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St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

January 13 – 19, 2019: Baptism of the Lord / Christmas / 1st week in Ordinary Time

“Praise to you, Jesus, for taking all my sins” (January 2019, p. 33).

“Jesus, thank you for embracing the cross so that I could enter into a new, eternal covenant with you” (p. 34).

“Jesus, teach me how to stand firm and resist all the temptations of the evil one” (p. 35).

Jesus, you know what it is like to struggle with the demands of life.  Help me, Lord (p. 36).

Lord, bring to my mind all the ways you have been with me through the years.  I believe you are in my midst (p. 37).

Jesus, we bring our divisions and disagreements to you.  Lord, heal us and unite us as your one, holy, catholic, apostolic Church (p. 38).

“Thank you, Jesus, for joining me at my table” (p. 39).

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St. Joseph – Port Aransas, TX

January 6 – 12, 2019: Epiphany of the Lord / Christmas

Lord, I ask you for an epiphany today.  Jesus, help me see you anew (January 2019, p. 26).

“Lord, pour out your grace on all young people” (p. 27).

“Jesus, thank you for spending time with me…” (p. 28).

“Lord Jesus, thank you for being with me and helping me to face my fears” (p. 29).

Lord, let your love fill me today.  Help me to love as fully as you love (p. 30).

Lord, I believe.  Help my unbelief (p. 31).

Lord, help me to listen for your voice of truth.  I want to rejoice that you are leading me to your kingdom (p. 32).

SJC photos: 1.6.19 & 1.8.12, respectively


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