. Barbosa, & Mrs. Dimas, who are taking their Generalist Bilingual exam (6.27); Tammy, Josh, & their infant Jazzlyn (stillborn); Toni Mencey’s granddaughter Selena (17 on 5.10); Nereyda on finishing her BS degree in education this summer, her son (Manuel), & his family; the Lovely Ning’s family; Mary Bowen’s brother (John; dod 3.9) & daughter Jennifer’s family.

Darlene on her UH dissertation process & her family; Mary Bowen’s longtime friend, Lona Paxman; the family of Fr. Xaviour, whose dad passed away (1.31.08); the family of Ann Coffen on the death of her father: Tom Drake (1.24.09); Bob Clark & his family; Frank & Florence Kuzan; the Moellers & their family, especially their son (Brian) in the service; all military families past, present, and future; those recovering from surgery, especially Ning Apiado & Irene D. Vera; Laura, Brandon, William, Prema, Veronica, Segy, Manny, & Mikey; Acacia, Kylie, Ayden, & Karina; the YWAM missionaries in India; all children, their parents, & their families; those undergoing surgery.



Tasha; Elsa’s dad; Jay’s, Tina’s, & George’s friend & his family; Laura Saldana; Reggie’s healthy prognosis; Kevin & Phyllis; victims of natural disasters; Paty, Kevin, & their family; all who work & all who seek employment; our loved ones, here & gone, including Josephine Hutchins & Laquita Marcy Teller; all who are grieving; all who seek guidance; the terminally ill & their families & friends; Delia, Mary B, Mary M, Maribel, Catherine Goodwin; all who cope with illness every day; & Toni Mencey’s granddaughter Megan.

A special request

SJC51009-175I would appreciate your prayers for Margaret and all those who are struggling with chronic illnesses.  While I think the word is overused, the love God has for each of his children is TRULY awesome.

With much affection, Jay Loretta Masterson, 24 June 2008


Eighteen responses

Melba Martinez on September 6, 2014 at 22:32

Please pray for my father, Israel Garcia, Sr.  He is in ICU at Spohn Hospital in Alice, TX.  He has sarcoma cancer in his lungs and is very sick.  Please pray that he shows improvement by tomorrow morning, September 7, 2014.  Thank you.

I pray that this petition gets prayers.  Amen.

Deli Lanoux, Ed.D. on September 6, 2014 at 23:18

Dear Melba,

What a difficult time this must be for you!  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your father.  Certainly, those who read your message will pray for your dad and your family, too.

“Where two or more are gathered in my name, there am I in their midst” (Mt. 18:20).

Let’s entrust your dad to God.  After all, He alone knows what’s best for him.

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.  And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  Amen.


Steven Lanoux on July 24, 2012 at 14:56

In 2011, Deli posted a petition for the Ernst family.  Frank’s Mom has improved dramatically… going from a lengthy hospital stay to a nursing home to assisted living with Frank and his wife… and is now almost ready to return to her home of many decades.  Her healing is remarkable, and so is the power of your prayers.  On behalf of the Ernst family, many thanks and blessings to those of you who added the names on this page to your personal novenas and requests for God’s mercies.

Deli Lanoux, Ed.D. on July 24, 2012 at 15:25

Frank’s devotion to his family is heartwarming.  He and Jill are sweet, lovely, loving folks who are always ready to assist however they can, regardless of the situation at hand.  Thanks so much for letting us know that, once again, prayer has worked its wonders!


Anon on June 5, 2012 at 01:24

Please pray for healing for Linda.

Deli Lanoux, Ed.D. on June 5, 2012 at 07:33

I will most certainly add Linda to both the petitions and praise pages, as it’s good to walk in faith and thank God for his healing.

Have you asked our saints— Peregrine, Jude, and Anthony— for their intercessions?  So many are ready, willing, and able to help; so don’t be shy about calling on them.

God bless you, Linda, and your families sweetly!


Sheila Ryan on June 18, 2011 at 19:25

What are you doing to help Fr John Corapi?  I just turned 70 and was born into this Church.  Cardinal Law is free as a bird in Rome, as he was guilty; and Father John Corapi knows not his accuser.  Sad.  Makes me quit.  This is the second holy priest that I know of treated like this.  What is the use when the devil has corrupted our Church?  I won’t be a part of a Church corrupted by Satan himself.

