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Monday, 9.4.17

Links of interest…   Alban Butler & his Lives of the Saints (by month)


Friday, 7.7.17

Links of interest…  A Nun’s Life Ministry: blogs / Catholic faithmore nun awesomenesspodcasts (schedule – tune in) / Motherhouse road tripsprayer & spirituality


Friday, 6.23.17

Links of interest…  31 days of St. Ignatius (subscribe to July messages)…  Pathways to God (daily posts)…  Prayer…  Thinking Faith (Jesuits in Britain)


Wednesday, 6.21.17




The following is from the Weekly re:Cap (July 14, 2017):

The province has announced that the date for the Solanus Casey beatification ceremony will be Saturday, November 18, 2017, at Ford Field in Detroit.  This follows the announcement by Pope Francis on May 4th that Solanus will be elevated to blessed.  Details on the Solanus Casey beatification ceremony, including ceremony time, will be released in the coming weeks and available at solanuscasey.org/beatification.  Ticket information will be made available by August 15.  Ford Field will be configured to accommodate approximately 60,000 guests for the ceremony.

A member of the province, Solanus was born November 25, 1870 and died July 31, 1957.  He will be the second American-born male to be beatified.  The first is Stanley Rother, a North American priest who died in 1981, and will also be beatified later this year.

“We are filled with joy at receiving the final date of the beatification of Solanus,” stated Michael Sullivan, provincial minister.  “It is a beautiful way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of his death.”

“The beatification of Solanus will be a tremendous blessing for the whole community of southeast Michigan, an opportunity for all of us to experience the love of Jesus Christ,” said Allen Vigneron, archbishop of Detroit.

Throughout his ministry, beginning in New York for 20 years, serving at three different parishes, Solanus was a beloved friar, valued for his wise and compassionate counsel.  He served at St. Bonaventure Monastery in Detroit, where he worked for 21 years as a porter and spent his life in the service of people, endearing himself to thousands who would seek his counsel.  He earned the recognition as “the doorkeeper”— a brother who would provide soup for the hungry, kind words for the troubled, a healing touch for the ill.

Solanus co-founded the Capuchin Soup Kitchen in 1929; and today it serves Metro Detroit by providing food, clothing and human development programs to the people of the community.  In addition to preparing and serving up to 2,000 meals a day, they have an emergency food pantry, service center and a tutoring program for children.  Its Earthworks Urban Farm harvests six tons of produce from a two and a half acre organic farm.  The Soup Kitchen’s On the Rise Bakery assists individuals re-entering society after bouts of incarceration or substance abuse.  In addition, the Capuchin Soup Kitchen’s Jefferson House— a twelve-bed residential treatment facility— assists indigent males seeking to reclaim their lives from addiction (Friars of the Capuchin Franciscan Province of St. Joseph, 2017: 1103, pp. 1-2; edited).

Links of interest…  Extraordinary (full video: 1:12:43)…  Father Solanus Casey beatification set for November…  Fr. Stanley Rother: American martyr in Guatemala / beatification (9.23.17) / devotionalguild / holy relics: preparing the remains / martyrmissionarypriest / Shepherd who didn’t run (book) / sister remembersstories by those who knew him…  Holy lives: U.S. causes for canonization…  Pope Francis creates new path to beatification: “Offering of life”…  Remembering series live stream (Aug 12)


Friday, 6.9.17

To view, read, and/or download Brandon Vogt’s free forty-six page book, The saints’ favorite books, click here.


Tuesday, 6.6.17

Links of interest…  6 women travelers of the 20th century you should read…  Emily Dickinson’s profoundly Catholic view of our place in the world…  The Lily (empowering stories from The Washington Post)…  Poor shepherd girl who held the dying Teresa of Avila in her arms…  Unexpected women (essays from U.S. Catholic)


Friday, 4.21.17

From the National Catholic Register today…

What: A live webinar hosted by editor-in-chief Jeanette DeMelo; Rev. Msgr. Charles Pope; and Carrie Gress, Ph.D., author of The Marian Option

When: Wednesday May 10, 2017 at 1:00 pm EDT, 12:00 pm CDT

Where: NCRegister.com/Webinar

Registration is free!

Link of interest…  100th anniversary (May 13)…  Cardinal Arinze discusses Mary at Fatima…  Fatima: essentials / forgotten messagelinked to Divine Mercylittle known facts / sanctuaryshrine / story / surprised by


Monday, 2.27.17

From U.S. Catholic today…

“When we close our heart to the gift of God’s word, we end up closing our heart to the gift of our brothers and sisters” (Pope Francis).

Open your heart to the gift of God’s word with U.S. Catholic‘s daily prayers and reflections on Pope Francis’s Lenten message.

Sign up here….

