Sacred Heart

SHC52210-118Until Steven and I visited Nacogdoches recently, I’d carried around only two recollections of the oldest city in Texas: reading about the place in seventh grade social studies class and driving— umm, riding— through the town on our way to and from Walt Disney World one summer looong ago.  So my memories were limited only to what I’d thought were cobblestone streets and turn-of-the-century houses.

Towering pines

What I hadn’t expected were the piney woods.

Oh, my!  We’re still in Texas!  I don’t want to go back to the Coastal Bend, not even to our island paradise. 

Highway 59 North, take me awaaaay.


We arrived Saturday afternoon, familiarized ourselves with the town, and attended five o’clock Mass at Sacred Heart Church.

We met some very friendly people: the church deacon; Richard at Casa Tomás and Chao at Peking, both Stephen F. Austin (SFA) students who wait tables to earn spending money; the young man at Auto Zone who replaced the battery in Steven’s palomino; Stacey, the desk clerk at La Quinta, and other staff members; the young woman at the visitors’ center; the fine folks at SFA the day we dropped in unannounced and were gifted with a tour of the early childhood facility; and others with whom we interacted during our three-day stay.

In fact, we were sooo smitten with Nacogdoches that we’re counting the days until we’re back there again!








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