Steven M. Lanoux, Ph.D. on June 19, 2011 at 10:06

Ms. Ryan,

It is the mission of this blog, as I see it, to support Christianity, the Catholic faith, and St. Joseph Church in Port Aransas.  I don’t think it appropriate for it to become politicized and take a stance in the dissention between a single priest and the Diocese of Corpus Christi.

While the rights and sacredness of the individual are significant and must be fully respected, the weight of the “common good” still commands greater recognition.  I believe that is the basis for the Diocesan decision.

I do not see the conflict between Corapi and the Church as evidence of widespread corruption of the Church by Satan.  We need to be careful in broad condemnation of the Church or any other organization based on a single case or on a few similar instances.

After the poor handling of misconduct by priests that the Church demonstrated over the past decade, it should come as no surprise that there will be strong response to any such similar allegations.  The Church caused many of its own problems by not acting promptly to charges but waiting instead for the full “due process” to determine guilt or innocence while offenders were continuing to commit their acts.

Each person should read and listen to the arguments on both sides and impartially form his/her own judgment on the merits and flaws that exist in those arguments.  I do NOT encourage blind obedience to or belief in either side of the rift.

I offer a few things I noted…

The Church has a limited tolerance for internal challenges, especially after the attacks it has weathered over the last years.  (It is immaterial whether those attacks were justified or not.)

Corapi was removed from “public ministry,” not from the missionary work of SOLT.  Nor was he defrocked by the Church.  He elected to renounce his sacred vows and leave the priesthood of his own volition.

Corapi has managed to build quite a corporate empire– and a very profitable one– using the pulpit and the Roman collar as his admission cards, but it is very difficult to find out where the fortune goes and who are the profiteers.

Corapi’s response to discipline is similar to a child’s: “I’ll take my toys and go home.”  He will not abide by the rules the Church has determined to be in the best interest of the majority, so he is taking his followers and his preaching to a place where he makes the rules.  I encourage caution in blindly following that lead.

Finally, I hope that your faith will help you weather this storm and that you will remain part of our Church.  I appreciate that you believe Corapi was not well treated, but is that sufficient cause to reject Catholicism as a whole?  Yes, the Church has many flaws and is out of tune with modern societal values in numerous ways; but it requires both commitment and an insistent effort from us within if it is to evolve in the proper direction.  Abandoning the Church does not serve those purposes.

Steven M. Lanoux, Ph.D. Knights of Columbus, 4th Degree

Deli Lanoux, Ed.D. on June 19, 2011 at 14:33

Sheila, four thoughts came to mind as I read your comments:

A prayer: St. Jude, be my companion this week.  When the temptation to glorify myself arises, remind me to give all honor to God.  Amen.

A long-ago comment from Father Stembler: “Base your faith and your commitment to church not on the priest but on God.”

Two blog sources— The Deacon’s Bench and The Deacon’s Wife— with additional comments, of course, since folks are entitled to their own opinions.

And some food for thought: Jesus judged people and situations every day, but he never held hatred or resentment; he never tried to get revenge.  Instead, he measured each situation based on the way his Father wanted him to act (Mt. 7:1; the Word among us, June 2011, p. 39).

I wish you peace.


Fr. Mathias on July 22, 2010 at 17:15

Dear Deli Lanoux, thank you for praying for me when I was in vacation.  I appreciate it very much.  May God bless you and all your undertakings.

Deli Lanoux, Ed.D. on July 22, 2010 at 17:22

Oh, Father!  It is I who thank you for your thoughtful blessings!

I’m glad you’re back home safely from your native India, and I hope your mom’s health continues to improve.

God bless you and your family sweetly!


Deli Lanoux, Ed.D. on May 18, 2010 at 08:42

On Sunday, 5.16.10, Jay shared the latest on her mom’s wonderful progress…

Deli, in reading the older petitions on St Joseph’s blog, it occurred to me that I had not given feedback to those dear prayer warriors in St Joseph ’s network about the improvements in my mom’s condition since she nearly died in January 2010.

JM101510-7759My mom is really responding to the extended rehab program now operated at Oak Crest Nursing Center.  Those creative folks are using different therapies and working with her every day.  She has been doing much more on her own… and is stronger as well as more engaged outside her room.  She is working at standing and walking with rails in the gym.  She tools around the home and grounds in her wheelchair using her feet.  She is participating actively in the occupational and physical skill building and the results are really evident.  This week I am bringing in a stool, so she can start learning how to step up (yes!!).  She is able to keep up with the conversations better and can add a lot to my queuing her on past events.

