Lourdes novenas

OST122314-38        OST122311-43

Yesterday I received another novena in honor of Our Lady of Lourdes.  Since I’d long intended to post the prayers, I compared the new leaflet to those I already had and— joyful surprise— each one is different.



        FMA-R5215-a    FMA-R5215-b    FMA-R5215-c

FMA-R5215-d     FMA-R5215-e     FMA-R5215-f     FMA-H112a     FMA-R5215-g

FMA-H112b     FftPI-LL-a     FftPI-LL-bc     FftPI-LL-d

Contact information

Except for The Story of Our Lady of Lourdes from Food for the Poor, Inc., 6401 Lyons Road Coconut Creek, Florida 33073-3603, the novena leaflets and the prayer card are from Franciscan Mission Associates, P.O. Box 598, Mount Vernon, NY 10551-0598.

February 11, 2014

Our Lady of Lourdes has a message for everyone.  Be men and women of freedom! (Blessed John Paul II).

February 11, 2015

“The message of the Madonna, which continued to spread from Lourdes, recalled the words of Jesus which he announced at the beginning of his public ministry: Convert and believe in the gospel, pray, and do penance” (Pope Benedict XVI).

February 11, 2017

Our Lady of Lourdes has a message for everyone.  Be men and women of freedom! (St. John Paul II).

OST122311-37        OST122311-23        OST122311-40

Grotto at the Oblate School of Theology – San Antonio, TX

MS4814-53a        MS4814-77        MS4814-52

Grotto at the University of Saint Mary of the Lake – Mundelein, IL




Old Cathedral – St. Louis, MO

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4 Responses

  1. Lovely Ning, you’re so wonderful!!! How did you know I’ve been thinking and thinking about you all?

    Steven told me early in the week that you and Sam had been to the Lourdes grotto in San Antonio, too.

    We had a glorious time with Father Sheehan and thoroughly enjoyed his tour of the grounds and the facility. It was so special that I can’t stop thinking about it, hence the five related posts this week.

    A lot of memories. A lot of writing. The ol’ pea brain’s got too much information in it already that for sure my head would’ve fallen on its side had I not gotten some of it out. LOL.

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment! You know it means a lot!

  2. Happy New Year!!! Thanks for all that you do, sweet Deli.

  3. Guten Abend, sehr schöne heiligen Bilder, gefallen mir sehr danke für meinen Besuch im meinen Blog wünschr dir einen schönen Abend wünscht dir Klaus.

    Translation: Good evening. Beautiful sacred images. I am very grateful for my visit to [your] blog [and yours to mine]. I wish you a pleasant evening. Klaus

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