Heart of hearts

Two weekends ago Steven and I headed down to Brownsville after Sunday Mass and, as agreed, drove straight to Immaculate Conception Cathedral to take photos of my most favorite sacred space since starting first grade at age five across the street.

Recently captured

“It’s funny,” I told Steven as I categorized the photos on the computer desktop last night.  “I thought I’d seen everything in the cathedral; but, here, my third eye’s captured bits and pieces that I’d missed over time.  I guess I’ve always been so taken with the Madonna and her Child in the left alcove that I failed to notice St. Francis and St. Thérèse in the right alcove.  And did you see the windows high up in the alcoves?  They’re beautiful!  I’d never even noticed the lower windows either, and they’re at eye level with the pews.”


Looking but not seeing

Over the years, I occupied three different pews… on the right, in the center, on the left.  I had a lifetime’s worth of opportunities to see everything, yet I overlooked the obvious.  Whether attending Mass or just dropping by for an afternoon visit, I was totally captivated by the scent of times long past.  The cathedral’s warm embrace drew me into its heart of hearts, heightening my awareness and my emotions beyond the senses.  So maybe I was there more to feel than to see?


But how does one describe thoughts and feelings, soulful expressions, that tug at one’s heartstrings for a lifetime?

Abstractions are uniquely individualistic based on prior knowledge and experience, but photographs are tangibles that can easily be shared and seen.

Real deal

Thanks to my Coolpix, my scope is no longer limited to just my recollections and the left alcove.  Now I have a fresh concrete perspective of the cathedral on a grander scale.  Still, I have one more photo to take.

Revisiting the cathedral as I sorted through and selected from two hundred photos, I suddenly remembered a chance meeting almost ten years ago when I happened on the unexpected, the small statue of the Holy Infant of Prague, as I looked for Father Sheehan after Mass.

Oh, my gosh!  How could I have missed him?!! 

Then again the sacristy was closed.  So, with the wishful thought of seeing the Infant once again, I’ve got a countdown going until our next visit.
























Mary, Queen of All Hearts…  Father, you have given us the mother of your son to be our queen and mother.  With the support of her prayers may we come to share the glory of your children in the kingdom of heaven.  We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your son who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever.  Amen.

Mary, mother of mankind…  Mother, I commend and entrust to you all that goes to make up earthly progress, asking that it should not be one-sided but that it should create conditions for the full spiritual advancement of individuals, families, communities and nations.  I commend to you the poor, the suffering, the sick and the handicapped, the aging and the dying.  I ask you to reconcile those in sin, to heal those in pain, and to uplift those who have lost their hope and joy.  Show to those who struggle in doubt the light of Christ, your son.  Amen.

Mother of God…  As you are above all creatures in heaven and on earth, more glorious than the Cherubim, more noble than any here below, Christ has given you to his people, firm bulwark and protectress, to shield and save sinners who fly to you.  Therefore, O Lady, all-embracing refuge, we solemnly recall your sweet protection and beg the Christ forever for his mercy.  Amen.

Our Lady of Bistrica…  Immaculate mother of Jesus, we honor you as God’s chosen one, beautiful, beloved, and free from all sin.  Keep watch over us.  Pray that we rise above our sins and failings and come to share the fullness of grace.  Be a mother to us in the order of grace by assisting us to live your obedience, your faith, your hope, and your love.  Amen.

Our Lady of Siluva…  Most holy virgin, Mary, you appeared to the shepherds in the fields at Siluva.  Your tears bathed the rock where once an altar stood.  You, with plaintive voice, said, “You plow and seed here where formerly my son was honored.”  Grant that we, moved by your tears, may once, as our forefathers did, revive the spirit of adoration of your son in our fallow hearts; strengthen the tottering structure of the shrine that is the family; and seek forgiveness for the negligences and sins of our nation.

Mother of God, we desire to raise up the glory of your revelation from forgotten ruins so that we may honor you even more, patroness of our country.  With your help, obtain for our nation the spirit of a living faith.  Through Christ, our lord.  Amen.

July 28, 2013

Finally!  The Holy Infant in three photo ops: July, February, and March, respectively!

ICC72813-5        ICC22413-54        ??????????

August 22, 2014

Jesus is king throughout all eternity by nature and by right of conquest.  Through him, with him, and subordinate to him, Mary is queen by grace, by divine relationship, by right of conquest, and by singular election.  And her kingdom is as vast as that of her Son and God, since nothing is excluded from her dominion (Pope Pius XII).

August 23, 2014

Mary, give me your heart so beautiful, so pure, so immaculate; your heart so full of love and humility, that I may be able to receive Jesus in the Bread of Life and love him as you love him and serve him in the distressing guise of the poor (St. Teresa of Calcutta).

Pdf file: Immaculate Conception Cathedral (guide, six pages)

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2 Responses

  1. Very beautiful.

    I especially enjoyed the inside photos and the glass paintings. In addition to those, I love the “small” saint statues. The two angel statues also warmed my heart.

    This was a very warm, lovely post.

    • As always, you are sooo sweet!

      I absolutely love the cathedral in my hometown, as you can tell, eh? There’s no place like it in the world to me ’cause it’s so warm and embracing. And the scent? OMG. Only a place with real candles has that special ambiance.

      Thanks sooo much for your lovely comments! Thanks, too, for your recent post on the handicrafts museum! It’s amazing how, even in way different places, some things are the same.

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