I bring our dog Bonnie out most every afternoon or evening.  She loves Bonnie so much, and Bonnie gives her comfort and cuddling time.  Her room is filled with live plants and flowers that I change out monthly.  She has pictures up and lots of extra blankets in a hamper.  She has St. Joseph’s Holy Family sculpture with flowers under her crucifix.  The pictures I took of the Blessed Mother and St Joseph are mounted around the crucifix.  She receives Holy Communion from the dear folks at Sacred Heart Church every week.

Margaret is even getting back to reading the newspaper regularly.  The results of her recent laser treatments that opened the tear ducts seem to have reduced pain/pressure.

She loves the meals she receives at Oak Crest and mentions often how much she likes not having to get groceries.

She was so delighted to have a large milkshake and cups of coffee at Dairy Queen in Rockport with her grandson and great grandson today.  She told me while the guys were getting drinks how much she treasures every visit with them (most every week).

God grants us so much more than we can ever ask or expect.

Thanks for all the work you do on the… blogs.

Affectionately, Jay


Maria Perez Mencey on January 25, 2010 at 06:35

Lord, please hold Father Javier Barrientos in your loving hands.  You are the Creator of all things, please protect him, sustain him until he is strong enough to be sent to his loving congregation.  You know how much he is needed and loved, oh Lord!  For he is one of Your shepherds working so diligently wherever You send him.  We ask you to be there by his side and guide his physicians until his recovery.  We unite in prayer In Your name, oh Jesus.   Amen.


Jay Loretta Masterson on January 22, 2010 at 18:18

Please add my friend Fr Javier Barrientos to your prayers for our beloved priests.  He is a young Salesian missionary from Peru who is stationed in Zambia.  He is filled with talent, love, energy, and a generous spirit that makes him so effective.  He serves in many capacities for his province.  His special love is his work with young people who are studying trades and seminarians in formation.  Sadly, he has contracted malaria, and the disease is not responding to medication.  He is really down.  I got his permission to ask all prayer warriors to join me in interceding before the Throne of Grace on his behalf.  He has a deep faith and a willing heart.  God is using him wherever he goes.  May Jesus the Great Physician heal him in all areas of his life.

Deli Lanoux, Ed.D. on January 22, 2010 at 18:34

Isn’t it wonderful?  By posting your comment, you’ve added Father Javier yourself.  This is exactly why the move to WP works so well.  It’s spontaneously interactive.  I’ll add Father to the list above as well and keep him in my thoughts and prayers throughout the day.


Jay Loretta Masterson on January 22, 2010 at 18:09

I love the new website.  The prayers of the community for my mom and us have meant so much over the past 18 months, but especially during her recent crisis….  She is now happily back at her own suite at Oak Crest after sustaining a sharp drop in hemoglobin that was life threatening.  Three units of blood and 4 days in the hospital have enabled her to regain ease of breathing, an appetite, and even a return of her love for chocolate.  Two other women in her age group died in the ICU of a Corpus Christi hospital of the same type of sudden anemia last weekend.  Truly our times are in His hands.  Every day with her is precious.  May God continue to knit our community together regardless of the distances that separate us part of the year.

Deli Lanoux, Ed.D. on January 22, 2010 at 18:30

Your photo graces the petitions page the same way your spirit accompanies me as I work on the church blog.  I appreciate all you do, and I especially enjoy your enthusiastic… very genuine… support of us at SJC.  I’m glad your mom’s feeling better!  Hugsss to you…


Deli Lanoux, Ed.D. on March 17, 2010 at 10:38

This morning Jay wants us to keep her very dear friend, Ben Jenkins, in prayer.

I am praying that God will grant him a peaceful and joyful end to a fruitful life lived with grace. He loves the Lord so much and credits Him with all the wonderful things that have guided his life. Selfishly, I would love for Ben to respond to natural alternative treatments and be with us for years.  But I know that whatever God’s will for him is, it will be for his ultimate good.  Hard for me to accept, but part of my being more mature in my trust in God’s best plan for those I love.


© Deli Lanoux, Ed.D. and Shared thoughts…, 2008.  Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.  Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Deli Lanoux, Ed.D. and Shared thoughts… with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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