Dunes chapel

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In its August issue, Texas Highways (TH) magazine featured “hidden chaplets along the roadside” (Moynihan, 2008, p. 40).

Port Aransas landmark

The best part was finding out that one of them, the Chapel on the Dunes, is located at 207 11th Street here in Port Aransas.  I was so excited that I emailed Mary B about looking for it “one day soon,” but sometimes life gets too busy even for a most convenient adventure.

Then last weekend, Laura, our eldest, came for a visit.  And, out of the blue, Steven asked for the August issue of TH.

“Good thing I’m a packrat,” I beamed.

Hidden treasure

After Mass we went in search of the tiny chapel, which was closed.  We were thrilled nonetheless and had a great time peeking through the windows.  What an incredible find!  Isaiah’s “treasures in secret places” (45:3) certainly comes to mind.

Before we left for home Laura gleefully announced, “This place would be perfect for a teeny-tiny wedding just right for me.  I’d love to get married here!”

I smiled in agreement since the Chapel on the Dunes is certainly an enchanting little place; but my fantasy is more in the present.  I’d like to know who to contact about visiting hours so Mary B and I can go exploring and meditate a while.

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  1. Thanks Deli. Once I overcome my herpetologic phobias, I’ll give it a try. N.

    • Oh, my, gosh! I know just what you mean. Mary B and I came really close to a baby diamond-back rattler just across the dunes in May. Steven says they’re venomous, too. Not good.

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