Links of interest…  Franciscan Media: Lent calendar & more / Matthew Kelly’s “best Lent ever” signup / U.S. Catholicblog – past magazine issues


Friday, 2.3.17

I recall Dante’s Inferno from my senior high school English V class with Mrs. Phillips.  Of the many classics we read for advanced credit that year, that book’s message was so powerful that it’s remained with me ever since.  So imagine finding a link to A whole course on Dante’s Divine Comedy recently on Aleteia.  What a resource!


Wednesday, 2.1.17

Links of interest…  Franciscan Action Network (FAN): aboutActing Franciscan (blog) / commitment for resistance of Muslim registry (form to sign) / issues / newsspirituality


Monday, 1.30.17

anth13017Anthony in the USA (February 2017)…  This month relics of Saint Anthony will be gracing various parts of the world.  Our editor Fr. Mario is taking the “floating rib” relic, the one that was venerated by Archbishop Bergoglio and by Sister Lucia of Fatima, to Austin, Texas, whereas Fr. Alessandro Ratti and Fr. Paolo Floretta, also from the Basilica (Padua, Italy), are taking other relics to Bangladesh and then to India.  They will be helped by two Indian friars who reside in the Basilica: Fr. Steven and Fr. Justin.  The visits are taking place according to the following tentative schedule that may be subject to change (Fr. Mario Conte, OFM Conv).

Monday, Feb 13: Bryan, TX 77803…  St. Anthony Catholic Church.  401 S. Parker Ave.  Veneration starts at 3 pm.  Mass is at 6:30 pm.  979.823.8145.

Links of interest…  St. Anthony relics visit the USA  (video)…

WP posts…  Prayer…  Recollections…  Si quaeris miracula…  Venerating St. Anthony


Saturday, 1.7.17

Today (Saturday) at 12:30 pm ET, a live streaming event will be taking place from the Solanus Center, Detroit, “The Casey Family Remembers.”  Solanus’ grandniece and grandnephew will be in Detroit, reminiscing about Solanus, the Casey family and Solanus’ roots.  This year marks the 60th anniversary of Solanus’ death and is the first of six monthly presentations that will be live streamed from the Solanus Center, the first Saturday of each month.

View live streaming presentations and videos about Venerable Solanus Casey here.

scc61613-72        scc61613-100        scc61613-31

scc61613-144        scc61613-93        scc61613-143

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WP posts…  Capuchin church stations…  God’s master plan…  Mercy and justice…  Solano, Solanus, Solani…  St. Bonaventure Church…  St. Felix…  Today’s Beatitudes


Wednesday, 11.30.16

Open to everyone, here’s the Capuchin Poor Clares’ invitation to Christmas Mass at the St. Joseph & St. Rita Monastery: 725 E. Bowie Avenue; Alamo, TX 78516-5500.

cpc113016-1a      cpc113016-1b      cpc113016-1c

Links of interest… Christmas & Advent music: eleven hymns & songs & seven originals…  Five ways to put all those Christmas cards to good use…  How to keep your Christmas tree looking beautiful & why it’s very much a religious symbol…  Real, live Christmas tunes: classics, countryDial-a-Caroliheartchristmas, & North Pole Radio (stations not accessible year ’round)…

WP posts…  Capuchin ChristmasClarisas cookiesMerry Christmas…  Slice of heaven…  Twelve candles


Wednesday, 8.3.16

Links of interest…  Franciscan  Media: American Catholic blog / archive / ask a Franciscan / e-cards / e-newletters  / post a prayer / sacramentsshop


Thursday, 6.30.16

Link of interest…  31 days of St. Ignatius


Friday, 2.12.16

Links of interest…  Bishop Flores grateful to join Pope in Mexico…  Francis in Mexico…  Sisters from indigenous groups see special meaning in Pope Francis’ visit to Mexico…  Under image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pope Francis calls for caring church


Thursday, 1.14.16

Links of interest…  Augustine Confessions…  Hounds of the Lord (Dominicans)…  How the Virgin Mary became the world’s most powerful woman (about – appeal – author – major hat tip – meandering mess)…  Imitation of Christ Challoner (Thomas à Kempis)…  Poem of the Man God (Maria Valtorta; five volumes as free pdfs)


Sunday, 1.10.16

Links of interest…  Creighton Ministries: resources for grieving / Dominican Friars: homilies (signup) – preaching


Wednesday, 1.6.16

Links of interest…  Five unexpected lessons about thinking (Cecilia)…  Homily of the day (Catholic Exchange)…  Intellectual life: Its spirit, conditions, methods


Tuesday, 1.5.16

Links of interest…  Christmas trials, mercy, & Padre Pio…  Fathers of Mercy…  My visit to Padre Pio…  New details on St. Padre Pio’s relics coming to the Vatican (with rare footage: 8:18; other videos)…  Saints (Aleteia articles)…  St. Padre Pio on listening to your guardian angel


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