TMN 2017

Ebony Haven – Brownsville – 6.16.17

Joe Lee Rubio gave some of us a tour of a nature site waiting to be discovered.  Can you spot the chachalaca?









Estero Llano Grande – Weslaco – 2.18.17

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Frontera Audubon – Weslaco – 2.21.17

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faw22117-21      faw22117-31      faw22117-14


Gladys Porter Zoo – Brownsville – 3.23.17






Palmito Ranch Battlefield – Brownsville – 4.1.17








Palo Alto Battlefield – Brownsville – 3.25.17













Ramsey Nature Park – Harlingen – 3.18.17










9.5.17: Linda Butcher, thanks for all you do!



Resaca de la Palma – Brownsville – 1.21.17

rlp12117-45      rlp12117-25      rlp12117-46

rlp12117-8        rlp12117-33        rlp12117-31

rlp12117-11        rlp12117-17        rlp12117-6

rlp12117-3      rlp12117-32      rlp12117-4

rlp12117-16      rlp12117-2      rlp12117-29

2.22.17: Thanks to Jessica Castro (UTRGV student) for “the beautiful white flower” photo from our morning weeding out invasive castor bean plants!

rlp22217-1      rlp22217jc-3      rlp22217-2

2.25.17: Thanks to Mike Elfarnawani (purple shirt) for the Gulf Fritillary photo (row nine) from our morning planting trees!












3.29.17: Tuesday afternoon we assisted Melissa in weeding out invasive guinea grass.  Then Wednesday morning we did a bit more on our own; and Steven removed some small unwanted trees with deep, thick roots from the butterfly garden.




South Padre Island Birding & Nature Center – 6.17.17

Javi Gonzalez captivated us with his “zizotes milkweed monitoring and propagation” slideshow presentation before walking us out into the garden to continue with his show-and-tell.  Loved it!  And the handouts were perfect takeaways for the seed packets Barbara Peet gifted to us at April’s TMN graduation.  Then, as if that wasn’t excitement enough, our class buddy, Philip Dobson, showed off his ongoing plants project.  We left feeling quite inspired, and now Steven’s growing native milkweed for our back yard.







8.4.17: Steven put Javi’s teaching into practice by planting the zizote seeds that Barbara Peet gifted to us at TMN graduation into a mini greenhouse from Paula Parson.




Valley Nature Center – Weslaco – 1.21.17

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vnc12117-22   vnc12117-43      

vnc12117-38      vnc12117-35      vnc12117-68



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