St. Mary Cathedral

Before returning home from Austin yesterday, Steven and I attended Mass at the St. Mary Cathedral.

Neither of us had been there, so we had no idea we’d be transported to another place in time.

The bold colors, stained glass windows, lifelike statues, and arched ceilings were stunning; the soft lighting and the straight backed, unpadded, wooden pews reminiscent of the European churches Segy and I visited years ago.

And the music?  Oh, the music.


As I thought of Mozart, Steven whispered, “It’s part of Handel’s Messiah.”

After Mass, the priest announced that tickets were going fast for St. Mary’s fifth annual Celtic Christmas concert this coming weekend.  How I wished to be there!











Mary, Mother of God…  O Mary, Mother of God, as you are above all creatures in heaven and earth, more glorious than the cherubim, more noble than any here below, Christ has given you to his people, firm bulwark and protectress, to shield and save sinners who fly unto you.

Therefore, O Lady, all embracing refuge, we solemnly recall your sweet protection, and beg Christ forever for his mercy.  Amen.

Mary, Mother of the Church…  Mary, Queen of Apostles, you are present among all peoples.  Mother of the Church, you remind us constantly of our place and our role in the Church.  Jesus sends us on mission to be with others, a sign and reflection of the lights of his heart.  Mary, help us to be responsible members of the Church.

Our Father….  Hail Mary….

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2 Responses

  1. Fantastic photos. I especially admired those inside photos. When looking at them, I got the feeling that I was inside the church. The stained glass art is something that I very seldom have seen, so beautiful. I admire the artist who made them.

    Have a lovely day!

    • Thanks for your sweet comments, Matti!

      We parked more than a block up the street from the cathedral; and the closer we got, the more intrigued we were.

      Entering the church was a breathless experience. It truly is spectacular. So very different from any other church I’ve been to.

      I don’t know what it was, but St. Mary’s has the feel of medieval times. Maybe it’s the ceiling rafters? Or maybe it’s the finely constructed and very colorful stained glass windows? Perhaps, it’s the hardy wooden pews sans cushions?

      Outdoors, the trees donned their autumn attire. Fall is my most favorite time of the year, so that was a perfect lead-in to what awaited within.

      I hope to go back there again…

      P.S. Thumbs up on your bear gravatar!

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