Patish 1

While in Madison, Wisconsin for Padre Carmelo’s memorial service, September 27, 2014, Pat Finnegan Ishizaki— “Patish” to Steven and me— put us up in her home.  Our six-day sleepover was the next best thing to LAMP, July 1966, and the reunion just five months earlier when we shared space for the first time in, like, forever.

Our first full day in the city, we visited Pat’s church, St. Bernard, closed at the time, and St. Patrick’s on Main for noon Mass followed by a tour of the state capitol and an early dinner at 1855— quite an “excellent day with Pat,” according to my calendar book entry.

St. Bernard

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St. Patrick’s

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spc92514-90        spc92514-113

spc92514-12        spc92514-15        spc92514-40        spc92514-45

spc92514-48       spc92514-73       spc92514-85       spc92514-88

spc92514-52      spc92514-103      spc92514-122      spc92514-117a

spc92514-118        spc92514-123

spc92514-102        spc92514-101        spc92514-124

spc92514-35        spc92514-77        spc92514-89

spc92514-66      spc92514-70      spc92514-127

State capitol

mwi92514-7a      mwi92514-10      mwi92514-13

mwi92514-44      mwi92514-20      mwi92514-45

mwi92514-15      mwi92514-21      mwi92514-28

mwi92514-37   mwi92514-29   mwi92514-32   mwi92514-26

mwi92514-41 mwi92514-42 mwi92514-50 mwi92514-56

mwi92514-46      mwi92514-47      mwi92514-53

mwi92514-54      mwi92514-62      mwi92514-58

mwi92514-66      mwi92514-67a      mwi92514-68

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