Elvis moment

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March third, my UH buddy, Paty, and her longtime friend, Becky, dropped by for a visit.

Dunes chapel

“Steven would like to give y’all a tour of the town.  Are you game?” I asked.

“Sure!  I’d never heard of Port Aransas until you came here to live.  I’ve visited Corpus Christi many times, but I never imagined this place was here.  Yes, I want to see it!” Paty said with great anticipation.

“And the dunes chapel?” I reminded Steven.

“What’s that?” asked Paty.

“You’ll see,” I teased.

Priceless moment

Of course, our afternoon adventure became quite memorable when Becky made an unexpected discovery.

“I see Elvis!” Becky exclaimed.

“Where?” Paty asked.

“There!  On the ceiling!” pointed Becky.  “Don’t you see him?”

We burst out laughing

The dunes chapel was built in the 1930s, and Elvis was born in 1935; so I guess it’s possible.

Another sighting

Then again, who knows?

The following day, while Paty and Becky were shopping at the outlet mall in McAllen, Becky sighted Elvis again.

Very funny, Becky.

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