St. Jude shrine

StJudeShrineCCTXI finally went in search of the St. Jude shrine in Corpus Christi and discovered a part of the city I’d never known was there.


For months the St. Jude prayer card piqued my interest.  All along I’d thought that Steven had given it to me, so I had it with the rest of my stash— prayer booklets and cards I keep in a five by twelve wooden crate on my computer workspace— but he told me just recently that he’d never seen it before.

St. Jude’s card had me wondering about the shrine; but, having had no vehicle since giving mine to William last year, I hadn’t thought to look for the place.  At least, not until almost two weeks ago when I drove Steven’s palomino to see about getting my new pair of glasses adjusted.

St. Jude Shrine

Being that I’m not all that familiar with Corpus, I looked online for directions to the shrine.  Good thing, too, or I would’ve passed it up had I not envisioned just a little to the right of Weber Road on Saratoga to match what I’d seen on Yahoo maps.

I’d expected a sign announcing the shrine, but there wasn’t one; so I’m glad my instincts told me to turn onto the small parking area to the right of the church sign.  Still, I wasn’t sure, until I read below the name of the church.

Looking at the place, I was awestruck.  Lush grounds, massive building, gold dome.  Absolutely stunning.  With its own school, too. 

I grabbed my Coolpix and went in search of treasure. 

Shared space

I had no idea that I’d meet a very nice woman, Ramona from Dallas, who, like me, had stopped by on a whim and was already at the chapel. 

What great stories she had to share, too!









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5 Responses

  1. I also would like to know if there is a church devoted to St. Rita in Corpus Christi. Thank you for your help, and bless you.

    • Dear Tia, I checked the diocesan page and the internet for St. Rita Church and found none in the Corpus Christi area.

      I also emailed a few friends in the CC area, and they wrote that the closest St. Rita Church is in Dallas. Alas, that’s too far, although Mary Ellen did send a link you might be interested in.

      As for devotions to St. Rita? None of us knows of a church that honors her with special prayers in the area, but you’ve inspired me to learn more to share later. So thanks!

      • Dear Tia,

        We were at Most Precious Blood Church for evening Mass yesterday, and guess what we discovered at the St. Jude Shrine?

        A statue of St. Rita!!!

        Yes! I immediately thought of you.

        “I’m so happy for Tia!” I told Steven. “Just wait till I tell her! Or maybe she’s been here since Father Bob ordered the beautiful new statues for both the shrine and the church? I’m not sure, but she’s going to be delighted if she hasn’t visited the shrine in a while.”

        Sooo, I hope you and your dad visit the shrine soon!

        Here’s wishing you a beautiful week ahead…

  2. Could anyone give me the address of the St Jude Shrine in Corpus Christi, please? It would make me and my father so happy to go there for a visit. Thank you, and God bless you.

    • Dear Tia, your question reminded me of my first time looking for the St. Jude Shrine, which is easy to miss unless you know that the shrine is the golden domed part of Most Precious Blood Church.

      You can get to it easily either from SPID or, if you’re like me and prefer to avoid the traffic, take one of the backroads. I drove west on Holly, turned left on Weber, and then right on Saratoga. The church was about a mile or so down the road on my right.

      I don’t know which direction you’ll be traveling, but it should be very easy to locate. Just remember to look for a BIG CHURCH. The gold dome will let you know you’re there. That’s the roof over the foyer where you’ll find St. Jude.

      The shrine’s a beautiful quiet place, perfect for contemplation, so enjoy your time there!

      P.S. Here’s the address: 3502 Saratoga Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78415; and phone number: 361.854.3800.

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